05 March 2018


Hey Dolls, Happy Monday, hope you all had a fun weekend. For today's video, I thought it would be fun to share whats in my purse & makeup bag. Of course, all ...

what's up Miami buddies and welcome back

to the cruelty-free vanity for today's video I am gonna take it way back way back to a very popular video I think it's pretty popular still it's gonna be what's in my bag tag or challenge I don't know if it's a tag or a challenge but I'm gonna show you guys my bag and what's inside these type of videos are actually one of my favorite to watch and it's not because I'm nosy but because I do like to see the purses but these type of videos are pretty helpful especially when it comes to finding vegan purses so I thought it would be cool for me to show you guys my purse I just got this purse maybe like a month ago no over a month ago and I've been really loving it but why does it share with you guys just in case you guys want to pick it up as well I will try to link it down below I did get it at Target there's my purse this is the hard even think it has a name but it is from the brand a a new day from Target they do have it in different colors I think maybe like three other different colors but I got the black just because it's more plastic it's more you know like an everyday color this was only $30 it is a vegan leather so it's not animal skin

and that's very important for me now I don't any want to have anything that has to do with animal suffering so this is actually great I love the size like it caught my eye because it really does look like the purse from Angela Roy I think it's called the 10 min I forgot the name of it totally slipped my mind I'm just gonna post a picture of the Angela Roy somewhere here so you can see it do that's very similar what's gonna pick up the one from Angela Roy but it's so expensive before you get into what's inside in my purse I just want to show it to you guys what it looks like it's very minimal very simplistic there's no pockets outside it has a really thick strap so you can carry it like on your shoulder which I really really like it does also have this crossbody strap if you want to carry it you know across your body which makes it even more easier to carry if you have a lot of things inside if it's really heavy the only thing is that the strap is quite thin Elias can see that it's been this way and then this way inside the purse it does have a middle compartment which is very cool because it's detachable so it does have a snap little closure like

this it's very hard to show you but it does have some like you know a little snap closures that you can just snap it in or this is what the little middle compartment looks like like I said it's detachable which is really cool I love that it doesn't have a stepper so you can put your valuables in here without the middle compartment this is pretty much what it looks like it's just like a tote bag or like a bucket bag another thing that I really love about this purse is the inside it's very easy to clean does come with a detachable crossbody strap you can also clip them on to the little middle compartment which is the smaller bag I think this feature is pretty cool because you pretty much have two bags in one now you have a smaller crossbody bag now that I showed you all of the features of the bag and what it looks like on me and all that stuff I wanna show you guys what's inside my bags first thing I'm gonna check out it's my water bottle it's thirty not thirty three hundred milliliter water bottle it is a glass bottle sort of reusable eco-friendly it does have any little kind of like a sleeve

so you don't break it I got this one for like only three dollars at this store called mini so it kind of looks like a die so if you guys are familiar with the die so but this one is called mini so then I have my glasses which they're supposed to be in the little sleeve but I don't know whether how I left my glass sleeve or my little cover protection little baggie yeah so these I've been using for part like three years now I got these how many remember where I got them yeah they're really really old I need to get myself some that are polarized also have my makeup bag this one I also got from Target it was only $9.99 for $10 which is very affordable also be in leather it comes with a zipper it's pretty big and holds a lot of stuff has a little indoor indoor inside zipper pocket and another kind of like cell phone pocket so really like this it's really great makeup bag my show you guys and what's inside the middle compartment would just be zippered a little baggie that it comes with I have lots of receipts I'm gonna take all these receipts out I try to save all of my receipts because I do like to return a lot of but

sometimes makeup is on work out for me so always always save your receipts you can get your money back more receipts I have some change I have some little packages of our little packets of sugar and the raw this is a vegan sugar so I always have these B sometimes I get coffee and it's not sweet enough for me so I add these in there my business card holder which is this little roll of gold little kind of like envelope thingy has a little magnetic closure I got this one from a book store but it's from the brand poppin it's really really key hobbies for whenever I go to like networking events or like bloggers events and I need to like give them my business card to any brands or anything like that that I want to work with so that is what these are and then they have my wallet slash cell phone holder where's my phone oh here's my phone they come with some card holders my debit card and my credit cards my my DS gift cards you know stuff like that these these little things are pretty much little suction cups or I don't know what they're called but they pretty much hold your your cell phone in please so you just kind of like press it in and it

doesn't fall that's pretty much what my wallet looks like at the moment I don't like to carry big thick wallets I like to keep it very small and then it also has a little strap I really really like this I also got it from Target target is a really good place for you to find a very affordable vegan leather products I also have my ring that I took off the other day I'm gonna put this back on this is a moonstone ring that I got from a really cute store here local to me um and it's really pretty I really love that everybody's can see how beautiful that stone is I love love gemstones so I always have some type of gemstone jewelry in my purse because they always wear and then I take it off and I put it in there so let's pretty much it guys is all it's in my bag very quickly I'm gonna show you guys what's inside my makeup bag because I know some of you guys are gonna be like why don't you show us what's inside your makeup what do you carry in there again this is my little makeup bag I have the osya anti-aging hand cream which I have been loving this winter has been really killing my skin my skin has been super dry so I need to

always be applying a hand cream body cream blotting papers these are my favorite these are from Tasha and these are the I'm not even gonna try to pronounce that but it's basically Japanese Beauty papers and I think they're very luxurious they're not that expensive but I really like them because they have gold flakes in them and it makes me feel fancy let me show you see you probably can't even see but there is little gold flakes in there and no that's not the only reason why I get them they actually really do absorb a lot of the oil these are the only ones that I've tried that worked really great about a rosewater facial tonic hydrosoul from Kevin Keeley you guys know this is my favorite so I do have a travel size so I can put it in my prayers I just love to spray this whenever I want to refresh my makeup if I'm too hot or if I just need to refresh my skin about the cutest breath mint or breath spray whatever it's called and this is from moon denne it's a natural breath spray and it comes in this little packaging that kind of looks like a perfume but it's really great it's natural vegan cruelty free

this one came in my love Goodley box of course I have a tampons just in case you know the time of the month comes this is the tampons from natural care these are the ones that we use this is organic vegan there's not there's no nasty chemicals in here nose bleaching everything is organic they are cardboard applicators so there's no plastic which is great D order and this one is from called clarity this is the lavender ones the travel size I really like these because actually do work it's all mixed up pretty yucky I need to actually replace this I did get a new one soap I got throw this out and then put the new one inside this is pretty old as well but this is a really good deodorant it does keep me fresh you know for a very long time it's not like a 24-hour protection like it says it is but it is natural vegan aluminum free and it works so I have this in here of course I have perfume I have this one that is pretty old at the main pass already rubbed off but is from la vanilla and the grapefruit vanilla when I freaking love this is probably one of my favorite scents so good the only other perfume that I carry in my little makeup bag it

the define me travel size it comes like a little long stick it's the stuffy I use uh bed but I use that one recently and I think I left it either in the car or somewhere here but I do carry that one as well and I do have a coupon code with them so I'll link it down below if you just want to check that out I always have with my scarib because sometimes when I'm in a rush and I don't really have time to put on makeup mascara and some type of lip product is the only thing that I really want to always have on my face I always feel really naked without mascara your lip balms I have two lip balms I have my favorite one which is the moon balm from Cora this is a little chamomile and vanilla scented one it's a great formula as well the other one that's in here is from Noto I think that's how you pronounce it it's the multi Bennett tent it's eyes cheeks and lips not my favorite um it is a tinted lip balm and I don't really go for tinted lip balms but I do have it here cuz it did come in a teddy boar these are actually really expensive they're around 20 something dollars I think so it's not something that I will recommend or I would even

purchase myself but like I said it didn't come in a beauty box a a lip liner this is from Milani this is the color nude and I think I recently used this one and that's why it's in here most of the lip products are only in here because I recently use them but the only lipstick I have in here is this one from Gabriel it's an e color taupe and it's a really beautiful shade it's one of my favorites but the formula is pretty soft so the bullet actually broke I love you guys can see it it's pretty nasty but the color is really great the formula it's nice let me give you guys a swatch of it so you just can see it so that is taupe if I actually have three lip glosses in here which is very very surprising because I'm not really into lip glosses but recently I have been obsessed with lip glosses from Marie naughty and I got one in my penny war and then I bought the other one at the Indy Beauty Expo cuz they weren't there so I got babe as long as the colored babe right here and then I also have tickled which is this one right here it's more like a pink like a very wearable pink and this was a little more

sheer than the other one so I'm gonna build it up just and see that the last lip gloss I have in here is from red apple lipstick another one of my favorite formulas this one is the meant to be so does have very minty minty up scent this one is right here and the color and the color is called tango mint it's a very nice kind of coral with a little bit of shimmer it doesn't have like super chunky shimmer or glitter but it does have a little bit of a glow so I really do like this one but pretty much all that's inside my makeup bag and my purse I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did please give it a huge thumbs up don't forget to subscribe if you have not done so thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys on my next video bye guys