07 May 2019

What's New in My Freelance Makeup Artist Kit | Glam by Jazzy

Welcome to my very first YouTube video! Thank you for stopping by :) Today we are talking about some of my latest purchases to further enhance my freelance ...


hi everybody welcome to my very first video my name is Jazmin and today we are going to be talking about all of the new products I have added to my freelance makeup kit this is not everything that is in my kit today it's just all the newest additions and if you'd like to see a video of all of the things in my kit please leave a comment below now you glad to do that for you but let's go sir I have purchased seven new Mac foundations we're not going to go over every color but I want to show you the range so the foundation brand is Mac and the type is Studio Fix fluid and I have a shade from NW 22 NW 60 so you can see this will focus you'll see the range of color here so my lightest to my deepest next up we have my Born This Way Foundation from Too Faced and and this I have six new foundations and these also range from a lighter to deeper tone starting with natural beige and tiramisu so I have shades in between these those are my lightest in my deepest and then my middle shades are honey in praline next up we have my makeup forever I am very excited about this foundation I have heard great things about this foundation I personally love this

foundation in my skin tone and my skin type but I read reviews I watched reviews of a variety of skin types and tones and seems to be a huge hit for so many people so I felt like it was a very important to add into my kit in this I actually have 9 different shades so I'm very proud ranging from the very lightest which is why 205 to the very deepest which is wide 535 so here's that so you can see quite the difference in these tones if you have a force shades in between and this is just a sneak peak of those my last of the four new foundation brands I've included in my kit is Smashbox foundation this is the studio skin 15 hour hydrating foundation now while this says it's hydrating it actually is really good for oily skin as well and while it says that it's a 15 hour where it actually can last up to 24 hours and the reason I wanted to get this one is it's oil free so it really does work without making you seem extra duty or unnecessarily greasy and it's fantastic for brides and I have shade 0.12 4.5 and here's a variety of course shades in the middle as well as I do with all prior foundation brains I've

shown you so far and then it's for my foundation so next up we're going to talk about my concealers so I purchased several different concealers when I started my kit but my two all-time favorite concealers I've use on myself and my clients have been the Tarte shape tape and the Mac Pro Longwear so let's go through the Tarte shape tape first I have to fish for additional shades into my kit and these range from a light to deep and a few mediums as well and so to show you the contrast here's my latest and my deepest next up is my Mac Pro Longwear from our I'm sorry my Mac Pro Longwear concealer I think I really like the Mac Pro Longwear line I have seven of these ranging from the lightest to the deepest I also have the NC and the NW shades just in case someone's a little bit more cool toned or warm toned here are those contrasts alright so that's it for your foundation and concealer next up I want to talk about my mixers um so although I have a ton of shades in front of me here I'm not gonna get every single shade of foundation for every single shade of human out there it's just not possible it's not feasible and it's a work smarter not harder type

of situation so there are these mixers that make up forevers has created and they are just the best I have three of them here so I have more of a yellow based a brown based and a white based mixer and what that helps me do is let's say my deepest Mac foundation is the best matching shade in my collection for a client but it's a little bit too deep I could add a little tiny bit of this into the drop that I use on my client and it will essentially create their perfect trade so starting out with contour I purchased two cream kits a light and medium and these are from Anastasia Beverly Hills and that's what these look like right here so this is the light the medium has some deeper shades in here which are perfect I also purchased the Mac Studio Fix sculpt and shape contour palette and so this palette is great because it is made for deeper skin tones now going into powders and bronzers I really want to start off by talking about the Too Faced chocolate Soleil bronzer I love this bronzer it's been a Holy Grail for years I have the medium or I should say the chocolate shade in my kit already but they also have a milk

chocolate which is a bit lighter and then a dark chocolate which is also darker oh here are those shades so right here to my right your left you'll see the milk chocolate and then this is the dark chocolate and then I also wanted to purchase a mineralized skinfinish from Mac and this is in the dark deepest it's very warm very deep and it's just one of my favorite shades in my collection this is the cover FX translucent perfect setting powder and I bought it in a deep shade and a light shade so luckily there are deep shades now of translucent powders from to my favorite brands Anastasia and cover effects and here are both here is the anastasiya and here is the cover effects after talking about my bronzers my contours and my powders of course we have to talk about highlight and so the highlighting powder that I like to use is from Anasazi as well and this is actually a limited edition palette that I currently own in my own personal collection and I was incredibly excited to stumble upon the brand new palette I guess it's not really starting like that I wish it was but I love this palette so much and it just has such a variety of highlighting

shades and textures as do most anastacio palettes and let me show this to you it's the nicole guerrero glow pick next up after talking about the face we need to move on to the eyes and brows absolutely define your face and the next product I'm going to talk about I was actually gifted by my sister and I'm so happy because when I started my feelin's business I started with the BH Cosmetics brow palette and did the job it worked well but I always always wanted this palette and I'm not gonna splurge and get this right away but my birthday just passed and my sister purchased this and it's the anasazi a brow palette it's just the best so it has all the individual compacts you'd purchase for yourself I typically use the chocolate for me and I have it a little tiny compact and it works it's fantastic but I couldn't purchase each of those individually because that would be way too pricy and when I found that they released a pro palette I needed best in my life so thank you so much for this palette you know who you are and here it is so it has every single shade released by Anasazi up plus a brow primer now use brown primers I don't think they

work or serve any purpose but I will use this kind of like a a gel to set brow hairs in the right position especially if I'm with you for more of a bushy brow which is really attracted by some people next up I added to my collection of dip brows so Anasazi it has these dip rose this is the dark brown which has been in my collection but I added four more because why not and here they are and we use our chocolate and soft brown and then taupe and ash Brown so these are lighter than the prior to that I showed you I have a ton of palettes in my collection already but Juvia splays sells some of the best shadows I've ever used for such a low price so the path that I want to talk about is the warrior palette and that's what the cover looks like and this is the inside of the palette as you can see here these are huge pants and great Universal colors these will look great on anybody deep skin included my pet peeve is when a shadow is not pigmented enough to show up on deeper skin tone I have shadows that don't even show up on my skintone which is just crazy devious places never let me down and so I had to get this palette in to my

collection and it's just beautiful because these three here are mattes and these are just your standard mats that you would need a good crease color a good brow highlight color and a deep brown to smoke out your look and then we have some glitters here so these are pretty fantastic and I'm very excited to use these on my clients the next palette is probably my all-time favorite palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills is the sultry palettes this packaging is just phenomenal and let's just turn this around so I'm blind you here are all the shades this is just all-time one of my favorite palettes ever it has one two three four five six seven mattes there's some like titanium which are ultra pigmented glitter chunky type shadows there's some shimmers but this is the closest to a cool-toned palette I've seen Anasazi come out with and it is an essential for achieving the best smoky eyeshadow look you'll ever get so I purchased four more of these mixed mixed glitter brilliance and they're just few small packages you look like this and I have a true yellow gold which I don't actually currently own in my collection and I have this beautiful

bronze little focus and then I have this I call it a disco ball because it is a purple but it has so many different colors as well and then of course a true silver because you can't have a glitter collection without having a true silver I also picked up three Tarte lip glosses they are very pinky rosy shades they are I can't wait to try these on my clients I'm so excited and then here I have a lip paint so it's not a liquid lipstick but it's just kind of like wearing a regular lipstick in a wand type these have never really been opened so you tell it's very clean the wand is great but it wouldn't be using on my clients I'm very very proud of the collection I've been building and I'm just again very excited about all the shades I have in my collection taken back to it guys I don't think I have anything else to go over today um thanks for sticking it out with me on my very first video that is all thank you so much guys have a wonderful day [Music]