20 December 2018

“Peppermint patty” Makeup Look

Hello Guys and Dolls Welcome back to my channel! I am finally back with so many fun looks packed into the next few weeks and coming into the new year!

hello everybody welcome back to my

channel so today I am going to be showing you how to turn yourself into a beautiful peppermint pattie and have a candy cane underneath if you would love to see how to do this look please keep on watching and leave a like and subscribe down at the bottom and enjoy you off you can cover your brows if you like and then I'm going to take my dingy honey and go into the outline I just made you next I'm going to use my powder that I always use when I do whites and I'm going to go ahead and powder all of it before going in with the red now that I have that powder I'm going to use my red wolf face paint I'm going to start putting the stripes in the peppermint you okay now using a little bit of a smaller brush I'm gonna go ahead and do the green lines just on either side of these big red lines you and just for a little bit of an accent right in between here right in between

the red line and the thinner green line I'm going to take a metallic white and just go in through there just to add a little bit of a shine and the sparkle to it okay so now that this is all done I really like how the stripes turned out I'm going to outline everything and start to add on all of the zipper points you so instead I'm actually going to use a 24-hour color tattoo in the silver and I'm going to do all that and add white highlights afterwards last but not least I am going to take that white and go in and add a highlight to all of the little zipper pieces you all right and now that I have the highlight I'm gonna go in and put another shadow underneath with the wolf face paint again just right on the very bottom to kind of define and shadow you okay so now that I've refreshed all the color I have the zipper on my eyeshadow is done I'm going to go ahead and add liner and lashes and do my lips and then [Music] you

alright guys and this is the finished look you are zipped down and you are a candy cane underneath I actually really love that way this turned out and I'm so excited for you to see the reveal shots you can check it out here I just really like my eyes you'll be able to see a closer shot soon anyways thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it Happy Holidays and I will see you in the next one bye you