05 April 2018

[BEAUTY TALK] BEST Makeup Remover! Clean it Zero Banila Co.

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hey everybody welcome back to my channel so today I am going to do another review video off another product in what Prada mi reviewing its dist the buttonhole dot clean it zero the makeup remover recommend for all skin types so I very getting to another so let's look what is inside this box so inside the box they have this that canons how makeup remover and also this very cute scoop today I'm gonna show you how I remove my makeup and show you the beautiful side of me alright as you can see I have tied up my hair come believe I'm doing this if you can see I am with full makeup I'm with mascara and I have the eyebrows on my shadows I have blushes I make lipstick and yeah I have full cushion foundation on my face first off you're going to like remove the cover of course and then with this mighty tiny spoon just school okay then apply it on your palm then what you want to do is to like see become already okay then you start to like rub it over your face like there's no tomorrow [Music] okay and then just wrap off your brows no eyebrows like that anyway for now anyway um okay okay don't stare and

using these concentrations okay okay and everything is very right let's get oil on your console right a needle okay next I wanna do is to add a rights issue if you vote you can choose to watch it me work on that right you to do is to get a rec to show to like already I got the news is coming off other impurities right off of your Oreos the penis on your face next the second register is for the I'll even write you thought about to show to me from triangle you start to like clean your eyes turns me okay that is just insured or anybody hungry yes honestly losing get on me bad money no makeup forgot um for the ice time you have to use extra outfit to like clean I'm okay render again makes again the ice okay you're gonna move on with your needs so just sit on the other side boom you wanna do Rainie Patti well you're looking look there's no an exam sure yeah please clean and then you move to your skincare routine in terms of the solution I think it's really nice it doesn't make my skin feels this not comfortable or anything after I wash my face everything it feels really good

although I need to use like wet tissue to clean to clean up my eyes especially I think it's okay because I save a lot of cotton because I use a lot of cotton if I were to remove my makeup like one by one if you want to purchase this product you can purchase it at the link down below in my description box and yeah do let me know in the comment box below what is the next product or what are the things or the food that you want me to do a review and I'll do it for you anyway thank you for watching remember to subscribe if you haven't do so that's all for today and I shall see you in my next video may the Lord bless you [Music]