09 April 2019

When you try to make a full make up video

It started as a daytime routine and ended as a night time ...

all right so let's get start on this get

ready with me makeup the first thing we're gonna get started with is the primer and I use first a beauty coconut skin soothing primer moisturizer it's really good if you have sensitive skin especially if you have eczema so unlike a lot of people I don't use a dip I don't use a brush I do not use powder I usually just use the Milani pencil and I use the color dark brown I just like I have way more control and I use a pencil [Music] then right now I'm just showing you the difference between the filled and eyebrow and the unfilled in one and usually to clean up any mistakes I might have done with the pencil I just take the LA pro concealer the colored fawn and I just use my brush to just to clean it up just a little bit and I usually flatten it completely out just to have a lot more control [Music] and I also go right above my eyebrow just to sharpen it and sleek it out [Music] and this is usually what it looks like before I blend it out let's begin to blend so for a foundation I usually use

black radiance BB cream for my everyday makeup routine but I want a little ham on the BB cream today so I'm probably going to turn this into a nighttime routine [Music] we're gonna go ahead and start this blending montage [Music] so for eyeshadow I'm gonna be using the magic mini by Juvia and I'm gonna use the color Raja which is a very deep green I'm just gonna blend it out more into the crease of my eye so the next color that I'm using is the color Nana which is like a very earthy orange I'm gonna put it right on top of my lid [Music] so now I'm going to begin contouring my face I'm gonna use the same concealer that I use for my eyebrows and that color is fawn and it's from LA Pro [Music] start blending again [Music] so I'm gonna take that same green asia and put it right under my eye [Music] so this is where it gets a little funky

I messed up royally on the bronzer and I put way too much and this is where you find out that I just started owning it and I was like we're gonna work it out we're too far in the game now okay and where did I do messed it up on the other side as well but you know we're gonna own this okay so to fix the problem we start blending [Music] so to take off some of the darkness around my chin I used la pro but this time i use the color toffee which is like a slightly different tan it clearly did not work but like I said we are going to own this and we're going to work it out so we start blending [Music] and when there's no hope pull out that brush okay [Music] now we're going to get some setting powder I use black radiant setting powder the color banana there's no flashback and it's only $7 at Walmart [Music] and to fix my tone even more because I can still tell that my complexion is very different from my neck I use the

black radiance contour palette and I use the sculpting color which is the brown right in the middle and I blend that thing into my neck [Music] so for my lips I used a lip tint from essence and the color is powerful perfection so I could not find my adhesive for my lashes so I went ahead and went in with some mascara so if you know me you know that I wear head wraps all the time and I found a new way to wrap my hair however I did not accomplish it so we're just gonna sit here and be fully entertained by my struggle [Music] I think at this point I kind of gave up on the whole head wrap thing but the makeup is cute though and it's exactly what I was not going for and if you stayed and watched this whole video thank you I do appreciate you