14 October 2018

(MY FIRST VIDEO)lipstick and eyeshadow only!

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and eyeshadow challenge yeah simply created in the hospital simply simply pretty evil now I shall go and simply play table in detail so it offer it to pornographer coalition saying guys let's start it now so you lipstick Mona you one product for a full face beautiful face i shadow second blush so let's start so naughty little nothing like not even con us anymore brush bigger actually banana home my mom got me again you're gonna man up and abandon a box casita say do not give me dinner got it can I do not even time to squeeze me also by hi Padma jaw I think my how to help best get out no man I'm not even using so let's start with the lipstick buddy buddy buddy buddy to Bayern lipstick Romeo Papa in Thailand please so brain lighting face my god bless I don't will apparently the mother Papa I'm gonna be [Music] okay all guys tips love but love live - ko Miho but I must parody take Alabama who has a parka I mean I'm an implant uncle where we love important it was a picnic on the

panel rough but move out over there so they don't mind cuz I got got got him at me like DSP see ya see to the money paisa I shot those come on a nothing [Music] [Applause] cannot comment quality but it a bug Scoobies will appear coming danke Schoen on the SPC non-unique daddy's in a silo well it's open for me my next a man come on another good knocks artists busy so I knew it wasn't us at the ending in the Manila Bay yard then I'll come back on it'll also mean it dream on you guys guys are gonna convict it's not all about go and be right back young guys I feel dementia - I'm feeling the Holika dog but all the delicious salmon happen but Allah some Appa she'll die like that yeah so my McDaniel mind an advanced and then advanced a monkey said uncover yourself body [Music] [Music]