13 October 2018

Westmore Beauty Lash Drama Bold & Beautiful Mascara & Liner on QVC

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all about the lashes with this one

because we've got liner what do you need I did a little applicator come on back wait for it we'll stay tuned so the applicator is that little McKenzie Westmore thing that you see right there yes uh $29.96 what you're gonna be able to get is the multi your excuse me you're gonna be getting the mascara which is the last drama bold and beautiful folder beautiful yeah alright and then you get the winged effects liquid eyeliner yeah this on its own the mascara would be twenty seven dollars so to be able to get the eyeliner is basically a three dollar more purchase which is pretty great yes so why are you all about the lash line and eyes for this one okay well let's start with the island well first of all I want to say with the mascara that just sold out on main earlier so this is a mascara that will go very fast because my family invented false eyelashes for the very first movie set so I was determined to put false lashes in a bottle I worked with a leading mascara formulator in the entire world thank you so much and they what they what we did is we took very fine waxes at a very specific melting

point and created this brand new texture in mascara so that you do not have to deal with the hassle of falsies extensions magnets you will not have the weight you're going to forget that you have this on but it really will give a false lash appearance is what you have on and the thing that I love for myself is that you know I've very blond tip lashes yeah so they're like non-existent I have been able to get away now and stop wearing false lashes on camera which has been an absolute dream well and I mean I watched Marissa demo she's like amazing with this where do you see her before and after with this mascara is out of control I mean really ladies if you have found that you know you're losing your lashes through the years their blond tipped their sparse this will reinvent your eyes in a way you have never experienced because this is a brand new texture there is no texture of mascara like this on the market to give you a false eyelash appearance and I feel like to do it in in what a one-coat process I won't say one swipe because I don't think we do that in mascara but just like a one coat process you can slow you can keep

layering that's the other question how many layers have you put on ah this is probably a couple I'll do a couple more so you can really see I mean they're quite a high hop in it right goes back to the formula 2 is like you'll know when to stop right because that's the great thing about like when you're living your best slash intentially yeah her lashes will let you know it was there at a hundred percent we will it absolutely will and this will not clump up this will not fade away you won't find this settling down under your eyes and you can see like a look at Marisa she's even putting it on her lower lashes you know I always say to do that I'd like to give you a compliment on this formula yeah sometimes so I've had two coats of mascara on probably since 7 p.m. you know how when you've had a long break in between mascara coats you can okay all the crunchies look at that this is silk yes it is it's absolutely except silkiness weightless look at Marissa's before-and-after look at how she has that instant pop with the mascara that instant false eyelash appearance and I

mean it she could even keep putting on more layers and create even longer even more volume to her lashes and it seemed like it enhanced the natural curl of her lashes yes because it's giving that appearance it's giving that false eyelash appearance that we're all looking for but you know people don't want to deal with glue they don't want to deal with the heaviness or the magnets that don't work for the expensive extensions that end up damaging yes so that's why I was determined to create something that could give you that false eyelash appearance and then you gave us a liquid liner yes in black in black now this is a really important one ladies because if you want to really get that pop to your eyes to really make the whites of your eyes even whiter this is a very special formula again another one that I worked with a leading formulator in the world of eyeliners because this will not drag so if you're concerned thinking Oh liquid eyeliner in a pen you're not going to have the problem of shaky hands you're gonna be able to apply every single time not just because this is an unbelievable formula that will not drag

this won't smudge it won't be affected by the water or sweating but your also getting this tool to help you draw on a perfect flick or perfect cat eye what scotch t know exactly when the eye like this and just draw and you can get it a mess if you want it doesn't matter and then just draw it out this is really impressive McKenzie that's like instant instant cat eye in which we have and the good news is you'll be able to keep that you can reuse it and it's gentle on your skin which is having better haze actual $29.96 both pieces the mascara as you just heard McKenzie say on our on our sister channel as a singular item trouble keeping it in stock now we have it with a liner which is even better for all less than $30 yep exactly and in case you missed anything throughout the show by the way the entire Westmore Beauty Collection is on beauty IQ comm there's lots of great things from foundations on there the new Betty Davis eye palette is on there which we did have beginning at the show is another