06 June 2019

*NEW* Fortnite Update 9.20 LEAKED SKINS & COSMETICS! (New Skins, Glider, Pickaxes, Emotes & MORE)

ALL *NEW* Fortnite Update 9.20 LEAKED SKINS & COSMETICS! (New Skins, Glider, Pickaxes, Emotes & MORE) NEO LEGENDS PACK ...

what is up guys pizza here and today I

am back with a new video now what I got for you guys and this one is we're gonna be going over all of the new 9.2 leaked skins and cosmetics that we have and let me just tell you we have so many different skins and so many different items that were added in this updates ridiculous so if you're looking to buy some new stuff in the item shop I definitely recommend you watch this video so you know what's coming and also I am gonna be doing a giveaway so if you guys do want a chance for me to give you guys a skin all you guys gonna do is drop a like on the video subscribe for notifications on and comment down below your epic games if this video hits 5,000 likes I will be choosing two subscribers and I will add them and gift them any skin that I end up revealing in today's video whenever it ends up coming into the item shop so comment down below your epic name as well as smash that like button so we can hit the goal and also if you plan on copying any of these items that you see don't forget to use coach izzo in the item shop if you guys do want to support me and also to to photo at me if you end up buying something so I can shout you guys out in

my next video as well as properly thank you but anyways let's get started with today's video so the very first skins that we have seems to be a collaboration between four-night and Disney's Toy Story for the reason that this skin right here is called the toy trooper and this skin also comes with a matching male version called the plastic patroller and his description says toy with the competition now the thing is there's a movie coming very soon so you can expect it in the item shop around the same time that the new Toy Story movie drops and then on top of that these skins are green rarity so they're gonna cost you 800 v bucks and then on top of this they do have matching wraps that I'll get to in later part of the video when we finish off these skins but the next one that we have is called the desert Dominator and the description says battle-tested munitions expert and obviously this is a reskin so it is gonna be of green rarity it's gonna cost you 800 v bucks as well but let's move on and let's go on to the next two skins that we have and this one is called the bolt this one's also green so 800 v books yet again we do have

quite a few of these and then it seems like this could be a male version of it I'm not too sure if they're a set or not but this one is called the relay so they are rescanning skins but they're rescanning them in nicer ways and they are still charging you only 800 v bucks instead of bumping them up to the blue rarity so that's good that they're making them instead of more expensive but anyways let's go onto the next set these are gonna be the blue rarity and the first one is called the azimuth dais now I believe this is gonna be a set that goes along with the female version called the Callisto so these two are gonna cost you a thousand two hundred feet bucks I believe they both have back Billings as well that match along with them but anyways as we go on there's one more blue skin that we have called the shot caller I don't think there's a female version of him maybe it's encrypted I have no idea but that is gonna be the next skin that we have and then going on we do have another skin this one's gonna be a purple rarity so it's gonna cost you a thousand five hundred vbus and this is

definitely a bizarre one but it is called the airhead so it's definitely a unique skin for tonight doesn't do these skins too often and I definitely do think this might be a favorite among a lot of people just for the the way that it really looks but as of right now this is the only purple rarity skin that I see pretty much that we know of but there is some other skin that doesn't have a rarity or a name as of right now I'm not sure exactly what it is but this is also gonna be something that I feel like a lot of people are gonna enjoy but let me show you guys an image based on the look it's definitely some sort of an alien I think it's either gonna be purple rarity or golden and then there might end up being a male version but I'm expecting it to be purple 1,500 V bucks and then there might be an encrypted male version some pickaxes glide or stuff like that to pretty much go along with it and make this set fully complete because I know foreigners gonna take advantage of aliens especially considering how much we've wanted a whole season based on them so yeah there's probably gonna be more relating to that coming soon but I speaking of

encrypted we do have two other skins that I want to share with you guys as of right now we don't have names or rarities of them we do have some pretty good images or a pretty good image of each skin but this first one right here seems to be able to have some crazy superpowers where he can control the storm and he just looks pretty cool in my opinion so I definitely do think they might charge you 2,000 bucks for this skin especially how they've gone all out I definitely do think that his head is probably gonna be animated so there's probably gonna be like a storm brewing on his head you're gonna see clouds moving uh Thunder going off stuff like that and I think maybe he's like a storm king or something I have no idea exactly who he is but this has to do with some challenges that are gonna be coming soon which I'll be covering in an upcoming video cuz there's gonna be a pretty big event happening but other than that there's also another loading screen that shows a different skin so it seems like it's like a futuristic female skin not exactly certain on where they are but it seems to be raining but the skin does

look like one of the battle path skins that we have I'm not sure how much it's gonna cost what the rarity of it is gonna be my guest a thousand five hundred V books maybe purple but we'll have more information on that when they actually do and end up hitting the item shop but these are all of the skins so we have a bunch of bag blinks pickaxes and stuff like that but we'll go on to the pickaxes especially considering this is the first time they're adding dual wield pick access to the item shop since the season nine battle past pretty much ended up coming out but the very first one that we have right here is called the talons I believe this is gonna be for the Kuno skin the the ninja skins and then we also have the foul play which is also gonna be another duel as well I think it's gonna go along with the Callisto and as Renee is that I showed you guys earlier and then we have another one called the Metro machetes I'm not sure exactly who it's gonna go for but that's another duel we'll pick axe as well and then we have the fort knife this was actually pretty funny so you had you're gonna be holding a fork on one end a knife on the other and then

you're just gonna be able to pick axes that way and lastly this is a normal pickaxe I'm not sure what it's called we don't have name or rarity for this one but it seems to be matching along with the alien skin so that alien scan I showed you earlier this might be her pick axe especially since there's like all these buttons it looks like a ship and it just pretty much matches the you know the alien vibe that it gives but anyways let's go on to the raps because there are a lot of different raps now some of these that I might show you may have been leaked in earlier update so I'm not too sure but the very first one that we have right here is called the fiend and it looks like some sort of a stormy ish animated type of camel especially since it's blue rarity and then we also have a be great toy which is going to be green rarity that's gonna go along with the toy trooper in the plastic patroller the Toy Story skins and then we have the green toy wrap which is gonna be the same thing but except instead of grey it's gonna be green and then I'll going on this is a really nice wrap it's called

the slurp it's gonna be animated as well show you guys like images of it on weapons and you can see how exactly how it's gonna look but uh this is definitely one of the better wraps that I've seen them at and then there's all these other wraps that I think may have been added already but I don't have the names for them and I'll just throw images to show you and then we also have a couple bag blinks the first one is called utility pack this one is gonna be going along with the shot-caller the next one that we have is called neo frenzy it's gonna be purple so I believe it's gonna be going along with the airhead that's the only other purple skin and then going on we do have the ocular this one is blue probably gonna be matching with the Callisto or the Asmodeus and then we have another one called the hex which is gonna be going for the other one I think the hex is probably gonna go for the Callisto and then ocular is gonna go for the Asmodeus and then lastly we have the gliders now unfortunately there's only one glider as of right now that we know of and it is called the bat so which is probably gonna go for the Callisto and the

Asmodeus as well so for the other skins I don't know what types of gliders are stuff they're gonna be using probably gonna be some sort of encrypted items that they're gonna be adding to match along with the sets and then going on to the next thing that we have we have a couple emotes the very first one is extraterrestrial if you guys know who Howard the alien is that's pretty much what the emo is gonna be if you don't know who that is just search it up it's like a dancing alien and that's the emote f4 and I decided to add and then there's also something else called the signature shuffle this one's gonna be a purple rarity so 800 v bucks I'm not sure how they're gonna make this one since we already do have a shuffle and then we have another one called saver the W this one's gonna cost you 200 V bugs because it's green and that one's probably just gonna point up a W like this shows on the image but this is pretty much all of the cosmetics that we have we do have some loading screens and stuff like that which I've shown you guys already there seems to be challenges that are gonna be coming out some of these items might be rewards

considering we have a contrail called chrono that was added and I have no idea how they're gonna incorporate that none of these skins match this item at all so I don't think it's gonna be included with any of the skins in the item shop so maybe we could be seeing some rewards with the challenges that are gonna become but anyways that's all that I have for you guys in this video these are all of the cosmetics that we know of so far maybe some more are gonna end up being revealed later on as we go but for now this is everything that you can expect to see within the item shop coming very very soon and then on top of that if there's any other video you guys want me to upload comment it down below and let me know because I am planning on uploading a bunch of videos today and if there's anything in particular you guys want me to cover let me know so I can do it for you guys but that's all that I got for you guys in this video if you guys did enjoy make sure you guys do drop a like subscribe all that good stuff but it has been your boy Trudeau and I will see you guys later don't come with what you got rockets I probably do

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