04 July 2018

Weekly Wishlist or Washout || July 4th 2018 || BH Cosmetics, Paris Hilton & More || MAP Beauty

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hi guys welcome back to my channel here

if you're new welcome my name is Monica and today we're doing yet another edition of weekly wishlist or a Washington if you knew the channel if you haven't seen this series before what I do is once a week go through all of the new Beauty releases I seen on trend moods Instagram page and I decide if I'm going to putting them on my wish list or if I think they're a total washout this week due to the holiday I am doing this a little rushed so we are just doing a voiceover for this if you haven't seen the rest of my videos in the series also the playlist up in the cards where you could see how the video normally is and see everything that I've done since January of this year before we jump into the video don't forget to give this a thumbs up if you like this series and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already his little bell icon to notify it whenever I post a new video starting off first with an update about that new lush cosmetics foundation apparently it's a limited edition and be only available in the UK which I don't understand a limited edition foundation but from how not good the rest of their cosmetics line seems to have done I can

kind of understand it but also why advertise it why do all this if it's a limited edition and be only in one country like I don't know I don't understand that so that's not happening so else is coming out with some mixed to match foundation shade adjusters I don't know about the shades themselves but I am looking for something to darken foundations that are too late for me right now so I think like that bronze shade would do good for foundations that are too that are too late for me right now in the middle of summer so I would look into getting now and cuz I'm sure it's affordable um but I really seeing how bright those shades are like how yellow that yellow is I really don't know how it would work but you know it's something I'd really like with the price point I'd be willing to try that okay so what's that new Harley palette like like it's even like I didn't think anything could be more boring him in her last night on paint palette but she did it she did it it's more boring I don't get it Oh what what what I don't know I'm not gonna be getting it okay this seems super gimmicky and I really don't understand it why is this brush in the

shape of a star does it do anything does it help anything is it just look pretty why and why is it $30 I don't get anything about this brush I know it doesn't like it cosmetics brushes are really nice and they're soft I don't own any of them I don't want to think they're worth the price because you can get better ones for cheaper but what is this what is this like oh I don't get it okay so this is the full I guess new collection coming out from nabla cosmetics I have not tried any of their products but I would be interested in trying one of like their blushes or highlighters up here in the corner because those are beautiful and I like the packaging I like how they look so I might try one of those they come out July 12 I might keep an eye out but it is a brand that I have not tried before ok so these make up forever face palettes like I get it they're supposed to be your all in one palette make it easy to just throw a face on and go but I don't know I'm not interested in the products themselves I think that that one peachy blush looks really nice but the rest of the palette like if I cover up that

plush I'm totally disinterested completely Oh steal a steal a steal a steal is after my heart Stila is coming out with new vivid and vibrant shades of the shimmer and glow liquid eye shadow all these look beautiful that green I need that green in my life I need that green are you that purple I need that blue oh my god they look beautiful I need all of these and you know are these already out please already yeah I think they're already out oh oh okay I think they're only a goal to I have to go find them oh look how pretty these are they're beautiful okay this is something that I need ya odds are we picking up if not most of them a couple of them so this is interesting Paris Hilton is coming out with a skincare line I guess sure I'd be really interested to see some reviews on this line like some long-term reviews kind of like a long like in-depth I've tried these products for a few months review but if they get to good reviews I might try it cuz I am looking for some new serums I am looking for some new eye creams so this could be on my list but then again it's like luxury priced so I don't really know if it's

gonna be worth the price okay so this new palette from NYX at first I was intrigued I was like okay that looks kind of cool not exactly morphe not exactly like what they've been doing but then I really broke it down I looked at the colors there's nothing there that I don't already have it's a big palette and it's $35 yeah it's $35 honestly if it had been 20 I would have picked it up cuz it's it seems to me worth around that much from Nicks they're doing a better job of their prices because I know if they're stupid like elements pellets they charge 30 just for that so I think they're doing better but I don't think this is something that I need especially for 35 so melissa michelle is coming out with another collection with Ulta I didn't get her palette the last time but this one looks pretty cute I mean I the only thing really intriguing me is that green heart cover up the green heart and it's just like a super neutral palette but you got to admit the packaging is beautiful they seem like good products and I think it's a really cute idea for a club but it's just one that I'm not

gonna be reaching for girl on is celebrating their anniversary with a new colorful meteorites cushion product which this looks beautiful I'm just looking at it it's amazing but I can't even imagine the price and I can't imagine what it's actually going to do so it's pretty to look at pretty to look at I will never be getting this ever wet and Wilde's new collection that's coming out is called written in the stars that has a lot of potential but also a few of them in addition collections have been falling flat so I would take a critical look at what products are going to be in this collection odds are I'm not gonna jump and buy the box again but if I do see individual products that look interesting I would jump on the individual products I'm just due to my experience I probably wouldn't jump in on a full box again and Charlotte Tilbury I've never tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury and this palette looks amazing I definitely don't need any more highlighters especially for $58 but it's a beautiful looking palette not one that is feasible for me I don't even know where would buy Charlotte Tilbury honestly but it looks pretty looks

really pretty just I won't be picking it up so this new BH Cosmetics palette at first I was like oh that looks really pretty but then I look at it a little bit more critically if I cover up the red and the blue on that bottom room nothing about it intrigues me nothing and that's a the majority of this palette is glittery I think if they had done more of a not subtle but more of a full face like throw some nice orange blush shades in there make some nice face highlights and then do a wide range of eyeshadow color so if like the other 810 pans that would have been nice and all in one face palette from BH Cosmetics would be incredible especially if their prices but mmm this fall's a bit flat for me this year it finally came out with magnetic packaging which as they should and they came out with this new palette the cool mattes - honestly with the rest of the shadows in my collection I don't think the visi are ones are worth the price I really don't you can get better quality ones you can get better packaging from a variety of other brands and this color scheme is just your basic cool tones you don't

need this I don't need this nobody needs this for $80 nobody okay and I think that's everything for this week's episode I hope you guys liked it don't forget to give this a thumbs up if you did I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July of you here in the States if not just happy you july 4 after the rest of you you can celebrate anything you want and I hope you guys have a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye bye [Music] [Music]