09 April 2019


sugarcosmetics #sugarcosmeticsmatteashellcrayon Hey Everyone, So today I am going to review and swatch SUGAR COSMETICS MATTE AS HELL CRAYON ...


hi everyone welcome to my channel this is some money thank this is my channel makeup and beauty in today's video I'm going to swatch and I'm going to do a shot to review over sugar cosmetics mad as hell clear lipstick now we all know that sugar have a wide variety of shades in there Mottershead crayon lipstick but usually they have just extended this shade range and they have added 7 new shapes in their mad as hell crayon lipstick among which I'm going to swatch three of them so without further delay just start the video now this sugar cosmetics matter selfie lipstick surprise $57.99 each and you will get two point eight gram of the dark these are actually semi matte kind of lipsticks which comes up in a crayon kind of packaging now each of this crayon lipstick comes up with a sharpener as they need to be sharpened with time to time this crayon lipsticks are semi matte in texture they are super pigmented and they glide like butter on my lips this lipstick stays PG 4 to 5 hours on my lips but if I follow the blocking technique then it stays like almost 7 to 8 hours on my lips without Freddie

these are not transferred to but they don't transfer like insane they transfer a very little amount and with time gradually they stop transferring on your cups and glasses then if secuence sales they fit evenly from lips which doesn't look too odd and that's why I can carry that faded lipstick at least for one hour or so but still I prefer to Rita to wing this lipstick fail so but you know I really like this sugar cosmetics lipstick and definitely I'd love to recommend this lipstick to all the lipstick novels who love pigmented and comfort matte lips so that's compliment to this short review now let's move on to the swatches [Music] [Music] [Applause] so that's companies my today's video on sugar cosmetics matters a crayon shade extension conscious I hope you liked this video and I hope you find it helpful I am signing off with the promised to be back in another video today soon until then stay beautiful stay establish in this season