26 November 2018

'NEW' Maybelline Superstay Matte Lipstick Collection ⎮Lip Swatches

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oh sorry what's the what's hot you okay

we already pay for you please please [Music] everybody coming to you with then how you gonna do that in the middle of the song whoa pause you don't care for the song but when I was singing a song on the intro to my own personal videos you had a problem you felt left out but now you don't care what is on what I'm saying it for you really hey everybody bounce with it coming to you with another video a seat and many me lips watching TV this lipstick that I'm rocking right now is not from the Maybelline collection that we're about to show you girl but it is from the color pop lipstick collection there are new Lux lipsticks they're bullet lipsticks and so we did a video on those we literally just got through but these videos are informal you guys yes you will get lip swatches i pinkie promise but we just have a bunch of fun and I don't I really don't know what's gonna happen these videos I don't know like literally when I'm editing I'm like OMG did we really do that so I don't even know what's gonna happen and like I said in the last video I had coffee so anyway I will link the last video in this video

okay for your viewing pleasure mm-hm and for those of you guys that do not know this is my daughter Omar Asia aka mini-me aka a dot Monet on IG aka my 22 year old aka my now working young lady I should have heard this good this is not a hair video it's not hair tutorial like I say tutorial so exciting while really natural dyes and this give me natural contains vibe so these are the ones that I had hey can you turn it the other way boy she has four I think there are more I got bars these are called the maybelline superstay matte pink lipsticks oh I love these lipsticks with this type of applicator it's like pointy like them retro mattes by Mac but anyway I love the applicators but you were really why would you go there first okay okay oh my gosh this is a good nude and it actually it's pretty opaque huh it smells good did you smell it do you smell it but I come from are you ready I got you mm-hmm can't catch me I'll guard what I think I'm really trying to say is yeah I don't know about that huh I love oh I heard that you can sleep in these and wake up and they're so

interested I'm not doing that you can do that oh oh it really does smell like ink like it's like it's getting sticky hold on let me just stop talking you guys is sticky oh my gosh this is nice my dude oh you can't you can't rub it together so I think they kind of dry and they say Chad put your lips together what happens it's sticky huh do you know how you had to pull it apart it's like that lips it's and when it gets on your teeth you got to wipe that off that's not too old its feet hurt on it is not just coming out with it at the tongue that means it can't be any too much we can't okay no no what I'm fighter I'm not a fighter I'm a lover not a fighter protector hmm sure well let me see there let me see the let's take you guys oh no we can't be okay hold on okay I need the aquifer oh my god it's stringy like I got some on me okay so you got to be careful when you pull it out I'm in my her in the beauty such obey don't admire to know are you ready to get off oh can you stop i'm swatching you oh my armrest it's okay we work together hmm you didn't know your teeth it's hard not

to too hard not who cooking fire what is it he knows yep do you know where you going to do you know that things life is showing you where are you going to punt race Amazonian Amazonian there you go you wonder girl you wanna girl oh don't look at them until you gonna do it stop looking oh Jesus she took off at a team I mean I don't think they're gonna go nowhere and they smell very very good and I'm not like that they're thick okay they're sticky though they're very very sticky but I think that once they dry now excuse me once they dry down then I won't know where they're slim thick like they come out and you think that way hey make some thick because you think you pull it out you think it's gonna be all watery slam big asian makes funny slam bay kiss just let me go with it do you think they're gonna be on watery at night you know whatever whatever we put them on so thinking like where's the slim come from how string cake it looks worried I'm not with the name but I'm with this name cuz you know we can't hold this long we can't hold it home I'm gonna follow people not be like Oh how'd you long but then I do so this is

visionary that's me yeah I know ruler okay Rick the ruler to genomic right that's who yeah smells like them air freshener that should be putting in the car after you go to the carwash this is the one that she did not want can I have your attention it's costs the duct race that's the spirit that you know me I know you need somebody hit you don't need to prep your pool how about sitting in the back we already pray for you pray you bless it is my pleasure to serve you it is my pleasure to serve you in this mission back yeah would you like because it's pretty unless and inoffensive for like cuz you know it's like Christian based they don't open on Sundays and stuff so the songs pretty hilarious philosopher philosopher driver driving my vehicle to success my friend so I really don't like to in the video like this with this color I almost want to take it off and put on some a keyboard so like you can see this does stay big even won't you just stay that is it for the lip swatch video you guys we hope you enjoyed this video if you did don't forget to thumbs up and if you guys want us to do some more lip swatch videos

just let us know you know what I was thinking about doing I was thinking about doing a like a random lip swatch video because I have a box over there that has so many lipsticks in there that I was saving for a lip swatch video that I don't think you've ever seen you damn you damn you either as you wearing can you not are you down yeah oh sure didn't sound confident sure great so you guys have an awesome blessed day and I will see you soon thank you think bye oh bye me confidence is key you know what I mean a woman feels good when she's looking pretty I don't need no dance Nexus or Range Rover just give your girl a bomb Sikhi booty makeover confidence is key ladies I know what I mean or maybe her eye shadow and mascara will help you see check out her foundation and the blush on her cheek yeah we're playing games it's the C key beauty beauty [Music]