30 January 2019

What are we Buying?? New Makeup Coming SOON!

New Makeup Releases ... What are we Buying? Colourpop BFF mascara, Huda Beauty, ABH , Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Collection, Beauty Bakerie, Too ...

hey you guys so today we're gonna be

talking about makeup releases that are going to be launching or just recently launched I actually did this one about a week and a half ago I want to say you guys haven't seen it I'll go ahead and link it down below but you guys got to hear my thoughts let you guys know what I thought of picking up and I actually wanted to let you guys know of some things I also picked up as well before we get jumping into this video if you guys haven't subscribed yet please make sure to hit that subscribe button before you guys head out why don't we just get diving right into it so I did mention a few things that I wanted to pick up in my last video and the one thing I know I picked up for sure was I think did we speak about the color pop I picked up the color pop palette it is like the purple one and then I also did end up picking up the fenty concealer the shade that I got is in the shade 150 I actually wore it today and I filmed it in a video today so if you guys are wanting to see this look I'd use a bunch of makeup so that makeup look will be up in the next video after this one goes up so keep an eye out for that I kind of zoomed back as far as I could from what

I remember so the one thing that I did want to mention is noir vina kind of gave like a little screenshot of herself with somebody and it says how the story begins and that's about it so we know that they're coming out with something but I'm excited to see what they're gonna come out with I feel like it's been a little bit since they came well they came out what last time the last thing they dropped was the sultry palette and that was really good so we'll see what's coming out the next thing we have is the huda beauty and Jacqueline f-14 3 she is a Hollywood Bollywood sorry a Bollywood actress they're coming out with a set of lashes and I don't think I will be picking up the set I have used to to view these lashes in the past and they are good and stuff and I do like them but I just have other lashes that I go to that are a lot less expensive and that I just prefer so the next thing that came out and I did get this in PR and if you guys follow me on Instagram then you guys would have seen this this here is by glow recipe they actually came out with a new line and it's called the sweet chef this year is a set of three different vitamins

serum shots is what they call them so you got vitamin A which is a it's a smoothie one and a pore refining it's actually one that I'm using currently then we've got the vitamin B and that one is supposed to give a hydrated skin and then you got the vitamin C which is supposed to help with like acne scarring and hyperpigmentation I currently am using the vitamin C from Dermalogica so I decided to try out the vitamin A which is their beet one and right now I'm liking it so far it's doing pretty good I've only been using it for a few days now so I like to interchange them but I'll let you guys know how I like those so those retail for $20 apiece they came out with some masks and this is all going to be at Target I will let you guys know what I think here in a monthly favorites okay so the next thing we had and I was going to get this but I didn't and if you guys did let me know and I want to know your thoughts because I feel like either people were happy about this or people were really mad and colour-pop did a mystery bag and it was $25 and I was going to get it and I was gonna film it for you guys I wanted to get two bags

but I ended up missing the cutoff and it sold out if you guys got any of the mystery bags let me know down below and I want to know your thoughts on them because I heard some people liked them and some people did it colour-pop also do come out with mascaras they came out with colored mascaras and then just a black mascara and they were called the BFF mascaras and I believe they're eight dollars apiece now this is one of the perks I did pick up I just did a Claire pop haul and I picked up just the plain black mascara kathleenlights she did a review on all the mascaras and when she applied like her first coat of mascara she was like it's gonna give you a lot of volume and I was like sold for $8 I'm trying it out so I didn't pick up any of the colorful ones cuz that's just not my thing but I definitely got the black one if you guys want to see a review or you guys want to see like a first impression on it let me know in the comments and I'll definitely do that we do have a nother palette by highly cosmetics that will be coming out it is the Valentine's Day collection she's going to come out with a pressed powder eyeshadow palette glitter eyes in the roses are red three

lip sets which is going to include matte liquid lipstick lip a lip liner and high gloss and they're all gonna be available on February 1st at 3 o'clock I saw this palette that was the only thing that kind of triggered me was that bright pink shade in there and that's about it it just doesn't speak to me besides that pink that is the only thing in that pink shade that speaks to me and I'm pretty sure I can find it in another collection of mine somewhere and when my palettes so that is something I'm going to pass on as well so I mentioned to you guys in the last video that I wanted to pick up the hourglass vanish vanish fluid foundation and I was like I'm getting it I'm buying it the morning comes I go to Sephora to go figure it out to find my shade and I was like I don't know what shade I am first I couldn't figure out what shade I was because I was pretty sure that I wanted to pick up the shade light beige but then I was like well buff looks like it could work for me too and so I got really confused and I was like and then I saw the price point and I was like that's a lot of money like I love foundations y'all but $56 is so

much money for a foundation I was expecting more on like the 42 to 45 I don't know why I was I for some reason i was like 42 to 45 that's as high as I normally would probably go for a foundation but $56 for a foundation I was like oh if I'm gonna spend $56 on foundation I'm gonna get the right match I ain't playin this I hope it works kind of I'm getting that stuff like correct so I did not pick it up for that reason I do want to get it but I'm gonna wait until it goes in store and then I think because it's that pricey I would probably get a sample of it try it out and then like if I like it buy it Beauty bakery is gonna be coming out with sponges and the packaging on this is so cute you guys it is a set of six blending sponges and they are in black which I love because you can't see how dirty your sponges is that's the one thing I hate about Real Techniques is my sponges look disgusting no matter how much I wash them and stuff so I really like black beauty sponges so definitely picking that up then they're also coming out with the Valentine's Day kits they're coming out with lip kits she's coming out with three lip sets $65 oh my

gosh I saw this and I thought these colors are so beautiful like the a peak set the pink one two three one two five and six was beautiful and I was like oh my gosh you're beautiful but $65 for lipsticks is really expensive passing on that I can tell you that right now here's another one and I know that this has kind of been going around also so two-faced and the pretty mess are gonna be coming out with an entire collection she's got an eye shadow which is the pretty me eyes shadow palette which is gonna have twelve shades and it says it's expensive to be me then she's gonna have ellipse injection in painkiller pink then she's gonna have some lip kits she's gonna have a housewife lip liner DSL lips Club Queen fuchsia lip liner and dramatic prismatic gloss Pat the puss which is glow all over for a natural perfected effect on skin with delicious new kissable body shimmer and money honey which is going to be a highlighter first of all they just showed the eyeshadow palette I was a little bit unimpressed with the eyeshadow palette I don't know why but I thought that when her palette would launch she'd have more vibrant colors

for some reason I don't really know who she is these eyeshadows while they're pretty they're our berry tone shadows and I have so many already like that so I could definitely pass on it I probably won't pick up anything from this collection and if I did I think it would be the lip the lip injection because I really do like their lip injections and I think the pink one would be really pretty that is the only thing that I may pick up from this collection and it might be like if I see it and I just want to splurge on myself it won't be something where I have to dive in and get it immediately ODB is going to be coming out with her dual ended shadows they are like a liquid to powder shadows have you seen those people have been reviewing them and playing around with them but one side has got the Velvet Matte shade and then the other side it's got like a shimmer to it and I've seen a couple of tutorials of people using it I've seen people review it some people really didn't like it some people did like it I'm not really certain that I would use it honestly I just it doesn't do anything for me who'da beauty comes out with some amazing amazing products

but this is one that I was just like okay like it just it wasn't really my cup of tea unfortunately these I won't be picking up well that is everything let me know down below if anything that I spoke about triggers you guys wanting to get it or if you guys are okay with just passing up on it or waiting to see reviews on stuff anything that really gets to you I think the one thing that really spoke to me that I really want to check out is the Beauty bakery sponges I've never tried any of her stuff like that so that's something I really wanted to check out I have a few things from Beauty bakery and so far I've been loving it so I'm really excited about that again I really want that hourglass foundation but that price point you guys and I want to make sure I get the right match on me so otherwise and that we are done make sure to hit that subscribe button down below before you guys head out thank you so much for watching you guys and the next time we talk we'll be doing a makeup tutorial like this I am waiting for my color pup order to come in and then I'll do a haul I got a bunch of drugstore makeup that I want to show you guys so that is what

we'll be doing here pretty soon otherwise I love you guys and if you guys want to see or check out any of my other videos they are right here make sure to hit them and you guys will head over and see you 9 newest videos I will see you guys on my next video and I hope you guys have a wonderful afternoon bye