23 September 2018

*New* Maybelline 🍋{LEMONADE CRAZE} Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches | 2018

New (Maybelline) LEMONADE CRAZE EYESHADOW PALETTE Review & Swatches 2018 is it worth it?? Worth the Money?Fair skin New maybelline makeup ...

hi beauties welcome back or even your

welcome my name is Jen so for to them do a really quick video I'm going to be reviewing and swatching the new maybelline eliminate craze palette and it looks like this and it's a eyes shadow palette with twelve eyes shadows and this is what they look like I make this video super long because there's so many videos of these already of this palette but I showed you guys on my Instagram jizz for about ten to thirteen dollars depends where you get it even the drugstore I got it on the Christmas tree shops where I've locked I'll link that vlog if you want to go see like a lot of like discount they're things let me open it up I really like the shades and the yellow packaging like I'm like obsessed with yellow away for a year now it's weird but this is what it looks like it's beautiful it has some really nice shimmer shades I'll tell you right now I did swatch them for you this is the second batch I didn't clean them up I have pictures to insert here so you can see a nice close-up of them but my favorite one that's washed I will say right now is this one here which is called sugar-coated that was my favorite one here I think the colors look really

nice if you want to see like how they look on I could do like a quick makeup tutorial just applying like several of the shades so you see how it looks like on the eyes just let me know in the description give this video a thumbs up I will do that for you but just let me know I don't want to do it if you guys have seen like a million of them on YouTube already the least one that I liked as of now as the swatches was this one and it was sweet tea like the fallout was insane so chalky I love Maybelline love Maybelline so much I want to do a look with sugar coated so badly the coral punch one and then this ice pop that looks so beautiful like I could just imagine like to do like a crease color oh my god that's gonna look so beautiful yes you could use this sweet tee' or old-fashioned like a transition shade if you would like and then you can do maybe this one here I'll show you really quickly that's what that one looks like it looks nice but um I mean the camera looks nicer than in person I'm not saying as bad I'm just gonna show you like the shimmery ones this is strawberry lemon-aid these are

like my favorite kinds of shades they just look so nice and then this is citrus so that's what they look like and now sugar coated it's here I love that one so much it looks so beautiful guys that she is just gorgeous so definitely you have your mats and you have your shimmer so no matter what you like or if you want to combine them both I think they're so pretty Packaging is not that bulky I don't think it's bag to give you here in the back like three different looks they tell you like step by step what you can apply to create the look three different looks that way if you're not inspired Hey they give you three inspirations here for you to follow one is called lemon pop pink lemonade and peach lemonade so I could either create one of those for you guys or I can just come up with something on my own yeah sorbet berry ice Sunny's lemonade craze and old fashioned and coral punch are your Matt's and they have citrus sugar coated main squeeze strawberry lemonade with your shimmer shades so that is all for this review I hope you enjoyed this guys so much for watching please don't forget to subscribe and click the little

notification bell and I will see you guys in my next video bye