30 January 2019


After taking a general poll around the studio and doing my own research, I found 5 (really 6) lipsticks that could serve as wonderful options for competition ...

hey guys so today we are going to be

talking about the best lipstick for competition so let's get started hi guys this is my friend Casey also known as Casey so say hi hi today is a lipstick challenge day so a few of my seniors are wearing different kinds of lipstick for you guys to see we have like some of the more expensive brands all the way down to drugstore brands that are about seven dollars each and we're just gonna show you what we think about all of them are you excited kay so yeah so this past weekend my dancers had an all-day competition they were there from 7:00 in the morning all the way till about 7:00 at night so I thought that was the perfect opportunity to test a few of the more popular lipsticks on them and really see which ones lasted the day flip sense is a popular brand in the dance and cheer industry mostly because you tend to put on this lip stain it stays all day long and you can literally take your hand wipe it across your face and lipstick won't be on your hands it won't be smeared it'll be exactly the way it was all you have to do all day is touch it up with the glass to keep it moisturized and you're good to go for the whole day

so I'm gonna show you a little bit but Kylie wearing it all day and then a little clip of my younger dancers wearing their lip scents that's really good but it's starting to get a little bit pricey at GRCC and as I'm eating my wet tools it's saying but it's just whatever you like your lips it comes off what do you guys wear for lipstick it looks really good do you like it so far you yeah you like it is it staying on really well what did you guys have for lunch you guys all had chick-fil-a this is not sponsored by chick-fil-a though I hope it is what are you guys wearing for lipstick lip sense - it's a popular one what did you guys have for lunch chick-fil-a what did you have what did you eat chicken nuggets how did your lipstick seal eating chicken nuggets right it went well did you have to reapply it just a little bit came off you heard that folks just a little came off after a bunch of chicken nuggets okay so how's your lipstick doing it's doing really good I am fine a second coat before my second-to-last dance and it's only got really good that's great what do you wear I get her lip stuff

she's wearing lip since it actually doesn't really go I'm wearing lipstick and the only thing where he's coming off a little like right here but that's not a way when shopping for lipstick I was looking for a lip scent stoop that was on the budget-friendly side for my friends who don't want to spend X amount of dollars on a more expensive lipstick so I found the covergirl outlast all-day lip color it is the same sort of system as lip sense where you put a color on your lips and you want to make sure you're putting it on smoothly you're doing a few layers letting it dry and then you're adding a gloss on top and using that throughout the day I found that it was an extremely awesome do so you'll see a little bit of Kristen wearing it and Cameron as well alright Kristen what lipstick are you wearing and the color plum and I love it if you would like to see it [Music] to get more color but I don't really mind zero here and then the costs over it made it really pretty and what have you been wearing I wearing the covered rope long and I've been wearing it was like 2:30 I think great

so you know pretty well it doesn't it looks a lot like flip sense actually yeah it's not that bad if you were to compare it to Lin sense would you say it's comparable it's so much better than you like it better so much more really and it's much less expensive yes how much 799 perfect that's my new field oh wait just getting that one was like twelve dollars but still do my go to camera - how do you feel about it it's very young but how long have you been wearing yours another lipstick that I found at my local CVS for the more budget-friendly options was Revlon Colorstay I found that it's a happy medium between the lip scents glossy feeling and a more matte feeling I had Danny wearing this color so Danny tell us about the lipstick you're wearing today okay well I am wearing red wine color state ultimate in this shade brilliant borax yeah um it's really nice it does like go on your teeth so definitely need to clean that up a little bit it takes a little bit to drive but when you do have to add maybe two coats to it but overall it's really nice and I really like that yay-hay Xenia so this is the end of the day it

looks really good actually thank you okay so what do you think overall it was really nice the only complaint I do have is it gets on those teeth a lot you do have to reapply it maybe once or twice but overall it's pretty good this is one side ripping twice out the whole day yes oh wow that's really good as you saw Danny enjoyed the lipstick she found a couple cons so they didn't necessarily outweigh the pros I personally find the lipstick to be right in the middle of the spectrum it's not my least favorite but it's not in my top choices I do find that it's absolutely beautiful once you layer it on quite a bit and needs a bit more every application it looks really good throughout the day it lasts the whole entire day I do think that if your dancers are only performing one or two routines or they're at a shorter event then I'd highly suggest the Revlon Colorstay it's budget-friendly it's absolutely beautiful and it's really easy to just remove it doesn't smear as much I noticed but it does have a bit of take off so if you were to rub your lips you would get some lipstick on your hand now I'm gonna move on to matte lipstick so when I asked my dancers what their

favorite lipstick was for competition and what they preferred across the board the one I heard the most about was Stila stay all day liquid lipstick it is a matte finish lipstick it's creamy and smooth and they all claim that it doesn't get crusty Lilly cringy word I don't like it they all use that word Krusty's so it doesn't get flaky and it doesn't roll up so I'm going to show you a little bit of what Stila looks like when you wear it all day long hi I'm Brooklyn I'm Haley and we are both wearing Stila so the first we have a mixture so I work maka and here we go yeah so we mix them both together and I like that you're what's it like in a smells book and it's flash bulbs for wine so I like good that last ones like okay so Brooklyn how did your lipstick do it was good but it came off a little bit because I ate a big chicken sandwich you know yeah it came off this a little bit so you have to reapply yeah just a little bit is Stella how's it doing it's doing great the only thing is it's a little dry and it kind of like goes like you know how like lipstick it's too dry to like press this up absolutely guys but it stays like really

long that's awesome what did you have for lunch what are you wearing yes yeah I'm sorry okay lipstick it's pretty sighs the only thing is like if you run it comes like on your hands it goes on your hand but it stays and only good until I have you redo it when I think I've seen like only one since this morning when you ate lunch yes so as you saw the girls really loved it it sort of speaks for itself it stays all day long it doesn't really require much reapplication if any at all and it works throughout the entire day even when you're eating so for the final lipstick of this video it's actually going to be the lipstick I'm wearing right now and that is the maybelline superstay matte ink liquid lipstick that was a serious time twister hello today we are wearing this super stay matte ink Maybelline in the shade Voyager and we love it it's doing really good but it's a little bit dry it's like matte oh yeah post lunchtime check in with Sophia yes okay so I actually just reapplied it because I was looking a little crusty but I do have to say I like the way how it feels [Music]

and what we were wearing today I was wearing Maybelline and I love my experience I'm gonna buy it for myself because I like it better yeah it looks good ups I actually just realized like after lunch and I've done two dances after that so it works really good do it I like you the only thing that would suggest on your team pretty bad and if like scrape it off so you have to be careful when you apply and do that yeah oh yeah one thing to take note of with the maybelline superstay is that you're going to want to purchase the super stay on bracer to go with it while you're at the store it's usually sold right next to all the colors and what it is is it's a sort of like chapped sticky lipstick that you will put on your lips and then rub it in and you can just remove it with a makeup wipe if you don't have this it tends to be really really difficult to remove and you'll have to use some sort of scrub to get it off now I suppose it's a con but really it's a pro because your lipstick stays all day long and you don't have to stress about it smearing or getting on your clothes or flaking off or anything like that just make sure you get this eraser or

else it's just gonna be really miserable so in summary we talked about five lipsticks today the first one is lip sense which I highly recommend for younger dancers and dancers with the time to gloss in between so it doesn't get flaky the second one is covergirl outlast all-day which is a budget-friendly dupe for lip sense and a little bit easier to remove the third option is Revlon Colorstay for a shorter events or if you're only doing one to two performances the fourth is the ever-popular Stila stay all day liquid lipstick for a long day with a little bit of time to reapply and the fifth option is maybelline superstay matte ink which is a budget dupe for Stila and just as amazing if not los if you like this video then hit the subscribe button and give me a thumbs up comment down below if you want another video on more kinds of lipstick and give me some ideas subscribe to my channel cultures are so awkward so Jailene is wearing NARS and Stella and she has a reapplied once right daily so how does it feel I just don't have gloss on so it's weird it's weird

without the gloss but it actually looks really good do you think it's because you mix it with NARS at the end of the day and it is the end of our lipstick challenge right there's oh yeah say Bob Alicia bath Alicia [Music]