21 December 2018

[Edited] 2018 Wishtrend Beauty Awards | Top 5 Korean Skin Care Products | Wishtrenders, We Got You!

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20v it Joe sister Eunice in the house and it's your sister kitty the hag 20:18 wished Reds most loved products wish red award so we're gonna be sharing you gotta sharing with you guys the most loved products of this year and there are special benefits prepared alongside get this guy's 15% off all featured products that we are mentioning today plus a mini Christmas gift set you guys yes this is a really cute set okay let's show them okay okay Mandela quater mini and then we got the mugwort mini right the Claire's toner mini and the Claire's vitamin E mask mini all of this with any purchase of the products that we mentioned today well today we're gonna be talking about the five most popular trends that was here for Western TV 2018 we asked you guys what your favorite product but wishtrend is so our guest is gonna help us you invite her ya guys iris is our lovely new one of our lovely new hosts and she's gonna introduce herself to you guys watching the live and I heard rely right hello first trend our topic is most liked on Instagram it is a Hilaire supple preparation facial this is what we talked about already with Kate this has a lot of good formula

with essential oils in that and this is very very hydrating and after your cleansing step you're just gonna slap this on and with its low pH it's gonna really help you hydrate your skin so this is something that every single one of the Westerners probably have tried so as the winner said it is the supple preparation unscented toner now this is a great toner for those that have oily to combination spray because the texture is a little bit lighter than the original toner the consistency right and it has a very quick absorption rate so if you want something that absorbs really quickly onto the skin this is a great toner and if you have sensitive don't worry we got you this is free of essential oil so that means it's not gonna irritate your skin and it is transparent like this bottle I really so the first preview for the Claire sample preparation facial toner it's this one right yes yeah first name is first name and last name is last name yeah yeah very creative man oh yeah Claire supple preparation facial toner literally saved my face my skin is super sensitive and this toter made my face so

radiant and it didn't cause any breakouts mmm okay nice and then bottle up the supple preparation unscented toner arrived yesterday and I was very excited to test it out this toner has no distinct smell and I was surprised at how light and natural it felt on my skin it has no tingling sensation and its consistency is a little thicker than water I applied it last night along with a sleeping mask and my skin felt so soft in the morning I was surprised and was wondering if we can always felt like that wow I mean it's one of those products that you try and you can feel like an immediate difference right right so you guys try one of these you guys will see like why difference oh yeah perfect what's most talked about on YouTube I'm really curious cuz a really good a swatch tell me yeah definitely definitely I'm gonna open the packaging cuz it's also really pretty and should we show with the texture because I don't think we didn't show the pictures for this really nice okay help me describe what this texture feels like okay well I yeah clear like watery jelly watery this Sarah for me personally I'm not a huge fan of the texture wise because when you

first feel it it feels a little bit oily however you see the effects of it and you love it so much like I've never liked the vitamin serum before but this is one of my favorite vitamin C serums it's so mild and it has five percents korvac acid and I love how in the beginning it feels like personally for me it I really don't like the texture yeah little sticky little oily but it does absorb into yours if you're dealing with post acne hyperpigmentation sunspots or if you're just constantly outside with all the UV exposure this is a great way to treat your skin and I recommend this of using this at night because it is vitamin C that's true this is your daytime make sure to protect your skin by using sunblock yeah and recently it was it won an award at 2018 Beauty 105 yeah that's right yeah sure Mobile e this product is loved like globally it's not just you know I feel nice cool right how good it right guys okay ELISA van said one of my faves is the Claire's freshly juiced vitamin drop it was so helpful too for brightening my skin tone and fading my acne scar it was a great product for vitamin C newbies all righty halfway

through my second bottle tea I don't think I've ever seen anyone that doesn't like this product yeah like so it's really low a lot of people are third trend is wishtrend staffs hot pick yes you know the staffs they're like the closest people and they know like everything that's going around with the products it's by which Reds mandelic 5% skin prep water and alright so no acid is a component that's derived from almonds and almonds is a great exfoliator it's a type of AJ acid that has larger like part molecular size the elec Euler size meaning that it's a little bit more gentle right other agents that are in the market and so it's a great way to gently exfoliate the skin without like having it to be too abrasive yeah and it also breaks down keratinocytes which keratinocytes holds the dead skin cells in your skin but this will melt away all the dead skin cells meaning it will increase your cellular turnover right removing the dead skin cells and helping you to achieve overall brighter complexion yeah so we recommend using this in the evening with like a little cotton swab just wipe it on your face and you'll

wake up with smoother skin it's like a commercial main water whoa like that it's like total water yeah so oh itself charades again well like it smells like it's just very light that's not very neutral like you're like yeah like is there something it's like you're smelling water and it's like I know it smells like something like smells good it smells good okay so the review yeah okay again we have a very interesting name first name last name wishtrend mandelic acid 5% skin print water changed my skin for the better I used to have a lot of bumps all over my face but after using it my bumps are almost completely gone and I've only been using it for a month there we go there we go okay that's some progress there yeah these small bumps they probably mean like the whiteheads on their fourth trend is what's new rikki-tikki 18 what do you think is the biggest new product of 2018 da da da it is a by which trend polyphenol and propolis 50% ample guys I'm gonna go up a little bit front it's really really commonly a well known and really loved by other people and it's a strong antioxidant so it's gonna help with

anti-aging as well and I'm gonna show you the texture look at this look at this beautiful texture so when you go into a thought it feels really nice and it soaks into your skin and one thing that like surprised me the most though is because this by the like the texture how it looks I'm like dude I can't put this on I have acne prone skin but this is actually really really good for acne prone skin it works great under makeup it works great at nighttime and I just I think people are gonna love this so much and it's okay for sensitive skins to use or any skin types us looking for a really good product to hydrate your skin as well to target your acne so definitely check this out Angelica n said you've done it again which end I've been using this product for three days okay so three days and I already see a difference my skin looks and feels plump brighter and smoother oh so it has helped keep my hormonal acne on a check with his anti-inflammatory properties I will continue using this product and repurchase so finally what is the holy grail of 2018 it is the eye from mugwort sn1 my heart over for 2018 for sure

before it was the clear simple preparation facial toner but I have to choose one I think it will be their one and let me just show you the texture of it I really love how it feels so it feels like it's very controlled so you don't have to like work at it yeah so it's really really great it smells I really like me I want to get her and this has a 1% sook which is mugwort yeah and we actually in Korea we eat this we me it's good it's good I love soup I love it with love words yes called the tea tree of like Korean tea tree so it's really great for acne prone skin a lot of people who have tried this actually have mentioned that it has helped them tremendously what they're having it's very very hydrating it's very mild so this is a toner that fits all skin types all skin conditions as well you know I think if you are looking for something to really hydrate your skin and that's really mild your this is something that you definitely want to check out nina w said my favorite essence of all times as a person prone to acne and minor breakouts it is amazing it hydrates and helps with the healing and calming of my acne and

breakouts or popped pimples reducing possible acne scars perfect so it's the mandelic acid the clears toner the mugwort masks were mine from and Claire's vitamin E perfect how was it stay for you well I'm so glad I got to learn new products and the most popular famous products right because again I was a newbie I was a new wish gender but I kind of feel like a pro now yeah like I'm shy now I'm on the same page guys though I feel you guys all goodbye to our 2008 here Western Beauty Awards and it goes on live on the 21st of December okay CST so thank you guys so much and we'll see you guys next time [Music] you