14 January 2019

"No Makeup" Makeup Look Using All Drugstore Products! | Dibora Habte

Hi everyone!! ♡ Today I did a "No Makeup" Makeup Look with all drugstore products. It's super easy and very affordable, and this look was requested by a lot of ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today I just did a really quick tutorial on this natural everyday makeup look I got a lot of requests to do this so I also decided to make it all drugstore except maybe one thing wasn't drugstore but this look is super affordable and really quick if I wasn't talking I could probably do this in under 10 minutes if I was in a rush so yeah this look is perfect if you're going to school or work or just need to put yourself together a little bit without doing too much so I really hope you guys enjoy it don't forget to subscribe to my channel and also turn on post notifications if you enjoyed don't forget to give this video thumbs up and we're just gonna go right into the video so starting off with brows my favorite a brow pencil from the drugstore is the NYX micro brow pencil this is what I use every day before I switch to the benefit one and I personally think this is a really good dupe for the benefit one they're really similar both of them are super thin and I feel like you can get really similar results with them so I really recommend trying this if you're looking for a really good eyebrow pencil but don't want to spend as much money like $24 on

a pencil so I'm actually gonna start with face a because I'm not doing too much on the eyes and first thing I want to do is pry and I like the Maybelline master prime the hydrate and smooth one and even if you're not wearing a lot of face makeup I think using a smoothing primer is really good because it'll make your skin look more even and smooth even though it's not adding a lot of product so I'm just gonna go how to put that mainly in the center of my face so right here and then my forehead then I also take a little bit on my chin so next I'm going with my pixie globus is one of my favorite products ever from the drugstore I really like this because when you're not wearing a lot of makeup your main goal is to make your skin look healthy and like it's glowing without makeup so this is amazing you just spray a little bit on your face once I have that spray on my face I'm gonna move on to concealer on these kind of days on I usually won't wear foundation especially today because my skin is doing okay my main thing is I just want my skin to look even though concealer that I really like from the drugstore is the NYX HD photogenic concealer this is a super

creamy concealer it has a decent amount of coverage and it buns out really nice so I'm just gonna use it on parts of my face that are uneven so I have darkness around my eyes and then around my mouth so I'm just gonna do a little bit underneath and then just some going around my mouth and then sometimes I get redness right here so go ahead and cover that up I'm gonna blend this out with my morphe sponge I've actually never tried this before the sponge is super hyped so see if it's any different but I'm just gonna blend this out I also like sponges for this because it'll kind of share out the coverage a little bit make everything look more natural I also like to move the concealer onto my eyelid because I have a lot of discoloration there I also like to spot tree if I have any scars so I just found a couple right here so you'll see I'll only do dots right on top of the scar now take that amount of concealer to cover a large spot so it's not taking up and the coverage is still really natural so my next step is usually just set whatever I just put on but you have to think once you put powder on your face it's gonna become obvious that you're

wearing makeup no matter how hard you try you can always kind of see powder sitting on your face so all I like to do is set right underneath my eyes and a really good drugstore translucent powder is the Maybelline master fix I'll just pour some into the lid and then I'll make sure underneath my eye just blend it out and I'll take the tiniest bit and set as close to my eyes as I can get it and then blend that in right away [Music] after that I like to add a little bit of color to my face and I actually don't have any bronzers from the drugstore I'm just gonna use my Too Faced one but there are plenty of good drugstore bronzers I just don't have any right now next I like to do highlighter and this is a spot where if you do too much it'll look really unnatural so I just like to use it to highlight some points of my face and then add just a little bit of glove first I'm actually gonna take more of my pixie spray my highlighter I'm gonna be using today is my master chrome by Maybelline so I'm gonna highlight all the main points you would usually highlight just a little bit less so I'll do the tip of my nose

and then a little bit on the bridge [Music] after all that the skin is looking really good it's even and it's glowy so next I'm just gonna move to the eyes and on days like this I usually don't wear eye shadow at all I just feel like it's too much for a look like this so I like to go in with mascara and this is my favorite right here it's the L'Oreal telescopic mascara I definitely think this is the best drugstore mascara and it's super affordable so I'm just gonna go ahead and put this mascara on so mascara is done and another really good mascara from the drugstore the covergirl clump crusher just wanted to give you guys another option other than the L'Oreal one but yeah I really also recommend this one it's really good after that I like to put something on my lips usually it's just Vaseline I have a huge one right here because I'm obsessed with Vaseline I always have to have it keeps your lips so soft so I'll either be wearing that or a clear lip gloss and this is my favorite clear lip gloss it's by the brand's Palladio I had actually never heard of this brand before but I went into Sally's looking for a clear

lip gloss and I found this one and I actually loved it so much [Music] this'll flushes makes your lips so shiny and I kind of feel like it plumps them but I definitely recommend this it's so affordable too but yeah I got mine at Sally's so guys that's everything I have for this natural makeup look I really tried to find everything from the drugstore like you don't have to spend a lot of money to have your makeup look good so I really hope this video was helpful make sure to give it a thumbs up and leave a comment down below literally leave me a comment saying anything thank you guys again for all the support on my channel and make sure to subscribe and I'll see you guys next time bye [Music]