28 July 2015

What's in My Makeup Travel Bag? | Jackie Aina

Hi, from Athens Greece! Today I'll be showing you what makeup I typically bring with me on a trip abroad! FYI this is a lot more makeup than the usual because I ...

hey what up y'all I'm definitely

shooting this fail in Athens right now this is the best leg I can get but hi how are you guys I miss you guys I haven't filmed in like over a week some of our videos were pre uploaded if you are not hip to the situation that I've been talking about on my snapchat and Instagram Wi-Fi in some of these hotels I like not cute so the reason why I've been getting uploads so freakin late is because literally it takes like four to five hours just to get a video live I've really been trying I've really been trying but anyway today's video is going to be a what's in my travel bagg video specifically what's in my makeup travel bag video I've already shown you guys how I pack makeup but this is more of like a real life scenario of what I would typically take with me while traveling on a trip so I figured this would be the perfect way to introduce you guys to what I take with me when I travel now I will say since I am filming while I'm here and I planned on filming a bunch of tutorials just a disclaimer I guess I'm going to have way more makeup than usual actually I would say the amount of makeup I have now is probably double than a actual real life scenario

so you don't have to tell me that's a lot of makeup butter noodle i I know girl I know it's just I'm here working so I had to breathe all palettes you can imagine um we're gonna do this walk style I didn't plan on doing any vlogs so it was here a lot of you guys were asking me to vlog while I was here in Greece but but it's just too much work for me girl I mean it's just too much work for me it's just a bit much of it too much everything so I figured while I might do this vlog style give you the best of book roll thing yeah alright let's go to the makeup bag okay so as you can see I have a plethora of different pouches over here I'll start with brushes this little one right here this is that keep all of my brushes I bring all of my standard brushes that I use on an everyday makeup application but because again I have the intent of filming and working well here I brought way more than out I've doubled each brush on my powder brushes I brought them to powder brush nibs about two or three foundation brushes just so that I don't have to deal with dirty tools because if you don't bring enough tools and you keep

reusing the same ones that's how you break out not the business and then in this pouch I have pretty much all of my powder products so I'll just briefly talk about what I brought with me and why this is one of the newest high lighter shades from colour-pop it came from there it was a very limited edition set this is called a road trip and it's just like a champagne gold highlighter I would slash it like how it would make a difference because he can't buy it anymore he's literally almost act like three days okay these new are actually they may not be new but these blushes from the balm are the bomb like literally these have been bay as of the past week or so they are supposed to be like staining blushes so I brought a good like purple should actually this is like what I would wear is my purples and teams I brought this one to go with my corals and then I brought a just a random brighter coral actually this one is more coral and then this one is more peach so I brought these with me because right now these are the three blushes that I'm wearing the most the bright cut the bright coral is toile a total I don't

know how to say that Swiss dot is the peach shade and houndstooth is the pinky purple I was gonna bring a principled sharpener with you and about how cool that is I brought my bag me bronzer from Sasha because I am and getting dwarf guys so I mean it's a you know kind of chisel that out and then I brought another random people I just wanted from Milani Barrymore you all know this is a cuz this is like one of my favorite like AP blushes I brought two becca highlighters with me one in topaz and one in rose gold because i don't have options and then I brought my covergirl Queen collection bronzer just in case I felt like one was getting on my nerves I just like to have options okay we've already discussed that of course sasha has been on damn near every continent with me and always always always have a yellow base powder for under-eye setting and then for my face powder I brought this limb from black up this is the loose powder and shake number 14 which is probably a tad too light for me oh we ain't gonna tell nobody that okay and then in this bag this is my main fish okay this is pretty much where the

mother lode of product goes all of my foundations I do like to have a variety and can tell you right now this simplemente Lord louder is too light so I have to Conte really heavily with that which is where this look for makeup ever comes and this is the H the new og then the new HD ultra stick and it's in 180 now when I bought this is way too dark I didn't buy they gave it to me but when they came to me it was way too dark I hang on to it anyway and now I use this around the perimeter of my face to blend in with foundations like the boots one better to light okay so I also brought ten Tito all I brought back up true color because these are my foundation is that oh and covergirl CC cream these are my foundations that these are just like my Arsenal's if not they might have top favorite ones especially in hot climates is super warm air grease I brought some eyeshadow bases with me some cream color bases these are from Charlotte silvery I box recently a new eyes to mesmerize and this is model this do you guys have seen Mona Lisa and you've also seen this teal one but you have not seen is my new BAE it's in Verushka and it's like the most

beautiful olive green what a beautiful olive green so I don't want to know like every other day lately because seriously it's gorgeous and then of my one like lightweight foundation you always have to bring his likely foundation between the covergirl CC cream and miracle cushion from Lancome it's been holding up really really well even in the grease heat so I wanted to bring something that I can wear down a day when I'm maybe it's a beach and don't want anything super heavy I brought my favorite primers and me which I've stored on this side pouch both of them from Becca and make it forever I brought both new because I'm running low on each of them and I didn't want to just run out and not have anything so I just put on both women there and between using either one of these whereas with mac pregnant prompts can refine zone yo makeup and going nowhere literally like all-day money I brought two concealers I'm actually I brought one from la girl pro one just in case I decide to wear this foundation and then one highlight shade under eye and I brought a bunch of color pop eyeshadows

with me and a few Nicks because there's a colorful super colorful teal eye shadow look I wore and a couple videos back you guys really liked it so I'm gonna film it I'm here yeah I brought some liquid that mistakes you pretty much like if you're going to any type of like climate where it's like hot weather I would definitely suggest matte lip colors because they're long withering and they just stay put these two shades are both from the balm this pale pink one is this nude pink one is committed and then this peach one is honest and if you haven't seen my swatch and review video of those you gotta check it out okay search for it on my channel or check out the description box if I can't remember alright this side is where I keep all of my two products so like mascaras my preppin from highlighter pen NARS camera median concealer these from Charlotte Tilbury are so freakin amazing these are the color chameleon they're like eyeshadow pencils and they're all color coordinated based on eye colors so amethyst is for green eyes but I wear it anyway because brown eyes can do everything okay and then I have

amber which is for brown eyes and this one is like the most beautiful gold color then I brought my wife so chic la for the days where I'm like traveling cuz I'm gonna be doing some island hopping going in Santorini I'm going to Center meaning in two days and all days like that I don't feel like one think of us wear something light like this and it's pleasures and be one about my day to face really is better than sex so I had to bring her along with me because there's nothing better than a little okay let me just talk a little bit about what I did for this trip and what I don't typically different ships I don't typically bring products that I've never tried with me I don't know for some reason this trip I was feeling really spontaneous so really quickly I want to talk about the raw beaters from Urban okay bomb okay and you guys have actually been pointing it out at my snapchat and pictures on Twitter saying that I've done something different with my brows I actually happened I've just used different products so I use dark brown I use dark and warm brown and those are new really really like them

and then I also brought one of the brow tamer this is their brow gel and I believe this is warm brown yep this is more Brown this is just what I like to use to keep the brows in place to Faced better than sex I brought the black one how about the brown one I just wanna play around the brown because I like the way Brown looks during the summer you know not as harsh super black liner or black lashes and speaking of which I also brought some new they're real push-up liner not realizing that I've actually already because these were new they came out a few months ago tons of like mixed reviews and I had never tried them they sent them to me and I didn't realize that Smashbox actually has a version of this and I really I feel like this is the product you either really like or you really hate because it's a liquid formula but for me they're they just make a pine click with mine are a lot easier you have more control and they're not as harsh on the eyes which is what I really like so I brought the green blue the brown which I've literally been wearing every day during the daytime and then the black I usually wear that at

night Browns a little more softer so it's kind of nice to switch things up this pouch I have all of my lipsticks I brought all of the new Urban Decay shades they just came out with a line of new matte shades and I brought all of them with me because I'm going to swatch them for you and then I brought one random I'm totally out of frame then I brought one random one from la girl and like in my first but I try to bring them right in lipsticks because it's literally like one of those things are you never know if you're gonna be in the mood for orange or the mood for Purple's or Pink's or news I don't know bring it all I hate to be that one person who feels underprepared so I pack heavy okay Sasha fix it spray can peds talked about I underestimated this brand during this trip this one is one of the products that actually really surprised me I really really loaded on heavily to my face before going out and notice that even when I get the stuff for a long time that makeup looks very good for a long time and I don't have to blot as much when I use that so all of my eyeshadow palettes are in here I have two more foundations these are both from

Sascha these are my second I'm sorry cream to powder foundations I like one of those at night or for all day just again another variety of foundations that I thought would be helpful to have and then I always always always go out with a little body shimmer and this one is the shimmering skin perfecter from becca and topaz but this is the liquid form and when I need those bikini shots when I'm out with my legs showing out girl for my blog pictures all that I have to have everything looking on point and Becca gives me right got me looking like a good diver chocolate sun goddess okay the new folks are bronze from Charlotte Tilbury could possibly be BAE if this shade was a little darker I mean I can kind of make it work but this highlight shade is actually actually extremely incredible when you look at it it doesn't look like much because it's orange and you're like what the heck but it's the most beautiful subtle highlight I really really really like this and this has been one of the products I've been reaching for the most lately the other product I've been reaching for the most limited privately is this palette

from the balm this is their nude palette and I've been getting a worn this twice already in my one week stay here and I've been getting tons of compliments on the eye looks that I've been wearing with this Collett I really like it it's just a basic everyday nude but the shadows are super creamy they photographed really really well and I just really liked them and then I have two eyes shadow palettes from Charlotte Tilbury again I just wanted more variety this one has bowls and this one is the rock chic yeah the rock shaped rock chick this one's more of just like a green everyday color I love that palette and then I brought two shadows that you don't really stinging talked about much but our bodies in Canada last year from Lees la PA and they're super super super pretty and super pigmented and I definitely want to create some magic with these lon here for all others like I brought I brought my naked or around my Urban Decay Naked you palate because I have been inseparable from this palette since I first got it and I wanted to be able to create some looks of it and wear it out and then for all other like in-between

colors like if I needed a random teal or random crease color than all the other palettes somehow I bring this one from making pink in this test all of my not all my eyeshadows but like all of my most popular ones my favorite ones I look like my fix of shades like I can make things work with all these so it's really late and I'm really greasy and I wash my face but that is pretty much what I brought with me on my trip I really hope that you guys maybe found some helpful got some ideas and tips on how you can pack for any upcoming trips and if you have questions on any of the products it talks about let me know I'll see you guys later bye