22 March 2019

Work Makeup | Shady Cosmetics Lash Review

Hey lovelies! Just wanted to share my favorite makeup look that I wear most often to work! It's very simple and also glam with out being to glam. Also the lashes ...


okay what's up weirdo so today's makeup look is my absolute favorite makeup look I do this a lot I do work at Ulta so I try to go for something simple and I do got three kids so getting ready it's a struggle but this is about that super easy super super simple anybody could do it don't mind my head wrap my hair is in that awkward stage where you can't believe stylist so but if you want to see how I got this book [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so I wanted to jump on here and talk about these lashes so my friend Shay when she has her own lash company and these lashes when I say are amazing

they are amazing so this is what the box looks like so pretty she has a bunch of different styles and on her website so I will link her stuff down below or on the screen whichever one I feel was less lazy to do but when I ordered them yes I ordered them I paid for them myself I only got one right now but I'm gonna try to get the other is the box that it comes in pretty small if you order obviously more than I have you get a bigger box but pretty compact pretty good I think you can recycle this um but again here's the packaging and here is the lashes they are a little bit longer than this I already cut them because I wore them yesterday to work but they're really nice they're really pretty the band is really light so it's like you barely even have them on I hate really heavy lashes if they always seem to I can't wear them as long but this is the style nail me as you can see and they are just like they're so beautiful so I'm gonna put these on and I'll leave her information down below or on the screen ok so this is the finished look look how pretty these lashes are so gorgeous guys have to get you soon and I just actually just chucked on some

mascara on the bottom lash you know just so it looks so plain and then I put on birth Mac burnt spice the liquid lipstick the retro egg I think that's what it is um but yeah that's it hope you guys liked I hope you enjoyed please subscribe all that fun stuff thank you for watching [Music]