30 January 2019


Hey guys! In todays video I'll be showing you how I achieve the 'instagram baddie' style makeup look using an eyeshadow palette from PRIMARK that I'm ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I'm gonna be showing you how to get this look it's kind of like a Instagram buddy but I honestly do think that it could be I honestly do think that it could be like a catfish video because there is going to be a much uglier version of myself be on your screen in like just a minute so I'm sorry about that but I think the kind of vibe that I'm going for is Instagram buddy because I feel like this kind of makeup is actually really in at the moment and it is like the typical Instagram buddy thing I feel like I keep saying its grand buddy do I keep saying its grand buddy not really sure either way it's like an Instagram buddy right so anyway that is the kind of makeup tutorial that I'm bringing you today this is the look and if you want to see how I got it then that please keep my skin is terrible at the moment like I missed my pill like just one pill and yeah it completely messed my whole entire body up girls if you're on the pill do not miss it that is my strong advice so a little while ago in one of my videos it was actually the little and Primark and new look mini haul so if you haven't seen that I'll

link that down below I actually showed you guys this palette here the little name sheet this palette here which is from Primark it is called PS nude addiction and it is three pounds that I said I was going to do like a little comparison video because it is awfully similar to the huda beauty palette and the one that I've got is called more of obsessions so I was gonna kind of compare them my how good this one is to this one but I've kind of already used it and so this isn't going to be like a testing comparison video instead it's just gonna be a little tutorial of a look that I did using this palette but really quickly just for reference and I will quickly to show you that this is what the packaging is like on the huda beauty bar it's a magnetic opening and this is what it looks like on the inside it has mine colors and it has a mirror up here and has finger marks all over it so please ignore that but yeah so this is what the packaging for the Haida beauty one is like these are if you've never used this I will tell you these are insanely pigmented and they are so nice and easy our shadows to use as well and

I think this retails at I hang on let me have a look so let's type in the Hyuna beauty love obsessions I feel like I say that really like wrong so where can we look there's a con cult beauty so on top beauty this palette retails for twenty five pounds twenty five pounds for this little palette sorry for this little palette I mean don't get me wrong I'm not complaining about the palette at all whatsoever it is a really really good palette this one on the other hand from Primark is only three pounds it's the same kind of size is a little tiny bit bigger but that doesn't really matter it's still gonna be easy to travel with the only downside to it is it doesn't have a mirror and I will show you what the colors are like in terms of pigment on the way and I won't be using all of them but I will be using about four so you'll be able to see what those are like and but yet still has the same amount of colors and I'm not being funny or anything but it's so much cheaper if it does the job what would you probably get so anyway I started by saying this is not a comparison video really it's just it is a makeup tutorial I just I guess I kind of wanted to get a little

bit of a comparison bit in there for you guys to see the difference between them and now I am going to show you this little baby in action and show you the look that I came up with so I haven't primed my face yet I have just done my eyebrows using the benefit gimme brow and the precisely and my brow pencil and I'm going to use the Too Faced Born This Way concealer in the shade 1 to prime my eyelids and then I'm just going to use this flat brush which is by love rock and I am going to just blend that out over my eyelid I look so weird right now so first of all I'm in this brush this is the morphe 209 it's a flat fluffy brush and kind of like a medium-sized one and I'm going to use this color down here in the corner now it did come with it did come with a name sheet but I've lost it but it's called brownie points that color down there in the corner and I'm just literally gonna grab some of that on my brush and tap off the excess because I have noticed that that is a little bit but not too much so it's quite good want to get rid of those critters I'm gonna my dad is honestly crazy and I'm gonna start by just packing that on to the eyelid and

I'm just tapping it lightly and I'm just taking it up to my crease then with the same brush I'm gonna go for this color here just above it which is called Dubai it's a slightly lighter brown shade and I'm gonna put that like more towards the top towards the crease area a little bit higher then I'm gonna change brushes and use the morphe three three two and then I'm gonna take this color over here which is called latte and I'm going to start blending out right near the top then I'm just adding that latte shades like more on the inner corner because I want not to stand out there too then I'm taking this fluffy brush by the rock and I'm blending out all the edges I've been with a smaller fluffy brush this is the morphe 204 I'm gonna go back in with that first original shade which is called brownie points I remember that from Al and I'm gonna go back over the eyelid just to make sure it's still quite dark and also just a little tip do not forget about the inner corner you don't want to leave that kind of naked bear and then also with that shave Dubai I'm basically repeating the steps just only like a little tiny bit and with the same brush just blending the edges ever

so slightly then with another fluffy brush from the rock I'm gonna take the shade latte on this one and honestly these brushes are amazing for like blending okay so I'm aware at the moment it looks quite crazy because I've been like not done the rest of my face or anything bear with me I'm gonna catch from the other eye and I'll be right back okay so the eyeshadow on both eyes is now done honestly I love this eyeshadow palette for creating this kind of look it is literally perfect so I'm gonna put this down for a minute and I will move on to my skin the primer that I'm gonna be using is the new revolution hydrate primer I absolutely love the hand I just rub this in with my hands as well which might scare a few people but I like doing it this way today I'm switching things up a little bit I'm going to be using two foundations the first one I'm going to be using is the YSL all ours foundation stick why it hardly ever use this because it's so expensive but it is honestly the nicest foundation I think I have ever ever used I got mine in the shade b10 porcelain and I'm gonna use this morphe 439 brush

to just blend that in honestly it feels like a dream oh it's Foundation it does have really good coverage but because I've got really quite bad skin on my men and I also want to make it darker because I feel like the Instagram baddie thing is like more of a tan skin kind of vibe so I'm just going to put a little layer of the revolution consider on define foundation over in the shade f5 because this is the one that I usually would use if I have flaked hand also gonna add like extra coverage and because obviously my skin is not the best at the moment so some cream contour to just add some extra warmth to my face you guys are probably absolutely is sick of seeing this contour stick because it's the freedom one that I have had just for absolutely ages and I've been saying for like the longest time ever like ever need that I need a new one and I seriously seriously dude but I actually really like this I don't want to stop using it until I have to okay now I'm going to add a little tiny bit of concealer because I haven't done that yet and I don't really like to do it with this look because otherwise it's

gonna make me look a little bit too light under my eyes which is kind of what I'm trying to avoid but obviously we want those dark circles to be gone so I'm using of course the Too Faced Born This Way multi sculpting concealer with this I'm literally just concentrating right underneath the eyes I'm trying to avoid bringing it out more than I actually have to oh my god I feel so uncomfortable doing it in the brush why did I do it with this brush so now I'm going to use the huda beauty loose powder in the shade sugar-cookie which is aka white for translucent however you want to say it I'm going to use my Beauty Blender to actually bake like under my eyes I never baked but I have this problem where my under eyes like really liked grace does anyone else have that and if you have this problem then you can relate and it is like the worst thing ever okay and then I'm just gonna take some more I'm gonna just saw why I don't often do this and you can probably tell this is really not a thing that I do very often I have done it before but like not as a regular thing and I'm just going to tap that into the fine lines I

have on my forehead and just over the rest of my forehead too alright so for bronze our today I'm going it to go back to my little bronzer I never used to really like but I kind of do now and it is from Primark it's the PS bronze glow bronzing powder it's to power 50 and it looks like this oh and it has a shade name it's called Sun dipped and this is kinda like I don't know if you can see it but it kind of has shimmer in it just taking this on a fluffy brush and just patting that all over my forehead and also on my cheeks well I'm not patting it on my cheeks but I'm gonna you know put it on my cheeks okay then I feel like I've kind of maybe baked enough now so I'm just gonna wipe that off how do girls do this and look presentable look I don't how do they do that I'm not pre okay and then with my hoola bronzer I'm going to add some more bronze because why not and this time I think I'm just gonna focus mainly on the cheeks and then for some blush are going to use this one out of the revolution ultra sculpt and contour kit and this is in the shade ultra fair because usually I'm really really pale this also has

some shimmer going through it as well so it's gonna add some more glow which is also what I want for this look so the next thing I'm going to do is I'm going to focus on my under eye I'm going to use this black eyeliner pencil which is just by natural collection so it's super duper cheap I'm gonna fill in my waterline that you guys know I'm so bad at doing this bit on camera it's terrible I always look so awkward I feel awkward to be honest and also I'm gonna do is actually draw along my lash line with this and of course the same on the other side and with this brush from BH Cosmetics it is brush number 5 I'm gonna smudge that out and with that same brush and the latte color from the Primark nude addictions palette I am going to take that just below the black that I just smudged to keep that Brown this going really feel like it adds that extra detail down the bottom and then just to make sure everything is tied together I'm just gonna go back along my waterline with that black pencil and super duper quickly before I add some eyelashes I'm going to pop just a few coats of mascara I can't remember the exact name of the eyelashes that I'm

using they are by kiss and I'm pretty sure that they're the little black dress ones but I will definitely link them down below for you so that you can have a look eight so my eyelashes are on and I went ahead and just added a little bit of bottom eyelash mascara so now I'm gonna take this pencil brush pile of rock and I'm just going to wet that a little bit and I'm gonna go back in to this Primark palette and I'm going to use this shade it is called if I can lay if I can find a new shape it's called moon dust and this is actually a beautiful inner corner highlight I'm also gonna put it on my brow bone as well if you're a regular here then you will know for highlight I absolutely love the soap and revolution I nearly forgot what they call them the sofa revolution palettes and I have wet my brush as well and I just like to dip my brush through these three and then these two down here as well I can never ever decide what one I want to use and I feel like mixing them all together just create the perfect highlight for me so for lips I am using this I heart revolution pen which is that multi pen

I'm not sure what the actual name of it is I've just I've totally forgotten I'm not gonna lie I'm gonna use this one and I don't know the name of the color pop it but I'm using this shade right here the way that I remember if you look at the writing on the pen it's the one just above where the writing stops so it is this shade here and with this look I do slightly over line my lips as well so I'm not gonna be able to talk while I do this I just bear with and then the lipstick that I'm going to use is the revolution chauffeur this is literally my favorite nude color ever and I really feel like it goes of that lip line up really well as well and there we have it you guys this is the finished look and I hope you like it as much as I do I really feel like it is a proper Instagram up body kind of look it is very trendy at the moment and I really really wanted to give it a go and I feel really happy with it and the best part about this whole tutorial is the fact that the main part of the look which is the eyes only cost three pounds to do like seriously three pounds prymaat you did it well this selection of colors is good the pigment

is good there's hardly any fallout there is a little bit but it kept we can deal with that and the packaging is nice and easy to travel with if you travel quite a lot if not it's just a nice little eyeshadow palette to have in your makeup collection I think so that is it I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did I always love sitting down with you guys and you know just sharing with you what I love to do in my free time I will pop it on the screen now if you don't already follow me on Instagram please hop over there and give me a follow I would really really appreciate it I am trying to share more this year of what I love doing which is makeup and also I feel like it would be an opportunity for you guys to get to know me a little bit more my personal life and just see what I get up to on a day to day basis if you want to and if you haven't and please please subscribe it would mean the absolute world to me there is so much more room for more people to come and join so it wouldn't mean the absolute world to me if you did subscribe if not they understand that you watch thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed it give me a thumbs up and comment if you like I

will always reply to your comments but that is it thank you so much for watching and I will see you soon love ya