27 November 2018


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hey honey come back with another makeup

look if you like this look don't forget to Like share comment and subscribe I decided to film this video in the bathroom because in the other room the lighting is funny when I do the makeup I feel like the bathroom has the lighting that looks like what I look like so if you want to see this makeup look stay tuned and let's get started so as you can see right here I'm starting with a fresh clean face you can tell that my eyebrows were recently waxed so the first thing I'm doing is I'm starting with a la girl perfect precision eyeliner pencil and I'm gonna take this pencil and just trace around my eyebrows I'm just going under and tracing that line and then I'm gonna do the same thing to the top at the top I'm gonna trace the top of my eyebrow sort of like that and at this point I'm just gonna color in the rest of the hair just a little bit but not too dark like that then to the second eyebrow just like that the next thing I'm doing is I'm applying the eyeliner to my eyelid now I'm using the magnifies smoke Edition by Rimmel London I'm using this sort of dark place shimmery color and

this light gray i market both of them the first one I'm going to use is the dark one okay and I'm gonna start moving in with the second color I chose as well okay now at this point I'm using my favorite eyeshadow called soft brown by Mac and I'm putting that directly under my eyebrow or brow bone whatever you call that somebody correct me if you see this if I'm wrong okay so as you can see I have NW 48 not Studio Fix liquid foundation my favorite as normal I still having switched foundations just putting a little bit on my hand and I'm gonna blend this in on my skin at this point I am using the LA girl Pro concealer and then I'm using my Mac prep and crime finishing this spray in my beauty blender so that I could blend out my concealer next I have the brown la girl perfection precision this is actually an eye line I'm using that's what's funny I use it as a lip liner and this lipstick that you see here is L'Oreal Paris it's a very nice color I just got this two weeks ago is called spice eight six zero really nice

color this one that I have is also L'Oreal Paris in the color two one seven I was not aware of how to use this this actually has two sides but I'm taking the maroon glossy side and I find that to my lips and I notice after I put this on it was drying on me so I put on another coat as well okay at this point I'm using my Mac prep and prime translucent powder well actually this is called finishing powder sorry about that now just use that to blend in everything as well you see I put this second coat on my lips because I feel like with this product you just have to keep putting it on for some reason and as far as my eye lashes I'm using the scandal eyes retro glam and this is by Rimmel London as well I'm putting this on my top eyelashes as well as my bottom eyelashes I'm just applying my earrings and I am about finished at this point okay so that's about it this is the look I kind of like this look again I'm feeling like I need more of that lipstick though because I wanted to go for a really maroon e-type color but overall I do like the lip I like the way my eyeballs turned out if you like this look don't forget to like lik that

thumbs up button share subscribe I want to thank you for watching and I will see you in the next video thanks