30 January 2019




[Applause] [Music] what's up my love's and welcome to my channel my name is purple again Nina same pretty rose if this is your first time here I'm gonna start by asking to please hit the subscribe button as well it's the notification bell that way you'll be notified when I upload new videos some of those today's video is another makeup swap collab with Beauty butterfly playtime now me and Beauty butterfly playtime set this up the last time the very first time we did our makeup swap and if you guys would like to see that just hit I button at the top of the screen and it will take you directly to that video so we had set it up for December Christmas of course it was supposed to be a Christmas swap but she has so much going on I had so much going on so we had to back it up we decided to make it a New Year's swap so here we are with our makeup swamp and before I do anything I'm gonna show you guys the box I couldn't wait to show you guys the box because she is so creative she has Beauty butterfly makeup playtime on the box with butterflies and it is all around the box it is so beautiful

she is a very creative person and I really enjoy doing collabs with her so I want to show you guys the box I posted I her a dress I've never opened a box I am just now opening the box what's your eyes so if you guys want to see with Beauty butterfly makeup purchase for me just stay tuned while I cut this box open Indian so you guys the box is open so miss Pappy thank you okay I'm gonna start with the revolution makeup revolution London sport fix extra hole makeup fixing spray okay next we have the revolution consume and define full coverage concealer and contour oh yeah okay so next thing we have is the Steve Norman it's a Steve Laurent in the color of a train I don't know what it is yet that I know is in the color a train so let's take you know oh this is so cute I love this color and it's lip gloss you see the lip gloss or matte lipstick II I see what the box see it's lip gloss so yeah okay guys so next we have the la girl lip applies Dino one swipe intense creamy color and this is lipstick you guys are lip gloss and it's by really girl next we have an

ex-professional matte lip liner and let me see what color it is in for you guys it is Copenhagen yeah green next we have the June don't owe blue I don't know how to pronounce it glittering star eyeliner long lasting intense black color update your eyes next we have the roller lash black mascara and we have an essence eyebrow designer in the color of balm we have the makeup revolution London foundation stick in the color of f15 this is direct on my sheet next we have the revolution luxury baking powder yeah okay and then we have the essence metal shock lip paint and this is in the color of drag and we have the NYX eyebrow cake powder and then we have a top hyper foam with natural Amazon today 12 hour blush take it show y'all the package first this by Clark and we have the Knicks of when we glow illuminating pattern we have the jelly pong on cosmetic cosmic light motto functional pigments and this is in the color of I see a shade on the Fox oh this is a pretty it's the color pulsar this is such a pretty pretty shade you guys baby so beautiful that's very

beautiful next we have the profusion six color blush palette nasha holic luxury lashes then we have the Smashbox photo finish foundation primer the one pattern that always tried to purchase but never really be the warrior by julius face you guys i love fantasy and next we have the uLTA Beauty just facing complete face and eye palette this is so beautiful beautiful and what it is is this kit includes 15 shimmer eye shadows 10 made I chose to share my blushes to matte blushes to shimmer highlighters and to make bronzers you guys just fantastic y'all know I'm gonna go to work with these palettes so y'all just gotta stay tuned some of those that is it for the beauty butterfly makeup playtime makeup swab collab unboxing you guys and I love everything she purchased um she put a whole lot of thought into her gifts and I love that about her and I really hope I really hope you enjoy the items that I picked out for you because I really had fun doing this that's why I tried to do it with more people because it is really fun I really enjoyed doing this with you so once

again I want to thank you for doing this with me and I want to thank you guys for watching and if you guys would like to see what I purchase for her her video link will be in the description box down below I'll go check her out she's a beast with it she's let me tell y'all this thing to her she do her thing with that makeup yeah I ain't taking none from her so what that you'd say and nothing else to do but in this like I always do next time you guys eat love [Music]