05 December 2017

Worlds BEST CHEAP Makeup! $60 Eyeshadow Palettes For $10!! (Haul Video)

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I have $500 worth of inexpensive makeup

that I want to share with you guys and you will not believe I mean do you see this what is in this box my whole face was done with products that are ugly dupes - the more expensive tablets it is just amazing so today I wanted to do an affordable makeup haul I recently got the community tab on my channel and I asked you guys what kind of makeup haul you wanted to see so I thought why not do a full video dedicated to affordable makeup dupes this video is different from any duplicate makeup video because I'm sharing products that are complete matches to a lot of high-end makeup items that cost you over $40.00 I'm going to be raving about these products I have did my full face using some of the products and I'm very shook right now like I'm impressed and I just had to share them with you because a lot of you love affordable stuff I will be sure to link everything below this video in the description box also if you're new to my channel don't forget to subscribe I do makeup and hair videos here I am Marie I hope you will join my YouTube family there's a lot of duplicate makeups out there and as you guys know there was a lot of dupes - the Kylie cosmetics

makeup and a lot of that stuff was not safe on products my eBay or different things are not safe these particular products that I'm sharing today's video are 100% safe there's not harmful ingredients to me now just like most cheap products or affordable products that are not high-end you will have some that are flaw and some that are really good but the majority of the products in today's video are really really good that's the reason why I chose to share them with you give this video a thumbs up I will be sure to bring you guys more of these videos like this so that we can get you guys looking good for affordable price I'm gonna start with everything that I use on my face so I did a review for the huda beauty this is a desert dust palette and who the beauty is an amazing company they produce the most beautiful I shadow ever like I love them their products and I feel like even though some of their palates were in between 20 to 60 dollars sometimes the even a sixty dollar palates are really really good and this is one of my favorite from who the beauty and you may be thinking okay there's nothing that compares the hula

beauty and you might be right all of these products today comes from hush saw the palette I want to share with you guys that is a complete dupe and I will put prices it will pop out right here on the side of me um this one is called the Athena bad habit 18 color eyeshadow palette who the beauty comes with 18 shadows awesome and these are the Athena shadows and as you can see they are so similar now what I did notice about the Athena palette is that the colors are almost the same as the huda beauty except for they organized them differently but I use this palette right here to create the shadows on my eyes I'm going to come in so you guys can see I wasn't so shocked to see how good it was when I went to apply the shadows now don't get me wrong I feel like who the beauty their shadows are more creamier these are Athena colors here starting here and going up those are Athena and then starting here going up those are the huda beauty one of you asked me about doing a duplicate for a more affordable product to the laura mercier translucent powder now I did not get one of those but if you guys are in love

with the Ben Nye banana powder or the Sascha you're going to love this so I use this to set underneath my eyes and around my face today and I was so impressed because this is so good this is the HD flawless setting powder by Absolut New York it is the brightening banana powder it comes in several different colors so this is one of the options see it's a nice tube you get a nice amount in there and the actual powder itself has that yellowish tint to it which is just like the Ben Nye banana powder I'm in love with this like this works so good to set my face they did not leave an ashy tone it did not leave anything that I don't like when I'm looking for a good setting powder it comes in three other colors also a lot of these products I don't know the duplicates to them but I know that I've seen it around so you guys can let me know what duplicates these products mimic cuz right here is the j-cap beauty all about that base eyeshadow primer oh this primer is amazing I use it today before I applied these shadows this one is in a new color I believe it comes in new and white it takes the color from door to vibrant this works so good I

really do like you so on my lips I am wearing because a lot of you always ask me what color lipsticks I'm wearing I'm excited to share this one this one right here is the first color I have one in spot-clean color looks like this now this reminded me so much of the NYX lip lingerie here's the tooth for the NYX lip lingerie and then here the tube for this one so I'm wearing this one on my lip as a liner and the color and how it's really pretty very very intense in color is not one of those cheap colors that's not going to show up in the center of my lips I'm wearing these colors by santé I believe just the way pronounce it but they are wine looking bottles and I have several colors here and the colors I have wine color number one they don't really have a name to it you can see that's the color right over here it's like a new dish pink so here are all the colors this one right here is really pretty that's the color number six also for my face if you guys are loving my contour that's going on my highlight that I have going on around my face so new bronzer that everyone is going crazy about this one right here it's called Honolulu

this is w7 also this is not tested on animals it comes with this little applicator brush and then the color looks like this and I use this today on my face and I was so impressed with how pigmented it was for the price that it is okay so for my highlight today I'm using the angel glow this by beauty creations and I know this is a dupe to something just don't know what it is but the ingredients in here are little it's not a lot of ingredients in it this is how the packaging looks the packaging is really really pretty it slides out like this and this is also cruelty free so most of these products are cruelty free and this is how the actual palette looks it comes with 4 highlight colors and also a mirror I'm wearing on my face today this one and this color and they are so good now the hardest thing to find in a more affordable price range is eyeliner and mascara but I found this one by also by beauty creations and it is their gel eyeliner it comes in a pot and also it comes with a little brush this one's very affordable it just is so can I use it on my eyes today and let me just say is so creamy it smooth without any light clumpiness I did not have like

little blotches of color missing in spots the black was just really good there you go that's how the black looks very intense I use the absolute lashes and this reminds me of I think it's a benefits mascara so this one I use on my lashes and the one is really nice I love the way it separated my lashes it also had like this little tip on it at the end alright so I have two highlighter kits here this is the Oasis highlighter kit it you get four highlighters and this one which looks like this this one comes with the more brighter highlight or yellowish tone and then you have the two colors here so it's actually darker and they're different but they're almost the same there you go they're not too intense but they are really pretty in color I have some more of those lip colors and these are really really good I have not tried out these yet but judging by the one I have on my lips I know that these are gonna be really good these are the clean colors so here are the swatches for those four colors I also have this lip sting and it is intense color plumping gloss and this one actually has color to it alright so this I also have lip eyeliners these two

I have not tried yet but this is the mellow jail by clean colors waterproof 12-hour wear pencil and then this one is the matte waterproof 12 hour so here are two more pallets and these are from Oakland I think I'm pronouncing that right Oakland sill or and this their matte eyeshadow palette this one is the shine easy glam and as you see one has the darker smokey colors and the other one has some more warm tone every day and both of these palettes have names for the shadows I'm not gonna swatch anymore because we will be here all day this palette right here is called Oakland or Oakland natural color palette and it shows all of the colors on the back of the palette or what comes in here Paris tower and also has like the New York Statue of Liberty reminds me the Too Faced cosmetics chocolate palettes this one also reminds me of the Too Faced this one is called sugar it reminds me that peach palette a little bit really pretty the packaging is really nice and this one comes with 18 I shadow this one is called the bad habit and Ferno palette open it up it has the shadows and also a mirror and this one

is called retro love it's also my bad habits this is beautiful packaging blue packaging this one comes with 14 colors and really gorgeous like the packaging for these are really really nice this one is called the raw riyals really pretty again it has the gold letters and this is also by bad habit and it looks like that this palette right here is a highlighting shimmer trio and in this car rude and it comes with three highlight colors you know on back it says makeup with attitude and then the last palette is this one here it's really really gorgeous this one comes with 30 eyeshadows and it's called the bad habit Midsummer Night's I shadow collection palette looks a lot of neutrals you got your darker colors over here also offer brushes on the website too this vamp random brush then it comes with several this one right here is my absolute favorite of the packaging on this one it's by Beauty creations like a diamond Tim T's brush set it comes with this gorgeous bag to keep your brushes in and inside you have your brushes right bet which kind of reminds me of Sigma brushes morphe brushes now this

right here caught my attention this is the Cara dip brow of jail so we all know who that mimics and I got it in dark brown as you see the tube is about the same almost has the same detail and everything and the jar size is the same and this one right here is in dark brown and I also I'm going to be trying out in another video these silicone bungees as you guys know a lot of people been testing these out so I haven't got a chance to test it out yet but you use these to apply your foundations and it's made of silicone and supposed to be just as good as a Beauty Blender this is a silicone so that is everything let me know what you guys think about this if you guys want more affordable makeup hauls like this definitely let me know I thought this will be helpful to kind of share everything that's on hush comm their website is so convenience if I'm not gonna hold you guys any longer give this video a thumbs up thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you back for the video very soon