21 December 2018

Winter Makeup Look | 99kidsister

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what up everyone and welcome to this

video yeah and in this video as you can tell by the title I'm gonna be doing my winter makeup so I'm gonna go from this my Fanny Danny LED light it's like a new my makeup first when I do my makeup I always put on my clean and clear then after my clean and clear I will put on my face primer [Music] after my primer laughter my acne treatment and my primer is on I always I will then put on my fit my fit me concealer and this is in the pores the color porcelain which is 110 and on this I normally just go here on my chin my chin my cheeks my forehead and on my nose in the t-zone and then after that after that is like stabbed him with that the Beauty Blender I then what pot I'm I found at my forecastle my foundation which is also in porcelain 110 then after both of those are in I will take my New York color concealer and put it under my eyes here and it's under my eye right here just to give a bit of more definition room eyes [Music] [Music] [Music]

okay after I get all that on these spots are never disappeared from it oh well move on after I got an I will use my smooth skin loose face powder which is in seven for one a translucent then after that I will put on my I'll put on my cheek weld right here and on both sides my nose I will put in for a loose powder I use this this big brush that has that been clean as well but other than that I will use my bronzing face powder would I put on my cheekbones and run right here and this is in the color of 720 sunny and then after Pope and like I blends that right in so you can't even tell sorry really well then after that I put on my blush which I got in my advent calendar from last year if you have not seen that I'm gonna go back and check it not sure which day it was I got this here and with them and for my for the bronzer I'll use this one for my cheek this one for my nose and then this for blending there for my blush I use this this here one as you can tell the his bread on top then after that I start on my eyes and for that for when I started my eyes I always put on my um my eyelid the eyeshadow primer my eyelids

[Music] your soldiers [Music] it was Christmas Day [Music] [Music] after that I normally put on some lip balm just have my lips all nice and my simple Maya doesn't let my lipstick but then after that it's my sin of my eyes so first his eyebrows draw eyebrows I am currently using my Anastasia brow wick which is in the medium brown because my iron actually my color hair color is actually medium brown but my eyebrow my hair is lighter my brother all eyes are kind of my hair so I goes by my eyebrow color and then I have the eyebrow part the brow brush part of it broke so I uses this on my brows and then after I do that I use this the in my eyebrow set I uses the latest one which is in the middle here for to go on my eyes on my eyebrows but then after eyebrows after that I always a says I'm not gonna use it to me because I won't be hiding this afterwards I normally used my New York colors show time bro styling gel I'm not gonna use that tonight and ever that is one of my eyelids which it might hurt

normally run this one here I will use my metallic metallic eyeshadow or nope only I will use my Tarte eyeshadow which are normally uses the messy bun color which is a nice gold color I really like and then and then it's time for my eye my eyeliner this time of year I normally use sure we're just air too where is I'm trying to get festive I would use my liquid eyeliner you know we use it in my great sparkly green so I get a nice Sparkle line going across my eyelid and then I'm normally where my and I would normally use a black on the bottom or mmm right probably use that there also on the bottom eyelid and putting a little bit of white from this year the sparkly white right there on the crease in here just to give it a nice smart full of white and then for mascara I am currently I'm currently gonna use my fabulous miss mega rock [Music] inside of her she knows [Music] our soldiers she her soldiers come in who soldiers coming home

[Music] so after my eyes are done it's working on the lips part what I did last year when I do see my lips was I would put on the dark just dark red but this pink on top of it and stab blush blush on top like no not doing that this year that took too much time last you mind it so this year we're a lot simpler I'm doing a lot simpler time just doing doing a simple blue lip gloss and this one I just since my lips a bit of color and gives a bit of shine and there we go so hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to comment like and subscribe all my social media links in the description box below Fahmy owls and i will see you all next time with my next video peace out everyone [Music] [Music] you