14 January 2019

Winners Cosmetics Tour, Edmonton, Canada | CORRIE SIDE

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hey guys good morning today I am taking

you on another shopping trip it's another cold day here in Alberta Canada and today I'm taking you guys to winners so winners is basically the t.j.maxx of Canada and and I don't know why it's called winners and not just t.j.maxx but I also have a Marshalls nearby so I'll probably take you to the Marshalls as well I have no idea why you would choose to shop at winners opposed to Marshalls they kind of both have the same selection and same set up I'm pretty sure they're the same store anyway let's hop into winners and I'll take you on a look around of course winners it really depends when you go in what you're gonna find I was here maybe a week or two ago and there was so much good stuff so hopefully there's a lot of good stuff for us to find today although I promised myself I'm not gonna buy anything so we'll see here we go so here's my winners I think it's pretty big it's kind of in a outdoor shopping mall type area and of course inside you made me buy like clothes there's some home decor there's like Sporting Goods hair goods but here's my little beauty section in my winners you can see they have tons of

makeup tools there's a bunch of brushes here's some eco tools stuff tweezers brushes yes sponges random things like blackhead exploiters here's a Marc Jacobs makeup brush 1699 it seems okay I've never tried any Marc Jacobs brushes here so like I hair remover type thing more brush kits there's a pimple extractor tweezer stuff it is a good place to come and get like makeup basic so we're like see kind of what's trendy with makeup cuz like for a while there they had all the oval toothbrush brushes now that seems to past and they're back to just normal makeup brushes lots of big kids here though lots of brands I've never heard of before although down here there is some Lexy Isetta Luxy kabuki brushes and it seemed pretty expensive still there's some cream shops in philosophy some NIC some real techniques although $20 I feel like that's no different than what you'd pay at the drugstore wouldn't you where you bought it it's actually savings here some of those fuzzy blending sponges which I've never tried but I think that fads already dead you can see a bunch of Paris Hilton cosmetics

I don't know anybody ever try this stuff some peel-off masks from precision Beauty contour stuff tons of NYX lip kits by beauty I've seen a lot of bite here or Paris Hilton makeup revolution and L'Oreal look at all these NYX lip kits but 20 freakin dollars like is that any different than shoppers I don't know more NYX that's like weird lip balm thing that I've never what the heck is this thing hmm you can find some false eyelashes they have tons of this w7 which i think is a British brand we don't really see it anywhere here in Canada other than that winners don't know what's up with that well here's just some drugstore basics profusion what do we got here mascaras some fake lashes fake makeup palettes brow wax in strips here's some LA colors which I'd never really see I don't know where you get this other than link finding it randomly at winners LA Colors mascara kit for $10 that seems like a pretty good price giant bottles the Vitesse for 12 bucks and collab dry shampoo tons and tons of face wipes makeup removal wipes they usually don't have that much body or bath oils here's some random makeup crap but like a lot

of these or they look open like this foundation here it's clearly been pumped what else is in here some random two-faced brow product it doesn't super randoms I'm Kat Von D L'Oreal s'more w7 looks like some Smashbox back there well here's some milk makeup pretty pretty random assortment of stuff here's where I usually find all my face masks some Olivia grease bus grip since like a glitter one nor face wipes face my stuff under eye patches blackhead masks no strips or brow axes your teeth there's a lot more k-beauty but even there are also doubters just over here's an elf brush set for $30 I feel like you get that cheaper at Walmart that seems outrageously expensive it's more Sparkle stuff more elf here's Estee Lauder Double Wear eye makeup remover wipes mmm some Bobbi Brown this is like a skincare set price is $60 ouch they have also got some makeup holders which can be pretty helpful sometimes they're a good deal sometimes they're incredibly expensive good arrangement here's the lighted makeup mirror looks kind of cool you also have

to check the clearance section as well we have a pretty sketchy clearance section at my winners a lot of the products have clearly been opened or are the packaging is just in like a pretty crappy state but good price it's like about three dollars just completely random what you'll find some more Smashbox here's a random beauty professional highlighter I have no idea what that is some more milk makeup what does this revive oil or something this milk makeup only three dollars but look it's clearly been opened mm-hmm lots of bad stuff so I don't really care about some urban decay there's cargo bread back there all hendrickson mm-hmm lots of hair shampoos and stuff as well here's some more stuff theater than these big safety boxes some Sigma brushes which again you never really see just out in the wild but there's just Sigma kits Bobbi Brown again some clearance stuff there's a foreign one style oh but it's not a really good price mmm so more Urban Decay lip mouth lip makeup remover or whatever that is yeah Toby really wants to talk what are you doing Toby more Bobby Brown here's little makeup kits $24 on clearance

we're just still see much pretty price yeah I don't know more clearance well that is this big thing $30 saved nine dollars I don't know you guys oh it's Estee Lauder lip gloss kids mm-hmm no idea not into lip glosses more as they edit so much I stay at my winners perfumes and stuff what's back here so another weird brand maybe that's perfume or something yeah pretty random Morris take my brushes faking and strobing baking and strobing highlight and contour makeup bags my fragrances here's a small section of like men's care stuff and then before you leave winners you got to go over to the checkout line and check out the checkout lane makeup stuff cuz they actually stalk a lot of stuff over here at least of my winners some foreo stuff she sido kits or an iron co hair cropped um zevran decay up here more a stay at it Too Faced melted although they look pretty opened more Marc Jacobs box looks totally open my brushes there's some makeup for everything she's quite a bit of makeup forever I didn't see too too much today coverfx what Alf marshes side OH&S today my makeup wipes will tank and some other random hair

stuff there's some makeup brushes what is this Kat Von D usually there's a lot of Kat Von D as well you should find some lipsticks or concealers or stuff and oh yeah there's usually where Mac there wasn't a ton of Mac here today but again it just kind of depends on what's available when you go all right well I hope you enjoyed browsing through winners with me Italy is like a chance what the store is gonna be like I would say over the last year too the stores been kind of a mess but this past I would say since Christmas it's really cleaned up a lot which makes shopping there a lot more enjoyable kind of ebbs and flows what the experience is gonna be like at winners you saw today there was a ton of like cleansing wipes usually there's a lot more face masks I saw a lot more Real Techniques there last time I was in so again it really just depends on what they've got in that was a good idea of where to look in winter it's for some makeup what they offer some of the brands that they carry that they always carry and some of the more sketchy things that they carry like a lot of the beauty products might have

already been opened and like personally I wouldn't be comfortable purchasing some of those so hopefully when you find something that you want there's multiples and something one of them will look nice and brand new in box so Italy winners takes a little bit of digging around getting dirty maybe opening up boxes to make sure that nothing's been touched I can't make quite profitable if something that you love has been discontinued is also great to go check out and see if you can't find it and yeah I have a lot of fun shopping there and it's really hard to face mask Friday a lot although I'm a little bit worried about the lack of face masks there right now what's up with that anyway guys thanks so much for watching here shout out to my patreon to help make these videos possible here shout out to you for watching and with that I'll see you all in my next video bye guys [Music] [Music] [Music]