30 January 2019

Will I Buy It | Virtual Window Shopping New Makeup Releases |February March 2019 Boxycharm Spoilers

This week we have some fun things to go over! Too faced is collaborating with Erika Jane, Kylie Cosmetics has a new Valentines Collection and finally colorful ...

so that's really cool at least YouTube

booty whoo the booty hey guys today's video we're going virtual window shopping which you guys know already means we're going over new makeup releases we've got a lot of stuff that released this week and of course guys at the end of this video I also include boxycharm spoilers but I let you know before I say them in case you're somebody who doesn't want to know spoilers so for this week it looks like Kylie cosmetics is coming out with a whole Valentine's themed collection we also have a brand that's collaborating with a real housewife of Beverly Hills and finally the one product that I always tell you guys I don't think I could ever pull off is basically coming in because colour-pop is releasing a whole line of it so guys we've got a lot of stuff to go over this week so let's go ahead and let's just jump right into the first item and I guess I'll just start off with the item that I'm telling you guys I cannot pull off and it looks like colour-pop just decided to make my dreams come true and make this a thing so color pop is really seen a whole line of their BFF mascaras which are colorful mist eras and I've told you guys before

for me personally colorful mascara I just don't I don't see them working now granted I think that they could look so cool on Instagram I think that they could look so beautiful in photos but like in real life like I just can't see myself wearing colorful mascara and I want to know from you guys below should I give this trend a try should I just go for it and just buy myself a colorful mascara and just walk around with yellow lashes like should I do this I don't know I'm starting to get tempted I hate to be somebody who doesn't want to try a trend just because I'm scared of it so I am willing I am willing to buy one let me know below if I should but anyways color pop is coming out with a whole line of colorful mascaras there's gonna be a bunch of different colors they're gonna be $8 each and they're releasing on January 24th so by the time you see this video they are released for sale I'll tell you guys like in the photos that I see if people posting it it looks pretty and I think it looks so nice on other people but I just don't I just can't see it on myself but like I said I'm willing to give it a shot let me know below I'm gonna throw my virtual

window shopping cart for right now for right now alright guys so this is something that I actually purchased online and I haven't heard anybody talk about this and it just like kind of caught my attention when I saw it was being released so it looks like Koki cosmetics introduced these brand new pallets they're called their Pro collection palettes there's two that I see here they're gonna be twenty dollars each and they're really really pretty and I'll tell you guys right when I saw the palette I kind of just ordered it online I actually should be getting it today or tomorrow so I'm sure you guys will see a video of me trying it for the first time but it just really caught my attention of course I purchased the one with the darker colors the one that's in the black case not the white one I feel like the darker case reminds me a lot of the Natasha de Nonna palettes that I actually really like and I'm excited I think it looks really pretty and because they said Pro palette I'm expecting some good quality because it says Pro palette so I'm hoping that this is good quality is twenty dollars each I already bought

mine so I'm gonna try this I'm very interested in it it's pretty so I'm gonna hold you to the pro palette though coqui it's gonna have to be pro so that's gonna be coming in the mail pretty soon so I don't even have to throw that in my virtual window shopping cart because I did purchase it already alright guys I told you guys a last virtual window shopping that Chi way was coming out with their blush like palettes and I didn't know a price I didn't know too much about it but now I already know so there is six blushes in it and two of them are new shades and the palette is $42 so I think that that's a very good deal for the amount of blush that you're getting in this palette especially coming that G way is not the cheapest brand this is gonna be available on February 1st so I did want to include this one more time for you guys because I do have some more information on it I think it's a pretty good deal fish away does have very good blushes I own one of their little two pan blushes and I really like it so this is really cool throw one in my virtual window shopping cart because I mean if you get this I think you're good on

blushes for a little while you know alright guys so it looks like Kylie cosmetics is releasing an entire line for Valentine's Day she always does this like for every holiday she comes out with a collection so this is gonna be though will you be my Valentine collection so I'm looking at it right now that she's revealing it on her stories on Kylie cosmetics it looks like there's some really cute pink nude shades inside of a lip kit that actually the that they're coming out with in this collection like these lip shades are really really really pretty I'm actually excited to continue to watch this so throughout this video I'm gonna keep on watching the sneak peeks of this collection and then at the end of the video I'll let you guys know everything that I think but she's actually debuting it right now as I'm filming so I'm gonna come back to this one another we're talking about Kylie cosmetics s jump over to her sister so it looks like Kim Kardashian's brand k'kaw booty is going to be coming out with a new little collection it's a new lip collection it looks like it has a lip liner and a

classic red lip and it has like new packaging everything always has Kim Kardashian's face on it which I actually think it's kind of funny but it's pretty I mean she's a pretty girl but I see her face like on everything it's really funny one is gonna be $18.00 which I'm assuming is the lipstick and $12 I'm assuming is for the liner I like the color the color bread is really pretty it is a classic red like you can tell like this is a red red red color and it's really nice I personally just don't know if I need this because k'kaw beauty is sold online primarily you know you have to pay shipping and I'm not sure if this will meet their shipping requirements it looks like a pretty lip color it's just it's nothing like out of this world for me I feel like I could have a similar color to this but it is very pretty so for me personally I'm carving a path on this one it's just not enough of a punch that I really really want it red is going to be a color that you're going to be seeing now in the springtime when you guys start seeing my trend finders it's gonna start appearing pretty soon I'm gonna start trying to find her again you will see red is going

to be a little bit of a hit it's coming back but definitely look out for that so if you guys are missing a red lip maybe this might be a route to take I will tell you warning warning warning warning with red lips I kind of like to wear red liquid lips only because I have had experience with red lipstick that it smears a lot like you go like this and you have red all over your face or if you have kids like myself my daughter touches my lips when I have like regular red lipstick on and she smears it all over the place red lipstick is hard to maintain when you put on a red liquid lip you have no problems like that thing like seals on your face and if somebody goes like this to you you'll have a little bit of ass marriage but it's nothing compared to if you're just wearing red lips so keep that in mind I do know lipstick is really in right now but certain colors are a little bit harder to pull off in certain kinds of forms also you do have the problem of red lipstick on your teeth which I filmed a video once that I used this beautiful red lipstick I was so excited it looks so pretty on camera but when I was

watching back the footage I had like right right here I don't think anybody saw it but I was like I cannot believe this and it was because that lipstick so alright guys so it looks like two-face is going to be collaborating with what's-her-name I forgot her name Erika Girardi so it looks like two-face is collaborating with Erika Girardi from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if you guys watch that show she is the one that's like a singer - she has her sick she's a singer and she's very out there and fun and rich and all that good stuff and she's like one of the fun characters on the show to watch I actually really enjoy her she really entertains me a lot so I do enjoy her a lot but it looks like she's going to be having a collaboration with Too Faced it's gonna be called the pretty mess and actually they're already starting to show what the packaging looks like and the packaging all has this really cute exterior that says tear if you dare warning explicit eyeshadow if you guys know Erika Girardi or what is her what's her like doesn't she have like an alter ego Erika Jayne if you guys know her Erika Jayne personality she's like all

eccentric and out there and you know says bad words and like is very like sexual and that's probably where we're going with this entire collection and it is - face to face loves all that stuff so I'm sure they are loving this but yeah so they're already debuting what it's going to look like as of right now I can't see inside the palettes but I bet you by the time the video airs I might be able to see what's in the palettes and I will show it up here if I'm able to see what's in the palettes I actually am interested in this collection I like I like it because I think it was a cool collaboration I think these two people two-faced and Erika Jayne Erika Girardi Real Housewives I think this was a very good smart collaboration she's all about diamonds and luxury and explicit things and I feel like two faces the same so I think that this was a collaboration made in heaven I do think it's probably gonna be a cool collection I don't know what it looks like right now but just because I think it's a cool collection I'll throw my virtual window shopping cart you guys know though to face looks to put cents

in their products which usually turns me off but we'll see how amazing this could be if this is a really cool collection maybe I'll pick something up otherwise I might skip out so it looks like a visor is also visored busy art visor I think it's visor it so it looks like visor is going to be releasing a new eyeshadow palette it's called their liaison eyeshadow palette it's gonna have nine shades in it the shades are really beautiful but I just finished purchasing one from colour-pop for $12 that look very similar to this not every single shade is the same I know that visor art busy art is supposed to have amazing quality color pops eyeshadows are a pretty damn good too so I'm excited to get my color pop one I think that this is a really pretty purple tone palette what I love about it is like the color will pop one I don't feel like they only focused on purple so it's like all purple I I feel like they kind of added a few colors in there that mix really well with purple to create like very dimensional eyes so I do love that about this I do know that visor are busy art has very expensive it's a pretty expensive pricey brand so I'm not a

hundred percent sure on the price yet but like I said just bought a twelve dollar one for close-ups so I probably won't be picking this up it is pretty good so I just wanted to put this in here because you guys saw me try this foundation back in December and I told you guys that this foundation was amazing and I am still in love with it when you guys see my review follow up I'm sure I'm gonna be talking about this a lot let me grab it it's this guy right here from L'Oreal their infallible fresh wear foundation this foundation is amazing you guys know I am NOT a big fan of drugstore foundation so for me to be saying that I love this thing is a big deal I knew I was gonna love it back in December when I tried it I told you guys that I was even in shock more with this foundation than I was even Webber Mercier one which I liked to this foundation right now is available at Ulta and their display is up so you can actually purchase this in store I know you were able to buy it online but you can buy it in store and they also have their concealer which I actually purchased too and I've been trying so far I've been really liking and both

of those are available at Ulta so I wanted to point that out to you guys because I know it's hard to shade match when you're buying online so if you guys go into store you can probably find this guy there now and I think you will not regret it I love it so much I cannot talk more highly of that foundation it's in crisis and so it looks like Jeffrey star is going to be releasing his mystery boxes now last time he released these I actually was really interested in it but he didn't pick it up because I thought that I was gonna get like a bunch of colors that were not gonna be wearable for me and I didn't end up getting it and I kind of regretted it later because I saw that he actually included really pretty products inside of his mystery boxes so I think I'm gonna pick it up this time like I am pretty excited I think I'm definitely gonna do it so I'm gonna throw it in my virtual window shopping cart by the time this video airs I'm probably gonna already know what day it's going to be released if I don't know exactly I'll put in the description box but I'm pretty sure I'll know but

yeah I'm super excited I'm actually really excited because I think that he included good stuff last time and another thing that I noticed last time so you guys know is if you do get the mystery boxes last time he did it every single one had like the same item so if you bought the 25 or the $50 ones all of them had like the same item so some people bought multiple $25 ones thinking that they were gonna get like a bunch of different stuff and everybody got like the same generic stuff so don't buy like 10 $25 ones because you're gonna get tender like the same thing okay so this is something that's available at Sephora it's going to be called their Sephora favorites luxury kit it's $45 and it includes a lot of the luxury great items from Sephora it's gonna have the Diorshow mascara lip product from armani it's gonna have an hourglass avail translucent powder it's gonna have a particle Pat McGrath the matte trans lipstick it's also gonna have a product from Tom Ford which is a lip color in Casablanca it's gonna have the - clot blur primer from YSL I think that this is a nice little kit like it has a bunch of really cute things in it of

course these are gonna be like sample sizes this is not like a full size of all these things but I think for $45 the amount of stuff that you get in here this is a pretty nice little luxury kit so if you guys want to try some of these things you might want to try this I personally am probably not be picking this up because I like to buy bigger products like I don't know like I have the two clutter already and I do like it a lot the Dior mascara I'm into but I don't think I really want a sample size of it so that is the only reason I wouldn't pick it up but I feel like anybody who wants to try these type of luxury brands and doesn't want to spend that much $45 you get a lot of different little samples of it so this is something I actually saw up here on Sephora not that long ago and I thought it was interesting makeup forever is they're gonna have these ultra HD invisible cover creme foundation palettes for a hundred and ten dollars there's 12 different shades in it and they also have the same for their cream blushes now I believe that this is more for maybe somebody who is a makeup artist

that you want to mix some foundation colors together and maybe add to your kit I think that this is actually a cool product if you guys are starting out it may be in makeup and maybe you don't want to invest in a bunch of different shades you can buy a product like this and mix colors together and be able to use it on your client and kind of make colors for like the foundation colors you can also make colors for your blush and I'm sure you could probably use some of these cream blush cut products on lips but I just think it's really interesting I do think that this is a really handy product for me personally I don't really need to mix too much of foundation color for myself and I don't need clients so for me I wouldn't really pick this up so this is gonna be a new brand from Ashley Tisdale so it's gonna be called illuminate cosmetics and it's gonna come out with two contour shades and a two and two highlighter shade palette and I'm looking at it and I am NOT excited by it to be honest I feel like the highlighter shades look a little bit glittery in the photo it could be completely wrong from photo to real life and nothing about it really

attracts my attention it's just not it's not exciting for me um it's gonna be available January 31st I could be completely wrong and this could be amazing but just like looking at the images not exciting to me let me know below what you guys think it looks like huda beauty is gonna be doing her first collaboration she's gonna be collaborating with um jackeline and it looks like she is called Jacqueline Fernandez and she is an actress and I don't know who she is but she's going to be collaborating with her and they're gonna be collaborating on eyelashes so that's really cool at least hyouta booty who'da booty I always call her booty it looks like hooter beauty is going to be collaborating with people that's really cool so it's gonna be released on January 29th and I'm not into fake eyelashes as you guys can tell I never wear them and that's just because for me personally I just don't like them I think that they're comfortable I wouldn't I don't wear them it's just not my thing I'm so okay so here's a sneak peek it looks like natasha de Nona is gonna be dropping a new concealer it

looks like she's gonna be coming out with some type of concealer in the spring of 2019 so that is interesting what kind of concealer could she be coming out with I really like certain products from Natasha de Nona I'm not a hundred percent sure how I like her complexion products I heard um mixed reviews about the foundations and I'm not sure I would be interested in seeing a concealer but I can't say that it was a it would be like a release that I'd be like yes I want it so I'm gonna tell you guys for right now I'll throw it in my virtue in a shopping cart but I'm not sure about it to be honest alright guys so now that we're at the end of the video let's jump back to Kylie cosmetics so we have this right here which is the lip okay and then she's gonna be showing right now the love said okay so this is a set of lipsticks a combo here and then we have a darker combo here but looks like the lip products look interesting the eyeshadows I'm not a hundred percent sure of so I'm not sure about this collection to be honest I'll throw it in my virtual window shopping cart for now but I want to see better pictures which I'm sure I'll have by the time this

video airs so that's all I have for virtual window shopping let's jump into some boxycharm spoilers we do know for a fact for February we are getting a to Faced better than sex mascara and we know for a fact we're gonna be getting the touching soul no problem face primer that's all we know as of right now or boxycharm spoilers we actually don't have anything confirmed we have a few speculation spoilers we have a speculation that a green tea face scrub might be in a box we also have a speculation that something from tart might be in a box but we don't have anything concrete that they're saying for sure we're gonna be getting in box seats charm for February I'm gonna throw if anything appears before this video airs I'll throw here on the screen also the same for marches boxy looks we know for in fact we're getting those morphe palettes we know for a fact we're getting the it cosmetics cream but we don't have a third confirmed sneak peek if by this on the video airs if I know a March sneak peek I will also throw it up here but as of right now I don't really know anything else so yeah guys that is all I

have for you guys today I wish I had some more sneak peeks for you guys I hope you guys really enjoyed this video Lexie is awake and she's right here so I gotta go put her back to sleep so thank you guys so much for watching leave your comments below it does help the channel give me those likes and I'll talk to you guys later bye [Music]