08 April 2019


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Samantha speech and welcome back to my channel my channel hey sweetie squad what's up happy Monday yes this is Samantha sweet filming on a Monday I told you guys I would I told you I'm gonna start getting out more material for you guys and hey I couldn't believe what came in the mail today so let's go ahead and clarify this real quick if you guys don't know before we get into this video what's up I'm Samantha sweets please make sure you hit that subscribe button below give it a click right here ring-a-ding-ding that bell so you're notified on my post notifications I am doing a giveaway very very soon so you're not gonna want to miss it also if you like me let me give this video a big thumbs up now let's go ahead and get into this video uh yeah my hair is a little funky dunky today it was a very rough day at work I'm talking rough okay your girl had a rose gold look kind of going on and right now I'm gonna make it was just like a hot mess and I really don't care and my drink is behind me and yes let me just go ahead tell you this now I've not had a beer in like two weeks three weeks

or something I've been trying to get away from beer cuz you girls been trying to work out and I chugged a beer this tall when I got off work this tall because I had such a stressful day so this video let me get on the camera let me go ahead and vlog for you guys and I couldn't believe what came in the mail so this video without further ado is about that babe box babe bucks by follicle let me go ahead and tell you this now I've not opened my box my boxes right here do you see how fucking small it is this fucking thing is originally 40 damn dollars they have a special going on right now that if you go ahead and sign up you get your first baby box free free okay and just pay the shipping your hand which is like 595 I went ahead and did that because I wanted to review it and I want to see if it was a good subscription service the rest of the month is 40 the box on the video and on the Wendy Williams Show and on The Ellen Show and on the Bravo channel and on QVC and all these channels the babe box is supposedly bomb.com okay the box is like oh there a box in front of you but the box is like fat and wide and big and pretty much kind of

like a Oh a box like um um kind of colour-pop where am i colour-pop box is that one with nice little thickness to it in fact and everything not that small damn rectangle okay and then it's supposedly they show you what you're getting I'm supposed to have two full-size glitters two lip glosses I startled palette and a blush and a brush okay supposedly do you see that fan in here do you so I reached out because I've heard reviews I've not actually seen an unboxing because I wanted to see it for myself I ordered this thing like two months ago I know this thing like at the end of February okay and it's just coming to me so uh questions asked and then on top of it I kept saying I don't want it I don't want it I cancel I don't want it we don't keep the 595 do I cancel my subscription I'm done they reached out to me and said oh well we're already sending you the box which was like a month and a half ago so y'all could've been cancelled or we're sending you the box and um you're gonna have to pay $40 the next month and then you can cancel I say excuse me so I've now told them I've

got my lawyers involved assume I am a youtuber and I'm going to destroy your nameday box I'm going to wreck it in a thousand pieces so you better give me my refund and what's so funny is is that I reached out to them on Friday because I got an email and it said something like your big box is on the way and I'm like I don't fucking want it and I better not get charged for next month because if I'm paying fucking $40 for this piece of shit right here I'll be damned so y'all better not charging baby box I'm going to link you I'm going to tag you you better see this video y'all motherfuckers better not charge me let's get into this damn box I'm sad I'm ready let's go so I said hey babe I'm finally home and it says babe box by follicle what the hell ever I don't know follicle is so we're gonna go ahead and open it what else is coming from Wow my neck of the woods Deerfield Beach Florida what are the odds stuff you open it right here opens like this with this little mini dandy box it says welcome to big box we're here to introduce you to the new beauty products you will love every month we will curate

the stuff I've to send you five to six amazing full-size products full-size really picked up by the world's biggest beauty bloggers excited us to love the baby box team big box how about bullshit box that's what I like okay so supposedly this is everything that's in my box all right here okay so let's go ahead and get into it I do like today include the prices it says my total box value is a hundred and two dollars I'm looking down right now let me show you my four products one two three and four and we all know that you can get this from fucking wish for $0.99 so bitch please let's go ahead and get into this one the mermaid fishtail shaped brush bear claiming is eleven dollars I'll let first of all I have a full-sized a mermaid brush okay and this right here this this this right here is eleven dollars this right here this piece of shit fucking plastic with this brush get the fuck out of here I'm sorry I'm so like ba-ba-ba-ba-bom but I don't like when people take my money too I work hard for the next bullshit product is a matte lip crayon so this is nothing

like what I saw I saw two full-sized glitters a pallet all brush and two lip glosses and I'm seeing bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit so let's go ahead and get into this this is a matte lip crayon in the color Del Rio I swear to god y'all charge me I'm coming I'm coming for blood just know y'all can't bullshit a bullshitter and I knew it I knew this was a fucking scam my sweetie squad my subscribers do not sign up for big box and if you did I apologize please don't do it I'm not even linking y'all motherfuckers y'all will not get a link in this video I'm sorry so it's eight matte lip crayon really so this matte lip crayon supposedly is $12 I think I could see this at the Dollar Tree I don't even wear fucking lip creams so is it is okay next is a volumizing balm lashes mascara okay $40 $40 a month for this are you crazy when you can do betting fabfitfun get real products real good stuff and yeah or um or you been um freaking boxycharm for $40 so here it is follicle mascara has like rose gold writing right here it says BOM lashes Volume Mascara here's the one right here

very fat very fluffy and this retails supposedly for $25 okay here's my eyeshadow palette so this follicle ultimate eyeshadow palette shimmer 10 color palette for $19 I think y'all bitches just don't prices on here wait i person but when you mess with my money my son's money the minuses okay that's when we got problems that's where you finna see some some some some ghetto Samantha sweets come out okay here it is right here says follicle across it is um I don't know plastic I guess or whatever and these little tiny piece a shit squares I can't get my damn finger in here to swatch for you guys oh my god what the fuck you're not charge me y'all better not charge me these this is something you can find that damn night or even wish don't fuckin charge me I'm trying to y'all charge me we're gonna fight so there it is swipe to cross my fingers not very pigmented it's not very cakey though I'm not a lot of Fallout but again not very pigmented and those little tiny squares who could frickin do really a swatch anyways so very disappointed in that then again

this whole box is disappointing and then the last product is oh okay a Korean face enriched vitamin C a hollowed your hyaluronic acid mask $35 are you crazy $35 for a fucking sheet mask are you insane Oh clear tender as ever 15 minutes poor invisible mass rapidly hides pores by hole mer are you insane $35 for a mask and then a bunch of confetti fucking shreds of paper like are you serious are you kidding me y'all is a fucking joke okay and I'm so glad that I was able to get this up this thing is not worth snow of $40 this thing is not you worth no value of 102 dollars all you did was throw in some stuff that you guys have born in a box beauty heroes picked this my ass okay no fucking beauty guru will pick this ugly-ass non pigmented eyeshadow palette and Alec cran who wears those like I was in sixth grade okay no I'm sorry and then you're really gonna sit here and say that this is $35 not even a motherfucking Tasha a tatcha face mask is $35 it's not even 20 it's $12 bitch and I so this is a joke this is the whole

fucking box is a joke I'm coming for you baby box I'm coming for you I'm tagging you in everything Instagram snapchat Facebook fucking Twitter I'm coming for you I will end your company throw me on there throw me eyes the freaking bitchy youtuber throw me throw me throw me throw me cuz I can guarantee you that everybody's gonna back my ass up for you playing these people taking their money and I hate that I hate people that use people so back on a sweetie note well just a smidge me out but yeah baby box is a joke $40 my asshole um but uh yeah y'all will get another email from me so look out watch my video take notes and cancel your subscription or lower the motherfucking price cuz don't nobody want this shit not gonna $40 okay maybe five I'll give you that $5 if that maybe you get lucky get eight oh my god order my target box today all right on that note guys I'm Samantha sweets please make sure you hit that subscribe button below cuz why wouldn't you you have to deal with me and give this video a big thumbs up if you liked it and turn your post interpretations I've hit that bell ringing ding ding ding a ling a ling that Bell I told you I was drinking just

a little just a little but anyways guys as always stay beautiful stay blessed I'm your girl Samantha sweets I love y'all bye