14 October 2018


Hey guys! Here's another look I tried out for Halloween. I'm really enjoying doing this. Hope you all feel the same watching it lol. remember to watch in HD, enjoy!


hey guys welcome back so today there is no secret you've already seen in the thumbnail that I'm turning myself into a werewolf or at least my best idea my best rendition of a werewolf now I am starting out this video today with my makeup already done because this was really touch and go there were a lot of things that I had to kind of fix on the fly there were a lot of ideas that I had that I kind of had to switch up as I was doing it I wanted to kind of give it a fair shot I wanted you to see the full look I even brought some hair on down to the neck and everything to make it look cousins hairy as possible so I wanted you to see the full look already done and then get an idea of whether or not you wanted to continue watching and put it together because as it's being put together it's like what is she doing what is she doing what is she doing but once it comes together this is what it looks like I personally like the final look so much I really hope that you do too so enough rambling let's go ahead and jump into the video and get you started and get me started and get us started let's get started good evening once

again not a makeup artist just kind of you know winging it and thinking of all the things that I like all the different techniques I've seen then that I like and keeping my hair as big and as wild as humanly possible so the best part about this one being budget-friendly is the fact that you don't have to go out and buy any special makeup you can very well use whatever it is that you have at home which is exactly what I'm gonna be doing today so to get it started I'm just gonna be using a boom a matte foundation already very much like the covergirl trublend matte make it's very comfortable on the skin and you know it just works well so I'm pretty much gonna forward through this part because it's gonna be just basically me putting foundation on my face so we're gonna just quickly forward through that but I'm gonna let see that that's all they're doing and then we'll come back once I'm ready to start actually doing something fantastic with moment [Music] now I'm not going to be using any concealer or anything under my eyes cuz again not trying to look cute or glam

I'm actually just trying to look as rough as possible so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna start with my rails so I'm gonna just take a spoolie and I'm gonna start brushing these suckers up the thing is that you're gonna have pretty thick brows even when I rush them up they don't really tend to stay in any nice poofy position so I am still gonna have to go in and kind of create a little flourish like hair strokes for that I'm gonna grab the Loreal brow stylist the shape and fill this was not too fine of a point it's actually kind of like that don't look round in diamond shape I'm gonna take that when start filling in my brows and then as I get to the end I'm just gonna kind of flick up and out hoping to cast that shadow of the hair is there you see them starting already we're gonna work on them a little bit more but this is just to get deep initial strands of hair going there and I also want to fill that inks I feel like my brow should now be super dark and super thick looking [Music] you know just getting my brows down or ready to makes me look like a werewolf

either that or Martin Scorsese wonder - so quickly taking a brow gel I'm gonna use it to brush my brow hairs again the little short stubby saga in the opposite direction that they normally grow just to get a thicker bushing your look again just to make them stand out more now I'm gonna leave them and then start doing some work on some other areas of the face now how wet is my face contour brush here we go from ELF and ever gonna go against everything that we know about contouring and whatnot and we're gonna make it pretty pretty dark under there so I'm gonna go into the pure stop there palette and I'm gonna go into this color here called inventor and I'm just gonna tap heavily into that sucker but okay go straight into our normally console anyway but make that sucker dork [Music] I remember this is where our hair is stemming from we're gonna make hair strokes in a bit but for right now we're gonna make that contour huge now we're gonna just work it up straight up into the hairline and make it all seamless cuz that now it's gonna look like I've got all that hairy beard growth going on

there take it down pretty close to the mouth here yeah okay and then just continue to go back and forth with that once we make hair strokes that'll make more sense but for now just go back and forth with that right there and then you know go on and do the same thing on the other side [Music] alright so after you've gotten done with the opposite side what we're gonna do is whatever's left on the brush don't pick up any extra go around over the if you see a little mark right here please ignore that I had an itch on my face I scratched it and I didn't realize I would take off sorry okay so take that sucker up and start going around build it up slowly unlike the cheeks I mean again the cheeks you work on it however you want to I wanted that stark bearded contrast to just come through and then I'm gonna make the hair like strokes but the rest of the face I'm gonna build up slowly work with it however you want and you know make it gradient make it stark however it works for you but this is just how we working a lot here

okay so at this point what I wanted to do is I want to get a smaller brush because I want to now create that widow's peak like if you remember what anyone's tur look like he had that deep widow's peak that would always be in the front of his head so I want to make that now so I'm gonna take a smaller brush like this one here again still using the pure palate going in any concert palette you want to use is up to you and make that widow's peak both sides here oh all right fine we're gonna make him part right there I've got a picked up a brush that already had black shadow on it because the stupid bristles on the brush or black I had no way to tell that I think like already on the bridge okay so go in okay so now that I more or less have that widow's peak the way I want it where I'm gonna start it just gonna use my fingers now it's a kind of fade the shadow more into the skin so it looks more organic rather than a painted in mark okay and again seeing keeping with the same brush tapping back into that contour color I'm gonna go in and I'm gonna fill it in a little bit more so that I get a little bit more of a match

toward the way the cheeks are looking I should try to see if I gotta fill this one with this brush here back to here now here's where we start going for more hair like strokes find the thinnest brush that you have this is a nice thin one right here then angled brush and again go into that contour color we've been using hold it lift the angle point down and make sure when you good and then just start making those like hair like strokes we're gonna start off with light strokes and then move on into darker strokes in a second and then go into a darker color and let's get some different colored hair strokes going in there alright now I'm gonna start working on the hair strokes around the face using more of that dark brown that darker contour color [Music] okay so now picking up another brush this one has a fine tip but it's more of a rounded fine tip I'm gonna go into the black from the morphe 39 eight dare to create palette and very lightly I'm going to start making some hair strokes with this too and I'm gonna try to make [Music] just again give different dimension and

different zones to what's supposed to be even scare [Music] because the hair doesn't only grow on the face I'm going to try to shade in some areas on my neck all the way down [Music] going in so it's like dark purple brown up here [Music] over over the eyes [Music] here all right so before I continue with my eyes what I want to do is I want to elongate the inner corners so what I'm going to do is I'm going to be taking a NYX liquid black liner and I'm gonna start from the top tube that doesn't coming down and I'm gonna just continue to follow it can't create like that V shape and then follow it right back to the bottom water lashline water lashline the bottom lash line baby were you caught doing that so I'm gonna fill that in and then continue to fill in the lashline with an actual eyeliner not the liquid liner and then I'm gonna switch to the maple eat the Rimmel scandaleyes 24-hour

waterproof corn Kajal and then I'm gonna use that for the rest of now I made the line under the lashline realistic cause I feel like dogs and wolves always have that really thick waterline that really thick black waterline so that's I made that a little thicker there so me know what I'm going to do is I'm going to let me see anything just how it has a gray in it all right remember try this gray here called dark side from the nightingale palette hunch positioner and this is what I'm looking for okay so neck Hale I'm gonna take this brush again and I want to make some hair strokes up on the news but I want to do it in like a contour shape so you would normally let's see if I can kind of lightly Consular kind of follow this whole line coming down here making it one with whatever's left on the brush just kind of follow that where those natural indentations of right above the nostrils will go kind of go over there and just kind of give you a guideline of where to now start making my hair strokes so to not make this a million years long I'm gonna switch between all the

different Browns and stuff I've used along my face I'm just gonna dip into those with this brush and kind of go up and down the nose and then just try to get a just hairy nose look [Music] okay so I may use this a flower beauty brown brow pencil and I'm gonna try to do a few more hair strokes it's right so P color I just wanted to find on those hair strokes okay [Music] now I'm going to go in with the pretty vulgar the Inc blacklist gel eyeliner and we're gonna do the ticket the news as sometimes I can find my brush alright so go in scoop some up on your brush and then get some just follow the natural shape of your nose for the most part and just fill it sucker in and then if you feel like you want to widen it or make it a little bigger as you go along then feel free to do so but rather start up small with this one see how I feel it looks and then make it bigger if I need to [Music] so far the subscribe gotten with the nose I'm not a hundred percent a hundred

percent sure if this is exactly how I'm gonna leave it I'm stuffing in Hanover this however as I've been feminine hind I've been making this expression a lot so I'm going to go back to the flower beauty brow thing pencil and I'm going to actually trace in those lines because I want some angry lines going on here even if I'm not making an expression I just kind of look mad anyway okay so I thought I had a flat matte black lipstick it turns out I do not I only have like kind of a glittery one I don't really want to use that so I'm gonna go in with the pretty vulgar eyeliner again and I'm just gonna use that to do my top lip of lipstick so the kiss of my tastic a little bit there and then well I can do this okay I'm so sorry I don't know when the recording cut out but luckily I didn't do anything major all I did was take the pretty vulgar Jo liner and I did my top lip because I didn't have a black matte lipstick like I thought I did and then I took hard candies velvet moods um liquid lip and snapdragons to do the bottom lip because I wanted there to be the contrast between the lips um I put some mascara on oh and I just

added a few more strokes I wanted more black hairs to come out of there to match with the brows that were going on and I added some more hair lines to the neck and overall this is it this is what we came up with I like this and I have to say that for something again that you just pull together all the items you have at home and you know you just don't even have to really do your hair you can just leave your hair crazy mess I love this oh one last thing that I also did was I just did a little bit of shading in the crease here I couldn't even tell you why I just looked at it and thought I would like some shading there so I put some shading there and viola voila that's it that's what you get so those that's it that's that's what it's looking like there I like this it was a little touch-and-go there for a second but I like this I like the way it ended up turning out this is something that again if I didn't have a costume if I really needed to think of something this is what I would do also I think it's great that you can just wear whatever you want you don't have to wear a costume you don't have to have a

specific outfit or anything you can just throw on whatever you want and you're good to go and turn yourself into a werewolf maybe add some hair along the backs of your hands otherwise that's it your your full-on werewolf there if you wanted to get some funky cosmetic eye contact lenses and throw them on you could do that too but even leaving your normal eye color personally I think it still works I like this I like this and I have to say going along there I'm just like EW I'm not doing this right but once you play around with it and you kind of get it the way you want and you get it shaded how you want I think it comes together so nicely and it's so much fun so once again another look in the bag if you have any questions about anything I did here please feel free to ask them down below I'll be more than happy to answer them for you that's all that I have for you today you all have an amazing rest of the week and wherever you are if you haven't already please comment rate subscribe and hit that notification bell and I'll be seeing you in my next video bye