19 December 2018

❄️Full Face Holiday Glam MakeUp Tutorial☃️❤️

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back on the - um no that was horrible

hopefully the third time is the truth okay speaking eyelash bud hey you guys they should grow down me back again with another YouTube video so for my second upload I decided to do this holiday makeup glam it's not too simple and it's not too bold it's kind of more so bold because of the red lips but I think it's more of Christmasy spirit because Christmas is next week you know I was just trying to figure out like what I wanted to wear for my Christmas look so this kind of helped me navigate and realize like where I want to go how I want to look so I really hope you guys enjoyed this video I'm gonna show you how to get this look if you keep on to make sure you like this video if you really really like this glick make sure you comment if you have any like tips or anything regarding makeup or what's a good drugstore product because I do use a lot of drugstore products like from Walmart Walgreens CVS the beauty supply store I use it all but I hope you guys enjoyed this video and make sure you subscribe to my channel all right here you go so we're gonna get straight into the video for the makeup question I've

already moisturize my face and done what I need to do I'm thinking about going something like real real simple but a bow lip stuff I might do red lips but yeah we just gonna see how this time out because I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to wear for Christmas so I'm gonna put this hard candy primer on it's color correcting just first I do not have the most expensive stuff to do my makeup everything I had is legit drugstore so if you own the same train as me trust me I feel your financial pain [Music] so now that that's done we're gonna go to browse actually I'm gonna do my own brow tutorial I'm about to do this off camera okay so since my brows are done trust me y'all I can't see so I had to go up close to do my eyebrows I used that to the prime my eyes before I put my eyeshadow on [Music] like I just set my lid [Music] and then I'll just get the lights of my beauty blender and I just put it all over my face [Music]

I already use a white powder I really don't like white powders I like yellow powders because I am a yellow bum Hey [Music] you see how it like matches perfectly to my skintone it ain't too bright is not the same exact color as my skin song think I've got this beauty blender from Walmart it's not from Walmart from the beauty supply store [Music] pushing my hair out the way don't need so much cuz you only trying to look like no ghost okay [Music] [Music] so as you guys can see I already did this I this is kind of like the general idea of what I was trying to go for it's kind of simple kind of bold but not too late I added the black on the back so I can avoid using eyeliner when I put my lashes on but I'm just gonna go ahead and show you guys how I did this look [Music] but I start like with very little product and then that's why I build up so it can be - how I want it to be [Music]

[Music] a focus on the outside [Music] translucent powder I still feel like it makes me look kind of ghost looking so that's whenever I would go in with my pressed powder [Music] it's so gorgeous [Music] matter of fact you go ahead put some Jesus Oh lips is dry okay [Music] I want to put so much messier on because even though you're putting on the falsies mascara you still needs to put on the false eyelashes okay [Music] [Music] so now that that's done I'm gonna go to my falsies and I think I already know which I'll ask yourself these are the beauty supply lot lashes I always get I really actually really really love these lashes yes this is my eyelash glue I used the duo brush on adhesive so I'm just gonna pop these on that be right back with shelf now the pencil I used is wet and wow it's a gel lip liner almost like a

crayon and it's in the color red the scene so 656 B then I'm gonna go in with my super stay 24 color Maybelline this is pretty much the whole makeup look now I'm gonna kind of like do my hair and I'm gonna come back to you guys with the full finished product okay I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you like this video make sure you give it a thumbs up making sure you subscribe while you're down there and if you really really like this look like the way it came out make sure you share this I'm gonna put my social social media down below as well but oh also make sure you hit that notification bill so you become a part of the Donna me gang you know we out here trying to take you one step at a time to become to the top you know what I mean and it's gonna be nothing but you guys who would help me get me there so I really appreciate you guys taking the time watching this video I really hope you guys enjoy this video and I really hope you guys really enjoy the look we're gonna try something um no