20 December 2018

Yubi 101: How to Apply Concealer with your Blend Sponge

Applying concealer is a breeze with your Yubi Blend Sponge. In this video I will show you exactly how I do it, using gentle dabbing, tapping motions. The Blend ...

hi guys some of you have asked how to

apply concealer using your UV brush I'm gonna show you how to do that today and how to get just a little bit of under-eye glow using three products your concealer your UB sponge and a little bit of setting powder let's go now I don't tend to like a lot of crazy highlight under the eye I like my face to look more or less natural so I don't go super bright on my concealer for me I use today I'll be using the NARS radiant creamy concealer which you can see I'll give you a little swatch kind of against my skin so you can see how bright it is right and there it is that's about as light as I tend to go again because I don't like a lot of brightness feel free to go much brighter this is I'd say maybe two or three shades lighter than my skin tone so I'm gonna take the wand and the secret here is in how you apply it right I think we've all learned kind of the semicircle under the eyes but if you want some glow you'll go and actually create not a semicircle but a triangle under your eye and it looks a little bit like this go into a mirror can you start on the inner corner and you paint down so that the tip of your

triangle is pretty much in line with the center of your eye I'm gonna use some more and paint the other side and then I'm gonna kind of just fill it in gently I like to leave a little bit of space between my eye and where the concealer starts you can see forgive my nails but you can see there's a little bit of space there and that's because I like to have a little bit of shadow under my eye because it makes your eyes look bigger if you pull the concealer all the way up to like the bottom of your lashes your eyes are gonna look really tight and small and nobody nobody wants that so I'm done one side will quickly do the other side before the first side dries and I end up looking crazy again the tip goes kind of right there again in line with the middle of your eye okay now I've applied my under-eye concealer for highlight purposes if you want a full look which sometimes I do you can apply more concealer kind of right here to your Cupid's bow a little bit around your lips to your chin to the top of your forehead right in the center and then along the bridge of your nose that's more if you're looking for some intense contouring and you were trying

really to manipulate the light which I personally don't like to do and just kind of in everyday but when I'm going out yes so we'll do that we'll do that sort of advanced step another day but for now we've applied our concealer now it's time to blend it out to do this I'm going to use my UV blend sponge you can use the brush I find the sponge is a little bit easier for this purpose it's super soft and once you get it nice and wet you'll see how wet my sponges right now right I can actually squeeze water out of it that's maybe a little too much water but you want to make sure that your sponge is wet and that gives you maximum blending capacity with your sponge and helps you blend out this concealer which now has gotten a little bit tacky because I'm talking too much so gently take your sponge pad it under the eye too lend out the concealer and it looks a little something like this the other benefit of using a sponge is that it picks up excess product and positives it where it where it needs to go so if you have people applied it a little bit unevenly it'll kind of pick up from heavy places and put it down in

those sort of light application areas so then it becomes more even and uniform okay blended that side out and now I'm gonna go on this side and do the same you can see just gentle and easy and there you have it so the products is a blend it out we have used a creamy creamy concealer which means that if you touch your face or you you you know brush your face against your clothes or a jacket or something like that it is probably going to smear it'll get all over the place all over to prevent that and to make sure that the product gets locked in and lasts all day we need to use a nice translucent setting powder that's what this is for you can obviously go without the setting powder and I've done it I usually regret it but the setting powder will keep it looking good and locked in all day so you see in the cap of my setting powder there I have added oh gosh my nails my nails are a disaster right now anyway but I have added just a little bit of setting powder there and I'm going to take again my same UV blend sponge without changing it without drying it or cleaning it just as it is and I'm going to tap the tip of that sponge right into the product

alright so you see just right there blow off the excess and go ahead and just gently press it over the concealer so that you can lock the product in and don't worry if you have a little bit of that's there that's fine we will take care of that in our next JEP alright so I pressed it in there on top of the concealer I'm going back in again I'm not cleaning it I'm not changing it I'm not switching it nothing same to we'll dip it right back into the cap right into the powder and then press on the other side gently and I did I did a pretty good job on the first side on the second side I might have used a little bit much you can see it there right so what I'm gonna do to clean this up is I'm going to switch from my blend sponge to buff brush right here switch it out snap it in slide it on and I'm just going to gently brush away any excess powder that's still sitting there on my face so that I don't look entirely crazy and again this side I had a little bit more so I'm just gonna sweep and brush it and there you have it and that's it it's that simple just a few steps to get a brightness under the eye so you can look alive look alive

super simple to do obviously at home as you're getting ready for your day and chasing the kids around and answering emails or right after the gym or after work on your way out to happy hour hope you enjoyed this Tuesday tip and hope it provided you some useful information see ya