07 June 2018

Will I Buy it? New Makeup Releases #1

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hey guys it's Haley and today's video is

going to be I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to call this I just I got the inspiration from Nicole Renee she has a series called eyeing and not buying so this is kind of a combination of like an auntie haul as well as things that I may possibly buy it's just talking about a new makeup releases and saying my thoughts if I think I'm gonna buy them or if I'm not going to so I'm gonna go through and say some things that I think I'm interested or not interested in and I'm getting most of these from trend mood and then there are a couple other ones so the first thing and I'm just gonna go back and forth I'm not gonna be like all iene and all not buying her or whatever so Urban Decay has come out with an eyeshadow palette called Born to Run now this reminds me a lot of the color pop perception palette with makeup by Shayla so I am NOT going to buy this now I think this is like a great looking palette but I don't think I need it because I do have the color pop one and I think this makes sense for Urban Decay because it looks like there's some great light mats as well as shimmers and I love that they're adding like the blues and light greens and not just neutrals

but I'm not gonna buy it just because I think it's really similar to the one by color pop the next thing is Tarte just released a trust and fairy dust collection so it has an eyeshadow palette it's got brushes it's got lipstick it's got a look like it's got their not Skara repackaged in like a pretty packaging I'm not gonna buy any of this while the packaging is really pretty like the shades really remind me of naked too which I don't ever use yeah I'm not gonna buy anything in this collection also I'm looking at my phone by the way so here's what I am buying so Jaclyn hill has a sneak peak coming out I don't know if this is gonna be with her brands that's coming out or if it's going to be like more feed but this she posted this where it has just like these deep like grungy cool tone greens and blues and like dark vampy colors and I'm so down for this I mentioned before in recent videos that I've been like I predicted that the eyeshadow palettes that are gonna start coming out we're going to be geared towards the greens and that's what I'm excited for I think I was wrong a little bit in the

prediction I think more palettes are coming out with blues but I one greens I'm not really a big blue person um but I am excited for these greens and Jacqueline's thing here has greens and I'm so excited and I'm really interested in this anastacio just came out with a glow kit the dream glow kit and these look super chunky and I don't think I'd wear these shades I this would be a pass for me this is really like I like the cool like iridescent shades and I like the idea of like fun shades for like summertime because you know I'm really getting the more color right now because of the season and you know whatever but the the formula of this just from pictures doesn't look like something I want it looks a little too chunky for me so for that reason I'm going to pass so the brand melt Cosmetics has a nice coming out or has came out called the Gemini palette and I haven't tried any of milks products milk melts products before but I've always wanted the rust stack but there's a really nice mince and I mentioned that I'm very interested in grains so this palette has caught my attention

I really want to purchase this like really want to purchase this but there's a couple things stopping me this palette is $60 it's $15 and you know if I'm more interested in the greens then like the Browns in there and I know I have those Browns and other palettes I don't know if I need it and here's my thing I really want green eyeshadows and there have been some green eyeshadows that I've been interested in this is Jimmy light palette the Zr it just came out with like a palette that just like greens and I want that too but here's what's stopping me this Natasha de Nona green brown palette that I got I paid entirely too much money for this and I do use this pretty often because I love the green shades in it but because I paid so much money for this palette I feel like I shouldn't buy any more green shades because I should use this so because of that I'm having a hard time justifying buying more palettes with these green shades in them even though I know I would use them because I have been using that Natasha didn't know no one a lot and I wear it to work and I wear it like all the time because I love it so this is what I am I mean and I

will probably maybe get if I can like justify it to myself because I want to this I want this badly I think it's stunning there are two eyeshadow palettes that are coming out that look very similar to me the violet Voss summer eyeshadow palette I don't know what it's called but this palette um I see a lot of brands coming out with these like pink orange and greens not greens blues coming out because this reminds me a lot of the nataschab denote a tropics palate is that what it's called whatever this one and I have tried the violet boss-like Holy Grail palette and I mean it doesn't blow me away like I think I got it and I used it like twice and then I put it in my drawer and I never used it again so these colors like I just I'm not wanting these like I want greens like I'm so annoying but I want greens I want like I still feel like these pinks and oranges are just the same warm toned shadows that we have in like everything and I guess they're trying to play it like oh well we're inserting this blue and like these aren't like

there's corals in here so it's not the same warm tone eyeshadow palette and like I get that but like I don't want that's not what I want I want greens and cool tones in like topes and like something else not this I don't want this now that being said I'm gonna sound like a hypocrite because now hear me out Jeffery star is also coming out with a palette that looks very similar I'm the thirsty palette now he has the corals and the blues but this the middle shade where it's not these beautiful like metallics I want this palette because here's the thing I don't have very many of the Blues in those corals but what really draws me to this palette is that middle row with the like metallics those are stunning and I want this palette because you know the the other palette of the violet vos one does not have anything like this and that's what draws me towards this palette and this palette is smaller it doesn't have as many shades or at least shapes that I wouldn't use if that makes sense whereas the violet vos one has more that I wouldn't use so if you like that shade selection then maybe the violet last one

will be better for you but for me having a more compact palette with a couple of those shades that I could still play around with and I don't need all of those extra shades is gonna work better for me see I sound like a hypocrite because I want the jeffree star one and you know I'm not even subscribed to Jeffrey's star and I mean I'm not like a like a crazy fan who follows every star you know I just like this palette is like like I want it I want this palette because of that middle middle row two faces coming out with melted metallic lips why who wears them I mean I'll be real okay like what I've got one metallic lipstick in my entire life and it was a Milani one um and it was like this red one and I like weren't once when I'm trying to on and then I was like girl that is not for me and I still got that I never wore it again and I never brought another metallic Lea like who wears them like if you wear them like no hate they're like good for you but like in my opinion like I've literally like never seen anyone wear one that's like in real life because like why would you like they why is anyone coming out with this like it was

like this little phase when people were like coming out like when people like even like I've never seen people wear them seriously like even when that was like a trend where like lots of companies were coming out with it like other than like try on videos I never saw anybody wear them no I could be wrong because you know other people could have worn them you know maybe I just didn't see it I didn't see those people but I don't know why they're coming on with this I I'm not gonna buy it it's crazy mm-hmm mm-hmm storybook Cosmetics is coming out with a round two of the Mean Girls collection now when the first round came out I was like yes please mean gross is my favorite I've watched it 800 freaking times like it's phenomenal like you know what I'm saying and I was so excited and when it like the collection came out I saw it and I was like the colors in the eyeshadow palette were not what I wanted so I don't know what they're gonna come out with in this collection because they haven't said anything else about it but I'm very interested I'm very intrigued

I'm eyeing it I'm excited to see if they come out with I hope it's great I hope I'll buy it I love excuse me I love Mean Girls so the last thing I want to talk about is the Too Faced what is this called the 1998 palette maybe I don't know what this is this is called but it's the palette where they have the two rows where they have the top row where it's like the original formula and then they have a bottom row that's an updated formula now I'm not gonna buy this I'll be real with you I see like one green that I'm like interested in and the rest are like more towards the purple Pink's and I'm not I don't wear purples I say that but I have purple middle of my lash line right now but I would femme trying it purple is not really my thing and I know Purple's supposed to be because it's supposed to complement brown eyes but I don't know I'm not really a big fan of purple and I'm probably not gonna buy this and in my mind oh the packaging is stunning I think the packaging of this is beautiful but I probably won't buy it because the eyeshadow don't draw to me and here's what I'm thinking the top and the bottom row are

very similar like shade wise they're just supposed to be different formulas and in my mind I'm thinking okay why do I need two of the same shade and different formulas like look II get what they're trying to do but like in my mind it doesn't make sense like practically as a consumer like I think it's cool what they're trying to do in me like Oh like we can compare and make it whatever but like I just why like okay here's here's my opinion because okay in my mind whatever they're reformulating they should be making it better so why would I want the older formula and it's not as good I mean you know maybe they're saying like they're both good formulas and you could use both or something like that but the shades are similar it looks like to me so I don't know like practically this just doesn't make sense to me now if you like have a like description as to why this does make sense please tell me because like I just don't get like in my mind if they wanted to do this they should just like make the reformulated palette if that makes sense and not throwing the older okay so those are all the things I'm going to talk about today I'm very excited to be

posting this this is like the first time I've ever done like an auntie haul but like not really Nandi haul because I'm also putting things that I'm interested in but you know I'm saying like I I love watching these and I hope you guys enjoy this type of video if so you know I can continue to upload these and put you know more out there more of my thoughts out there so thanks for watching please give a thumbs up and subscribe it and I'll see you next time bye