04 July 2011

(DIY)How to Do Pink Nail Tips


okay you guys I'm pretty much a going to

show you guys how I get my white tip if you guys are wondering what i am doing i made my paint tip i'm using my petites and this one is called pretty and pink I do not apply my acrylic i do go get my nails acrylic put on and I just pretty much just play with the colors that I have um if you guys want to see a video of my nail polish collection please stay tuned but i'm just going to show you what i do first thing first i put some china gillies cuticle oil all over my cuticles on this one is the peppermint cuticle oil i don't know if you guys can read that it may show up because it's so clear but no you probably won't be a see it because it's clear bottle but it is china glaze cute audience of peppermint kind and i put it all over my cuticles before i start then what i'm going to do is just have fun a little bit i put like one coat of this on here let it dry and now i'm going to start with a another coat for my other nail and i want to start with my index finger i'm just going to show you guys how I apply it and if you guys can see it it's kind of hard to do it this way versus doing it the other way but I just take my time around the edges and this is I guess

this can be I how to video how to apply color chip on nail and that's pretty much how you get it and you just let it dry take your time don't rush i'm more better with my right hand in my left hand i will show you on my pinky finger just take it and just go like this go to the edge and then drop it down right here just like this go to the edge of the nail where you see the tippet and just drop it down and if you get up a little higher don't matter go around that's fine and that's how you get your pink tip now i'm going to do my thumb which is another hard one because that means i have to be flexible now the one thing when you have acrylic on your nail you do not have to UM you don't have to put a clear coat on there I use orally top to bottom clear coat but you don't necessarily have to have a clear coat on top of it oops I'm sorry I'm way off the camera and you don't necessarily have to have on a top and bottom coat with the critical with the cuticle with acrylic nails and I just kind of blend it out like that and now I'm going to take my other nails these two right here my ring finger and my middle finger I'm going to take another paint take some more the

pink and apply as need it because only put one coat on this if you guys are not looking for no real crazy looking nails I highly recommend this color cuz this color is a real soft pink it's not nothing too flashy not nothing too out there I'm the one thing I would have to say I like about the cheats and one thing one will say the one thing i don't like about this particular brand I don't like the nail polish brush it's so small you guys can see that that means you have you don't have a big wide area to do your nails from I'm like most nail polish brush is like orally china glaze and I guess maybe because it's called petites but I would like to have more coverage on that nail and this is pretty much how you get a color tip on your nails let this dry and I will be right back you