20 December 2018

💄TEENAGE Party Makeup Under Rs 300 | Easy Face & Eye Makeup Tutorial For Girls | MAKEUP कैसे करे ?

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hi guys welcome back this is pretty from

my hot chocolate ASCII video Mme up William a couple of kirkuk hungry using all affordable products all below 300 you teenager makeup look care functions may parties my upper square arms across sectors if you'll want to know please keep on watching sub Sabella many like Micah you Foundation use care which is just rupees 40 abbey sale children I cover garam a Christmas qatar your affordable range map Camille Jaya use Condesa Pelle Apache Cisco fingers may blend curly Jigga or fair apne face McGurk in a caucus peruse Gorsuch 10 other up Kakuta party hair Christmas party hey up his foundation garam see use cursor do you charge a particle taransay a cheesy face pic shelter famous could Beautyblender kelp soup or a blend curio a brush be use curse active in fact a Patna finger CBS colocar sector occur octopus brush your Beautyblender dono Hina he firma same foundation as a concealer apne I led me up knee heist points may use curry many Alex Co concealer use Nick here because I know Jabbar teenager at the app deposit nada mica products nahi hota to our foundation Co he concealer Katara you

Scalia put separately by Kanaka Surratt Nia feminism areas Cosette cure for which I've used the Himalaya baby powder I think this is rupees 28 save me horses Tim ml jaga so many see the support set Kalia her bother choose a setting powder khatam kurta a throw up baby powder Co use car sucked in as a setting powder or many highest points Mascola dark Authority rich or TIA now comes the star of this show the beauty big bang brow pencil this is just 4 rupees 161 a B sub Christmas sale raha highly recommended yeah Indian skin tone clear color for the chair this is shade number one great color Kashi a day if not natural loggy gap k brows me mezco a bit daily may he used car you and I think I will be ordering to because my sister go BHA or may Courtney Lee ordered of Costco Runge a graphic endian skin tone here of course other brown color car province in Gila Ghana Pisco you see eg you will thanks me at the end of the day because I know you the chicken without me Brahmi for a dick banger eat them naturally giggle edit any key apply brow pencil use key I grab the accept Amira brows give me a kiss

upon our ask about me sorry Joe powders Manila guy has come a brush helps a hurt a donkey or Beautyblender kids at receipt car donkey next i'm using the beauty BIGBANG highlighter bronzer palette body I highly recommended the pigmentation is very good a B AB Jimmy use kilometer optic Haga just got blush it the right amount of blush apply cheeks mega digger I'm in the shade 0-3 sharpener come cachet up Kobe select curse actor Jo be a purpose and there the sub C Bellamy apply bronzer use Korea or up taking echidna pigmented her body thoroughly nap coupons at a nail in her hair the best part is Germany's could use care the puritan almost 6 to 7 hours many makeup Ladakhi ricotta or many notice camera face McCoy breakout Bonet 1 a magical pimple cap problem work ok Exodus author kabhi kabhi makeup products break out the datum but Muji is a product use querque agree breakouts Nia and a pimple wa da grap teenager years of affordable range k a product you screw up Cabrera vanilla giga sub-dean socket under case of product up on line is called a curse at them as our website details in each of the unique up

katakana within a week to week up Kesari products up Co chamomile triangle firm a icy bronzer cone a nose area maybe like angry just to contour my nose my chin my lips touch of lipstick Loretto for the zschernig a what the chaplet a mother Chi like a beauty bring banking is a range Miyabi brush forget it order kururugi ask about many OC palettes a blush be you scare are taking a pod sabi nila gah I bought company laga as an eel another pot over the top many blush like I am right amount laga hey sada Blaine connect Ibiza Rodney páramo Jeff was Caban man is same palace a highlighter be used clear hair up they can you keeping up beautifully highlighter maryfayce vinegar hey actually message volume - so Johnny takea products with magic conquering it but they did affordable range hair or mature calm cara de Julho quezada makeup invest nahi kar na cha therapist type key product order collage you look teenager gelada you know afford nicotine make a product up a subtype k a product use color takea parties may functions may make up Karsa co2 a polka a toughie chilaquiles a product from any beauty blender sees a blank earlier that is of

natural decay both harsh nor the chemical or up could result the exact Amira face pay I absolutely love the products next up I'm Luke I shadow you scaring it for which I'm using the Beauty big bang i shadow palette this is chest for a peace 140 I'm in the shade 0-5 Christmas offer me a prize nickel ahead this is for 140 absolute rikichi got put 10 different shades milling gave me the right inside major red shade pink shade brown shade of the except a sub mad hey I made a left-hand side kiyose up shades shame Isaiah shied mirror to tear her packaging me together but the color was really beautiful you close up a color scheme and the colors are really pigmented Jame I smell a grito optic a like a pigment deer hair sub savelii make a light peachy shade you scurry home APNIC crease area me so just totally G escola kahi or helical complain key G pods audibly blend connect azorath knee aapko I'm taking echidna chub IME Copiah I say tora tora product Manila or Metiria Turei blend curio tacky up step-by-step follow carsick oh oh yeh many under-eye maybe like I was Chabad many a brown shade use here here these are really pigmented

torrid orally Jake about iguanas ah darling another favor blend Canabalt Mario Jetta may way same shade a play under I may be used car with a key Mira I am a Kavita mixology a piece of product around say online autocorrect they have Beauty big bang see because my sushi Christmas sale hey to Miyabi products order Kurumi so that I can come up with some more affordable makeup you know makeup look what locally request care different makeup looks Kelly so my army products order kururugi was our product range a up website me jayega the cogito up cappadoccia liga or coffee ature pigmented ask about many red shade you ski wretched body beautiful uh-huh all subsets best party makeup like him as six to seven hours t because my video card Kaiba Hargitay woulda makeup as it is take our tomato face be a celebrity makeup oh yeah hey yeah couch OS Abdel : Nevada to say Mooji products Kavya Chile he actually makeups not gonna be or gotta face a potential term to uh skinny a big thumbs up to beauty BIGBANG they did really good job was given Mishima shade use Korean opening I let me Oh Mexico finger kept seal

agario tacky Muji's added color intense Misaki make a Kurdish room Academy products in the Gotti who or n mesm exactly blend curtain to say Mooji music a free comfortable retinue stirrup now I make up cartoon he's got make clean dress as a couch blend curry home a family a white a shade use care so that I can highlight my upper eyelid my inner corners Oscar my Hulk Alka highlight curse aku and that is the final look of my eye makeup many lack make a liquid eyeliner use here which is rupees ninety or false lashes like I last remaining use captain and lipstick which is again from Beauty bling bag this is for a piece 280 a long-lasting hair are waterproof a baja the chillip stick a Muji color for the chilaka mirror shade number has zero three I think five four to five shades with Robert Mooji coffee a Allegra many a lipstick and Latakia Canobie kya panty beaker piya but made a lipstick move me who is co-op will literally makeup remover say remove kenapa Riga to run dry or gear or lips pea pods are the dry field liquor at this lipstick color on Ichabod coffee atcha lipstick so that was all for today guys I hope upcoming

video Kaffee a chilaka ho affordable raka ho agora papasan either like or subscribe silky J gamma Sara detail Michi info box made a donkey up order curse at their product thank you so much for watching bye