20 December 2018

"DAY PARTY MAKEUP LOOK" ಇನ್ ಕನ್ನಡ tutorial 1

Hellow friends welcome back to my channel Today iam going to make a video on day party makeup look It's very simple makeup look Soo let's start Products ...


[Music] [Music] so friends my new gimmick on atoll condominium o-cana toured in under a new moisturizer cream not a manly Nivea softer moisturizer cream apply martha's I mean until dry skin Nagi Road Renta yeah are they dry skin you drew CUDA you want to moisturizer not a play mat lab echo into oily skin you dream even the method nurse skipped muddy dry skin game moisturizer to money our Shikata so friends none in tannin tirana no primer no play martini annuda beauty company do primer now apply method any primer apply moderate Rinda in my face a limited noisily don't oppose close mother do kim money help my data so how can you make up erotic into moon shape prime marina a primer apply money in a primer and t'lani me a mr. Bhagat went to her be rape company products to new put a primer now use more poodle so friends now neck still elect me invisible finish foundation and I use martini II threw shade Windows 0-1 and shade so nimma face key suitable tejani mama face cache suta want a shade nan you market early Oogie by muddy leave others to market a lily a

foundation to buy muddy because in skin tone game a Chauhan thefor nation - Bonnie mocha so friends next nano Beauty Blender sponge in a tub running tag he just targeted matter in a stain and justice club part isla de Haan again in my face k look at him nearly dougie cover mark : he windows spongy Lantern if you blush coulda used mark Budo so friends next to none none Wheatley FC concealers NIU's Martha Heaney and undo dark circles well PI there so hug again and concealer al Haq tahini matter blush shader brush but I use my body responds Lu smart Putin and swell pyro tenon and karela have company concealer to bamaca under-eye circles so next turn unwielding Leck mich was powder and I use martini with the sunscreen II they even do collect me product money Chennai green and Foundation who IUD with Marta and Rose powder do Quran didn't they use mahogany Justin and Lee cannot highlight matatini because now with a little concealer happy Road Rinda I'll get the car chances are at them so Halloween II just II icicles on at the pigmentations Eldorado Harley's are pads to concentrate muddy ant ahead of the

Krishna botany so next anomaly FC car gel apply mahogany FC causal waterproof Corchado to money long-lasting algorithm even Nunnally blush will use Montagna cheek a small blush of ricotta's para la da la da hogtied any darker gray Hawk Tyler so an externally I Sharon apply my third inning and the in through blackboard a black with solid posh ining but a tenon I wonder now fill me like I have planted near Duke or nigga know even to party where how the road Rinda a black light blue color I shared on in there just getting all you want to throw each other kind of man I use my thirst hunger play it again and hot tablet murder cut rock Tyla try black with the blue with that but you know cannot there so I should have come to target an externally 36h comes number we do not know I didn't apply my daddy named Elena and super-dark apply my bad knee it's a peptic kaga damn you because Athena could how come you do but think I'll get too much on account of them note I did a LAN Evo to Bachchan Akhenaten and 36h wardrobe so friends next in a new Dazzler external mass karana you smart agony he must care too

much in anger there - Michaels channel were up there so friends next to none o you de beauty - matte lip lock lip gloss now apply Matheny the therapy shady there to watch an angular shader north I'd rather you do 24 hours matte lipstick lip shape non entirely not curry too much an aperitivo how could how code from a lady panda lipstick now so friends next una new chick cross snap limit that me no no normal low I share up a little bundle on Taha cheek was not a primer tetany Sebastian I get a tow so guys next to 1980s company to eyebrow pencil - man Bethany I propensity to but channel butter shaped too much Anna call it the shape so friends next tune a new alias company do i broken selena lemon tahini radius company do too much energy there know the eyebrow pencil narrative drama the corners could run on tour sydney so finally gonna know do a beauty to makeup setting spray use mahogany too much and I get that my affordable price coulda done my last final look towards winning money so friends we don't wanna make up the final look he get a note title on Eva so none finer look he doe

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