10 May 2018


Watch in HD! Whats in my makeup bag video is here! Products Mentioned: -Tissues -Mirror -tide to go pen -Bath and Body works hand sanitizer -Bath and Body ...

one three hi everyone and welcome back

to another episode of printer makeup on where I place videos like this every Monday and Thursday and in today's video I am going to be sharing with you all I have in my makeup bag this is how we do it on putting makeup on so just keep watching before we dive into what is in my makeup bag be sure you are subscribed to my channel so you don't miss out on any future videos and while you're at it click that notification belt so you don't miss out on anything free hello it's the best thing ever so this is my little bag here and this bag pretty much has everything only need one I am wearing makeup when my boyfriend and I are just out and about this does live in my little backpack kaká book situation that I bring with me again when I'm just wearing makeup or in general I do have a separate bag that I have that stays in my locker for work which literally has all lipsticks in it but this is the bag that I carry in my pocketbook backpack whatever it's called so this is a little bag I don't know exactly the brand name of it it says makeup is my art and it says my name on it and my mom bought it somewhere customized it somewhere I don't know

exactly if I find out I will have maybe like the information down below but I really like it it's a nice like soft material and it pretty much has everything I need in my bag granted the things do change once in a while depending on like the color of lipstick I'm wearing or depending on like the shade of powder or whatever the case is but I'm gonna dive into all that so this is pretty much all I have in my bag so let's pull everything out and let's talk about it gotta have tissues my eyes tear a lot I do wear contacts I do wear glasses and my eyes just tend to tear a lot so it's nice to have tissues on hand especially now the springtime in lamella New York I allergies are crazy so sneezing and craziness it's nice to have tissues I feel like it's a staple for every like everyone's pocketbook you need to have tissues so that's that next we have blotting sheets and I'm trying to use these off of easier from Walgreens the oil absorbing sheet this is the comparison to the clean and clear ones I really actually prefer this style of a sheet rather than like those like paper thin ones these do the job really

really well nice and inexpensive I usually like the Walgreens version I think they're like two like two three dollars cheaper than the clean and clear version so I'm oily it's a staple I've had oil blotting sheets and every makeup bag that I've ever owned so it's it's a staple so you gotta have a mirror I feel like a mirror is a staple I mean you gotta have one so I have the Sephora mirror I mean would you expect anything less this is the mirror that comes in the gift card when you buy give credit Sephora get a little mirror inside so I actually really enjoyed this mirror it's a good solid like it's a good sturdy mirror one side is your regular one side is your magnifying mirror and look that's a good sized mirror I'm I'm gonna sucker for a good mirror the little things in life people the little things in life okay hence Nitai xur have to have it so I have here the antibacterial hand gel from betta Body Works the cucumber melon one I'm not really picky with the sense of my hand sanitizer I just need it to sanitize my hands that's only needed I'm not picky so I have the cucumber melon one smells

pretty good you know nothing fancy nothing you know crazy my hands get really really dry summer winter when everybody like wash my hands I feel like all of the the softness in my hands gets like sucked up when I wash my hands so I have to have hand lotion in my bag I can't go anywhere with that hand low this one is from I believe yeah bath & Bodyworks again and I really like the packaging it says good vibes only and this is the coconut scented one I usually like smaller types of packaging compared to like something like you know like big and clunky so something like this fits perfectly in this bag and I love anything that's coconut scented as well coconut Sunday body lotion is just my favorite let's pull out this this is my powder that I use a lot this is from L'Oreal this is the True Match super blendable powder and I do wear the shade in w-4 and I like this because of the fact that it comes with a little puff as well and a mirror all-in-one some of the powders that I have in my collection don't have a puff and I need one and I don't want to be carrying a big clumpy brush with me especially in a small bag like that so it's nice to have it I know

it's not the most like sanitary thing in the entire world but hey if I need to touch up one two one two done moving right along oh that's that I have a bunch of lippies and I have one two three four lipsticks and I have a bomb as well so the bomb that I carry is from dr. jar the ceramide in derma care technology lip balm I really like this one it just it does the job really well it's not overly sticky it's not overly amoliant it just like makes it so much easier to pop on out the door I'm a sucker for a good lip balm as well so the dr. dark ones really nice so yeah I have four lippies I mean again would you expect anything less I have a gloss here that I'm actually trying I'm really trying to get into Colossus you guys if you guys have been with me for a while you guys know that I don't like gloss I'm trying I'm really really trying so I'm am using this this is the Too Faced sweet peach creamy peach oil lip gloss in the shade pure peach how many times can i say peach seriously so this I really like it's not it it reminds me of like the like those little X crashing sniff stickers like I

remember when I was younger like I scratch it and I sniff it and they smell like the fruit flavors and that's what this reminds me of the peach flavor so and I like the little cute little peach girl on the on the top she's so cute and I I don't know I like it its sheer it's not overly pigmented if I just need something quick on the go after I'm done like grocery shopping or done having lunch if I'm out with my boyfriend or whatever the case is pop on and I'm done I have to have regular lipsticks in this bag so I have one from Laura Geller and this is just a nice light you know everyday Universal color this is the shade Mook rose I'll give you a little swatch it just doesn't nice creamy you know no bells and whistles pop on this is like a very go to Katy color for me nice exactly that's a milk of rose you know mommy shade and I like the Laura colored lipsticks that are nice and creamy they're very easy to wear and I love them I really enjoy them the other Lipper that I have is from Rimmel and this is part of the I think the Kate Moss collection I really don't know I have the shade out 45 and this is just a nice light nude shade which you

know again very easy to wear you know pop on out the door I really don't wear a lot of like nude shades they're not my most favorite color to wear but you know in the midst of just popping on quick in the car something like this I like to wear a lot and then I do also have another lip from Lancome I don't think we carry these anymore this is the shade 357 this is the shine lover and it's a very interesting lip the more you add the more and more and more pigment you'll get I really like it it's nice and sheer it's very creamy very comfortable I love the hot pink shade and I like it it's it's it's a nice and hydrating so it's a good solid lip I also have a tie to go pen I myself and my boyfriend you know we're a little clumsy you know I may get a little stains on our shirts and it's good to have something and I I can't go anywhere I've had to go Ben because you never know also do have a pen very very exciting have a pen but you need it it's from Marriott I need to have fun I like to write things down and then the last thing that I have a little perfume this is the body from Victoria from Victoria

Secrets I have had like this big huge set of like the small little sample so I'm trying to go through this not my most favorite set it's a little too masculine for me but I like it it's not that bad so that is pretty much all I have for today's video I wanted to do a quick simple impromptu bag video let me know in the comments down below would you guys carry in your makeup bag I would love to know and before you leave don't forget to click that subscribe button so you don't miss out on and refresh your videos I have all the products that I have in my makeup bag listed down below and I think that's all I have to say for this video other than I love you guys and I'll see you in the next episode of putting makeup on have a great day guys bye