19 March 2019

What Kat Von D Didn't Tell You...

Kat Von D released her video a few days ago "clearing the air" of controversies in her past. What she didn't actually do was address many of the reasons why ...

hello my friend so Kat Von D made a

video and in that video she said she was going to clear the air about the controversies that have surrounded her over the years and I watched the video I watched it all the way through and I was so disappointed in the things that she didn't talk about the things she didn't address the things she didn't answer so what we're gonna do today is we're gonna lay it all out on the table so that you have the facts in order to make your own opinion about what you think so if that sounds interesting to you Oh hang tight we're getting into it right now oh my goodness it is going to be a controversial video today I know that there going to be people that are going to disagree with my opinions agree with my opinions I'm just gonna tell you how I feel but this is really more about you and you getting the facts so that you can make an educated opinion for yourself as you know I do have a makeup channel here on YouTube Kat Von D is a brand owner and when I did my video on cancel culture I promised you that I would bring light to the brand owners that owned the cosmetics that either I review or are available for purchase there are a lot of people that choose to

purchase based on the owners behavior past beliefs etc so that's why I'm making this video so that you can make an educated purchasing decision so as you can see the video was focused on the accusation that she is an anti-semite and also that she has anti vaccinations she spent the majority of the video talking about the anti semitism her first misstep was when she talked about how she was not an anti-semite but then went off on a tangent about how she's latina and to me I feel like that was kind of insinuating that because she's latina she can't be anti-semitic which makes absolutely no sense they are not they're not related they're not linked just I don't I don't get that all that was quite irritating after that she went into a very very long story about her relationship with ami James who was the main shop owner on Miami ink which was the TV show that she was on in 2008 2008 I had my daughter in 2008 she's 10 she's a to turn 11 she has gone through all of her elementary school career in the time since Miami Ink aired it's insane that she spent all that time talking about

something that was that old if the only reason why people thought she was anti-semitic was because of this alleged photo she had autographed for this person that she disliked with a hateful comment about Jewish people because he is Jewish if that was the only thing that she was accused of being anti-semitic for then yeah I get it but there are a lot of other things that she didn't talk about and she kind of brushed it off as this is the reason and now I've told you the truth so now you know I'm not anti-semitic girl really so first off she's known for dating people that have not seen connections and/or have made Nazi jokes things like that there's a guy named Jesse James that was on a television show at one point he was married to Sandra Bullock and there's a photo of him with Nazi hat on doing the Nazi salute I will put that photo up for you so you can see it supposedly his lawyer said that he the the Hat was a gift a gag gift from his Jewish grandfather and that's up to you whether you want to believe that or not will we ever really know probably not the other link to that was that while he was married to Sandra Bullock he allegedly

had an affair with a model and that model posed for a photo shoot that he was involved in in full nazi garb so does that reflect on Kat Von D that she dated this guy for a significant period of time I don't know that's up to you to decide but that's the fact the next is regarding her current husband I'm gonna go ahead and put a photo on the screen now of her husband's neck tattoo and if you're like me in this photo evokes emotion but with further digging this is a reverse swastika this is a swastika that is supposed to mean good luck and prosperity the Nazis stole the swastika symbol from the Buddhist and Hindu religions before the Nazis took it as their symbol for a racially pure state it did have other meanings and continues to have other meanings today in Buddhism and Hinduism in Germany and other European states the symbol is bad I'm not sure if the reverse symbol is banned but the Nazi symbol is banned and if you're caught violating that you can actually be brought to criminal charges but one thing that's really important to note about this man's particular tattoos is they has this symbol in the middle he

also has what looks to be a Star of David on his right side and the Eye of Horus on the left and also the swastika is blooming out of a lotus which is a traditional flower that is celebrated in Buddhist culture so chances are when he got this tattoo that was the meaning behind it now this is where we all have to kind of have our own judgment if you are getting a swastika tattoo in this day and age you know that the swastika is connected to the Nazis you have to know this but is it his responsibility to make sure that people know that this isn't the same swastika as the ones the Nazi you Nazis used but the reverse one that the Buddhists and Hindu religions use I've heard also that the regular swastika is even still used in the Buddhist and Hindu religions as well so is this the symbol of anti-semitism that everyone believes that it is you have to make that decision for yourself so now that we've talked about her relationships let's talk about the choices that she's made so she at one point put up a picture on Instagram I'm not sure if it was on her Kat Von D Beauty site or on her personal site I want to say was Kat Von D beauty of some

upcoming lipsticks one of the lipstick shades was named selection and it was spelled in the same way that the German spelled it in World War two and the meaning behind that word was that it was the way that the Nazis selected people in order to go to death camps or to be executed that word is banned in Germany like you just don't say certain words associated with Nazi propaganda and things you just don't say them in Germany that's one of those words she was going to name a lipstick after that and even put it up on social media when there was outrage she changed the name the other lipsticks in the shade were melancholia lovesick and Rosemary's Baby which is about a movie about a lady that she thinks a Colts gonna take her baby like I mean it's just there was no real reason why she would use that word unless it was used because it was the German word for the people chosen for to be executed so I don't I don't know why she made that choice but is this a hint server being anti-semitic we don't know because the woman didn't address it the last one I want to talk about is one that I feel like we need to kind of step

back and look at and make sure we're looking at it objectively and then make our emotional decision based on that so this is the image I want to show you this is a picture of a cotton field with the locket concealer over top of it and what it says as the caption is let lock it concealer do all the hard work for you if I was marketing manager for Kat Von D Beauty there is no way I would have let this run but I'm trying to think of it from the perspective of the company so cotton was a huge trend last year in designing and photographs ice member seeing a lot of cotton centerpieces on on Pinterest it was like this big thing this big thing with cotton and it wasn't at least in to my knowledge racially motivated in any way it's just people were thought cotton looked cool and it was a trend where people seem to really be getting on this photo was the muscle arm that was after that they she had used a deeper skinned muscle arm if you're not from the United States slaves were used to pick cotton in the United States during the slavery times and using a deep skinned arm would definitely to a lot of people look extremely extremely racist let's take a

second and look at the emojis that are available for a muscle arm the different skin tones it looks to me like this is a medium skin toned arm does that make a difference that's up to you but I feel like she could have used a darker skin if she wanted to having that option and not using that option may have give more weight to that she was playing off of the trend rather than racism but it really is up to you to decide whether you feel like this post is racist or not I just want to give you the facts you can make your own decision another thing that people have been aware upset with her about was a lipstick she did name underage red and that is very creepy to me especially as a mother of a daughter it's very creepy to think of I mean I know we have like NARS orgasm and we have all these other you know edgy urban decay and all these edgy names for four different makeup products but underage red for a lot of people I think crosses a line and she didn't address that either I don't know if she even thinks about that one anymore but that one for me sits really weird with me it's kind of like so those are some things that she did not talk about let's

talk about the second part and what she did talk about kind of which was the anti-vaccine she comes out and says I'm not an anti-vaxxer okay what are you Kat I'm so confused so she says that she is she what she is is a new mom she researches things and I get that like I'm the same way you know I like to research everything so when I have my baby I did the same thing I did tons of tons of research on all kinds of stuff I get that I feel that I'm with her okay she's but then she says doesn't say that she has changed her opinion or anything she just says you know what if I had know people are gonna be so upset I wouldn't have told you what what she goes on to talk about how she's consulted with her pediatrician and she's letting her pediatrician advise her and how she's just not going to share that stuff anymore at what point does that talk about her anti vaccination stance at what point does that clarify anything no it doesn't it's like she opened a door and was like oh I'm gonna give you some information wait no I'm not gonna tell you anything nope nothing I'm not gonna tell you anything I'm just gonna say you know

what it's none of your business now now you've ruined it now I'm not gonna share anything with you because and you know what else is really really weird about that video she doesn't look at the camera once like at all what does that mean like what does that mean she's media trained she was on a television show for goodness sakes the woman had her own television show and she doesn't look at the camera when she talks what does that mean I don't know I feel like there's just seems like that just exacerbates the detachment that she has from everybody else out here that is wanting to know what's going on and another big question I have is why is she bringing all this now what is what is the real motivation for this is it because she really truly wants people to know that she's not an anti-vaxxer and that she's not an anti-semite is that why she's putting this out there because she's hurt people by her actions she's caught evoked emotions because she's feeling bad about things in her past or you know is it because she her cosmetic company is not doing well I know we've all seen her products discounted at Sephora we've all

seen them at t.j.maxx we've all seen them at Marshall's the discount stores is that why this video is coming out is it a softball throne to try to appease people to save her beauty company is that is that what's happening now is it to save her reputation is it so she can continue her career that right now people are hard boycotting her it was one of the most reviewed brands one of the most respected brands on YouTube for a while and on Instagram it was very very popular due to the quality of the products well not all the products but a lot of the products if you've seen anybody that has uploaded any Kat Von D content recently you've seen people attack them whether it's be on YouTube whether it's on Instagram anybody that even dares to try a Kat Von D makeup product right now gets a lot of hate for it for supporting Kat Von D so was this video made to try to appease the masses and did it work I feel like it didn't I feel like she may have appeased some people that maybe don't know all of the things I presented in this video but I don't think that it was done well and I don't think that a video like that is going to save her brand I

think that a lot more needs to be done and in the end to me I feel like it made me lose even more respect for her because it showed me that she is someone that is going to avoid the truth rather than just be like look this is what's happening this is the way that it is I'm just gonna be break down be honest with you tell you what's up and she didn't do that I feel like she kind of did the opposite of it in that she's just trying to around the truth at this point it's got almost a million views I'm sure will cross over a million views of something that it says basically it's 11 minutes of nothing and that's really why I want to make this video was so that you could make purchasing decisions for Kat Von D Beauty whether you want to support her as a person I know that that's important to a lot of people so now at this point you know it's your turn now I would love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments and I am just one human everybody has their own opinions about these kinds of things and your opinion is something I am extremely interested in reading about so don't forget to leave your comments down below let's try not to argue and yell at

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