27 November 2018

(GIVEAWAY!) Sultry Bronze Makeup ft. Pacifica Beauty | LazzzySundaze

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it's what's up welcome back to my channel lazy Sundays and the first time is my channel while companies Tiffany so today I'm gonna show you guys this sultry bronze makeup look using mrs. lookout beauty's products and I'm gonna show you guys from start to finish aka from me prepping my skin cuz I got some skincare products from Pfister beauty as well and then - now like this full makeup look face I like Pacifica because their products are all 100% vegan and cruelty free which is definitely a plus and the makeup world is kind of like an unboxing video because I did not use any of these products before hand except one because I've just couldn't wait like always but just one product out of like ten if you guys like this makeup look please continue watching and also the end of this video I'm gonna do a little mini kin the way a little mini giveaway but you guys want to enter a giveaway stay tuned till the end and yeah let's guys started with this video the first little trial of skincare I'm going to use this Pacifica crystal lava bubbling charcoal mask it's gonna get your clothes on and deeply clean the

dirt and nasties off your pretty face with ever essence bubbling action so I'm very excited it's actually the first time I am trying out bubbly masks I know I'm really late to the trend but yeah just never tried it before there's gonna be fun I have to wait for 10 to 20 minutes [Music] we're gonna make bubble up so fast I can already feel the tingling and I'm still applying masks on my face it would be alright I'm gonna be back in 20 minutes and see how I feel I can already feel a tingling it's actually really itchy I don't know what to do I can't even like scratch it's hilarious yeah I'll be back let's spend twenty minutes and want to wash this off as you can see it's been drying out there's still some bumping around here because I put a lot more on this side on this side so that's the reason but yeah I'm going to wash it off and I'll be back and as you can see my face for clean and glowy it's just really really dry right now so I need to put some moisturizers and select that to Hydra my cell based skin is definitely going right now you can see the

reflection of the real light on my forehead to moisturize myself again because it's so dry I I don't even think I can like talk right now this whole time on this area I did not get anything from Pacifica for hydrating so I'm just going to use this theorem from the body shop it's called the drop of youth I just recently got introduced to it it's like a life changer look how thick oh my god so jelly I love it okay does the number right now your skin just absorbs this theorem really like quickly and it just feels so good I'm gonna use this Pacifica ultra CC cream it's radiant foundation with SPF 1700 maybe about this online but at the same time they only offer two shades and this is actually a darker shade I mean I feel like that's the I should be working on that to have a better shade range on it in just two shades but right now I'm just gonna try it out it's very lightweight it's so it's good for everyday use even though I feel like there's like no coverage whatsoever but I like the way it feels on my face there's this light coverage not too much nothing about use self concealer as well because this is a little too bare for me

right now so browse and apply some concealer and I also prime my eyes a little bit as we're about to Taha use this palette over here I have this beachy Punk eyeshadow palette here's the palette it's really pretty I just thought it would be bigger then this but oh well the reason why I really like this palette because this is three colors this black and this blue British color and only have those kind of colors in my collection so I'm gonna want to try those out I'm gonna use the shade rebel over here and just apply that over my eyelid I'm not sure what I'm gonna do yet so we'll see the outer corner lightly applied to my eyelid [Music] this is color over here the little shimmery brown this is called tomboy it's gonna play this a little bit on the arch of my eyebrow [Music] I'm Linda no I'm gonna use this poem heroes this is a nice bluish great color so first what I'm gonna do is just to put it over my eyelid but just not crossing the creased line like what I did over here with the Rebell color I'm just gonna gradually make this darker

blend it into in the corner but not fully just still focus on the outer corners of your eyes [Music] I family use this Pretty Vacant color right here it's also a little bit shimmer it's just adding a little highlight today in the corner I'm gonna use this shimmery dark brown color for my lower lash line it's cold squalled drag out of the way and blend it with the grayish blue color oh my god is so good [Music] tomorrow's you can see I already finished my eye makeup and I already pop out my falsies so now I'm gonna continue with my face with that I'm gonna use this Pacifica solar complete color of mineral palette it's like a full face palette and then I have to be honest I already used this as a first impression but I love it a polymer held the top three colors are highlighters and here is the blush bronzer and wrestling or eyeshadows basically this palette is like a multi-purpose palette I just thought my face a little bit I'm going to use the bronzer just oh nice color it just blends right into your skin perfect

this blush it's definitely a little darker color it's more like a dusty brightest color that looks really nice [Music] so what I'm going to do is I'm going to use this color and apply this on my tear duct a little highlight I really like this palette I think that's so useful you can literally just bring this anywhere and you don't have to bring anything else blush bronzer highlighter you don't need any of that separate package you can just bring this also so on top of that I also got this Pacifica perfume is a perchick rose micro batch perfume and I'm gonna use it look how cute this is though the packaging is like on point so try it right now and see too strong too strong [Music] smells very good this is Persian rose and smell exactly like that I wish you guys could smell it over the screen but [Music] okay that's it guys is my makeup look using Pacifica beauty's products I don't really like it I love this dark blue greyish color it's like oh my god I just never thought I would pull it off and I've tried this kind of color on other

palettes and just never blend this well I was really hesitant to try it out but really I did because I had a bad experience with this kind of cooler darker tone eye shadow colors so I love this makeup look and obvious like a - and time for the giveaway the most exciting part of this video I know I'm gonna give away to Pacifica beauty products on their website to one lucky winner and you can choose any products that you want what are the ones I mentioned in this video or anything that you will like to try out on their website and all you have to do is to of course subscribe to my channel lazy Sundays and like this video and comment down below what kind of products that you want to try based on this video additional entry view follow me on my Instagram at lazy Sundays I'll just also comment down below on your Instagram handle so I will know and the winner will be announced in the description box below definitely come back to this video and check out if you have one I'm really appreciate you guys can watch my video whether it's the new subscriber or a subscriber I really appreciate you guys keep watching my videos just felt like

there are a lot more different people coming to my channel now and I'm really happy that's happening as well to show you guys my appreciation my cute you guys a little giveaway so yeah I'm guys to enter this giveaway please subscribe like and comment down below and yeah I will see you guys in the next video bye