21 December 2018


VLOG 2 - Organising and clearing out all my wardrobes, How I do my mascara & daily life! LINKS BELOW WARDROBE BOSS https://www.wardrobeboss.co.uk ...

good morning guys and welcome back to

another vlog I'm not gonna call it vlogmas because the way it's looking I'm only gonna get two vlogs up this Christmas or like this December so it was Reebok but it's a nice introduction to my vlogs and so I makeup free and I've also had a really bad breakup because I'm hormonal which is not fun but anyway but it might be fun to do my makeup and then later on today and ladies coming to do my wardrobe with me and organize them so I'm gonna bring you along with that and so what I wanted to do this morning was my mascara on camera with you guys but all ask about my eyelashes and whenever I've done makeup videos in the past I have enough fashion it's got the dog peed on my carpet yeah a lot of you asked me how I do my mascara but it takes so long and whenever I've done makeup videos before I just kind of like I've just done my mascara and then done my base makeup with you so I thought it might be fun to show you my mascara I never lost all of my portable mirrors so I'm having to use this NARS palette which has a mirror on the front oh with skin and okay so the myth the mascara that you use is this by Terry one which I'm ringing to

repurchase because it dries anything and finished but it's called lash expert twist brush mascara double effect from by Terry looks like that and this one I use on my bottom lashes because it doesn't transfer on to my skin and then I use benefit they're real everywhere else also I will just say I make a hell of a mess when I do my mascara and that's why I do it before the rest of my makeup so I'll have like Lowe's knows black up hair and all under hair but I just remove that afterwards there [Music] I someone like you to stab I mean away and I tree like you warm and tender single day joy [Music] you know and so that's them done normally now I would call my hair or I was coffee and let them dry for a little bit and then I will do the rest of my makeup so I wouldn't do that now okay and then just

to let you know to take it off I just use this lip micellar water from Garnier and then I use two cotton buds and I just wet the ends and then basically rub everything off okay and then that is my finished makeup now I'm going to tidy this house because Gabrielle is coming and uh it's literally a shithole as per usual look at this mad dog nope I'm playing with your slipper mummy okay so I just crawled my hair using the babbling wand I would link that below again because a lot of you asked me about it and it's amazing so I'll link that one down below and yeah I'm just gonna quickly whiz round the house give it a quick clean and then I'm gonna go pick up Gabriella and get started on the wardrobes but I think I'm going to show you them really quickly and before me get started and then I'll like film throughout but I want to show you them before this is my wardrobes as you can see they're pretty messy basically this one is the worst because it's deep so it goes all the way back down there where that door is there but that doesn't open so you only have this one door and then you have this whole rail so it's very hard to see in there so I need to kind

of organize them in a way where anything back there is things that are in use that often and then you know things I use often and then there's a shelf here so obviously like this kind of stuff is just not sitting right this is all my jackets but I think I need to do a little bit for clear out I do have these big bags going to be bloggers where I sell things so it might today what I definitely will pull out things I don't wear anymore and pop them in there and then this is kind of like my short jackets and all of this and here is bodies and then shoes boxes I have no use where I obviously I'm using the bits at the top they're just you know not being used properly or utilized is the word then I have these drawer which is like underwear scarves that kind of thing and then I have this chest of drawers which just meat organizing because I mean let me show you they're just they're just you know there's no there's really nothing to them though just not making sense so here is my rail which eventually will sit in my room when I have my new sofa because then I'll have room for it but this is just kind of like big jackets that don't fit

in the Wardrobe at the minute and that kind of thing so yeah I just basically need to organize everything so it makes sense but yeah that is the before and I'm so excited for Gabriella to come and work her magic I will link all of her details below as well for you guys so yeah okay so Gabi is overnight and we're just looking for the wardrobes and basically we're going to pull everything out and then kind of go through and sift out things that I don't wear anymore or things I don't think I need which will then go to II blockers and then we're gonna put it all back in and make it look really pretty things just a mess like I kind of got laid I got lazy on a New York just stop hanging things up so you're gonna just pull it out and go from there hey guys look gorgeous now yeah oh my goodness with a little helper on you you're helping us so this is at the current state of the run we're just pulling everything like going through but I think I'm making good progress what do you think yeah Casey we're making serious progress I've got rid of so much stuff like I needed to do this so don't go and I get rid of so much stuff weekly but there's

things in there you know and you're like hold onto things and you just need someone else there to like help you be cutthroat okay so it's already looking so much more organized here we have all like my black jackets on my leather jackets and then here we have on my long bits and then here is tops and I think it's like little thin jackets and blazers and then some my shoes down here we'd start putting some shoes up here which is really not much better it makes more space and then I haven't done up there yet and now we're about to tackle the chest of drawers so making good progress she's hired can you say Gabriella from wardrobe boss has just left and oh my god I'm obsessed with my wardrobe I'm gonna do it I think I'm gonna do a wardrobe terribly think that might be like quite fun but I'm gonna just show you them now and then maybe tomorrow I'll go through them in a little bit more depth because they I mean it's getting dark and the Lighting's a bit crappy but I'm going to just show you so it's so typical as she leaves all of this new bits turn up this is how my wardrobes are looking now

it looks so so much better I'm actually obsessed with it and then over here we have this pre my favorite section it's all my black stuff so it was a very very productive day and thank you so much Gabby like literally you have made my life so much easier and but I think I will grow it through my wardrobe properly with you guys another day but yeah that's it for tonight so it's my Friday night I'm gonna go check out evening guys so it's now Saturday and I did have all in tend to the blogging today but it was so miserable like it was absolutely tipping it down all day I'm heading home on Wednesday which means that tonight is our last kind of like weekend together before Christmas and then I'm back just before a new year so we always kind of do like our little Christmas evening together a little bit earlier than actual Christmas obviously so yeah we're having a little Christmas night in which is fun it's going to show you this jumpsuit from Missha line which is one of my favourite knitwear brands ever so this is just a little jumpsuit I'm not gonna think it's going to show up very well because the lighting is not very

great in here but it is a little jumper so it's a little tie and then a wrap front which I really like and then pockets and I've just rolled the bottoms up because this is like usually the problem with me and stuff like this always too long for me so I just rolled them but I thought this is so so sweet number one for tuning in the house but also for things like traveling or in the day was just some like chunky trainers and a big coat over the top hey it's so good is he missing your girlfriend hey so we're just having a little family you know it's Christmas now well it's our Christmas because I always think our home bronies so yeah that's how we do Christmas no how does Claire know we'd like a little early night and so we're just gonna doesn't have an easy night in have a little drink and celebrate something say hi beanbag with all of these people huh people up there we are celebrating some bits and bobs man Johnny do they know this being by up girlfriend wait so what stead of writing some things for Johnny because he has had an amazing year haven't you Donnie yeah and then we'll celebrate down on New Year and

again we like to celebrate when you have been back already said he's missing his girlfriend I knew gilfred how you flog some of that yeah I think I got some of that coming but I think I'm gonna have the ring is super quiet in the world I said well it is quiet it's fun by us and I think my cards like nature yeah and we just say we need to get some board games don't we for the new year well don't buy them because some I mean you're talking about embedded not because going to manatee because I don't know what you guys buy just cut into that game I don't know why people find it fun it's just like that is so far removed from my humor it's not funny like I just I don't understand why people think that's funny anyway and okay it's I'm rambling so use a piglet it's not a French Bulldog it's close enough what you think about your travels neither emits card and pugs how would you dress it up show us how you dress this up spirit nods twerk team hi guys so I'm just quickly going through that vlog and I realized that I did not finish it at all but basically it's now a Tuesday and I am just

finishing up work really for the year just tying up some loose ends going video today and also editing a lot of stuff and then I'm going home to Scotland tomorrow so this is going to be the last vlog I'm going to just show you my wardrobes because I wanted to talk you through them quickly and like show you how amazing they look from Gabi literally working her magic on them and also I want to just finish up the vlog like not so yeah I don't just to say no and I will pop all of Gabi's details below I think I did say that the other day but anything you need to find her will be down below and I so can't recommend her enough like I still have my sofa here when she left I just sat on the sofa for like 40 minutes with a glass of wine on my phone and I had all my wardrobe doors open this is so sad and I was just so happy with them I just kept like looking at them and so yeah I'm gonna show you them now and then I'm going to talk to you by office and then the next vlog will be a finished office and all that kind of stuff so this is the current situation of my office so the sofa finally is gone I'm so freaking happy I

can't even tell you and then tomorrow a new one's arriving which will only take up probably like plug to plug I would say and then I'm gonna have room down here and room down here so pace so this is my office at my office this is my wardrobe I did show you them before but now there's not so for that it's a little bit easier to show you them properly just to quickly run you through we have some heeled boots up here which are all like the boots I would go out for dinner and that kind of things the ones I'm not reaching for probably like daily up here is all my trainers and all my like nice trainers I'm a designer ones and that kind of thing and then we come die so to here we have all of my like skirts and these are like leather and trousers that I would only really wear at dinner so not like skinny it's like straight legs and then we have shirts and little top light weight tops shirts blouses all that kind of stuff in here and then back here we have all my coats and sort of like lightweight jackets so like my denim jacket it's this sort of like bomber jacket thing all that kind of stuff and then a few Blazers in there as

well actually all my brazzers in there and they're moving down here is all of my knitwear so all of my knitted jumpers everything that sort of like this season so big roll necks lots of knits some thin knits and then back here is spare hangers and then my travel bag and that kind of that don't really have anywhere else to go this makes a lot more sense to me now because now I don't have to keep getting all the way back in here at the time figure out was there because I just know the things that are there so I probably won't be going back there as much because it's more sort of like summer jackets I've got a little bean trying to get in mommy's wardrobe excuse me good boy it's looking a little bit sparse and they just pull a lot of things out to go show you guys in a hole which should be up probably before this actually so in here is all of my long coats and like blonde cardigans and that kind of things to have like all my proper winter coats I have some non coats and more sort of like the thin ones Obon days that aren't that cold I have a few cardigans in here and then I

have like my knitted dresses and that kind of thing so that's that section and then down here all my daily wear boots ones that I've reached for the most and I also have a shoe cupboard downstairs which is where a lot of my daily boots and shoes are at the minute sort of just like my nice boots that are sitting here so I have some from Zara these are from office and then River Island and Zara and so just one that I reached for daily which is really super handy my black boots which are the ones that I would reach for at most anyway so actually I'll start up here I have some summer bags that I don't reach for as often and then a big thick scarf that's just taking up too much room in the drawers and then in here I have all my leather jackets and my fur leather jackets I have a black blazer I have a black cardigan I have this gorgeous river island two-piece set that I wore to the British Fashion Awards which is on my Instagram and then some other like aviator jackets and then big fluffy ones and relays so this is definitely my favorite section here is all of my bags that I would reach for daily so I have my wires out I have

listened it one here from jewel boutique in the back I have some other bits and bobs and handbag wise so that's really handy all my daddy bags are there and then we sorted out all my drawers so I have my bras and I have my underwear and belt no socks and belts in here and then in here I have all of my pajamas which are now like nicely folded I have my sets I have my t-shirts and then up here is all like my sports bra and my like comfy wear for that kind of thing and then in here is on my winter pieces so I have my hats my scarf smyth inner scarfs and then as I said the really big thick one is up the top there you come over here if Gabi saw this should be so angry me but this is just because I'm going home tomorrow and I'm packing and everything is a mess again but the drawers are still nice and tidy so in here we have all my buddies my knitwear and my other like little black polo necks and that kind of thing and here is all like my loungewear or my jockeys or my like sets of loungewear and that kind of thing we've done and we have all my blue jeans in here and then here on my exports leggings not that I work out but you know I wear them a lot

around the highs and then finally we have all of my black jeans on here so that is it eventually this room will make a lot more sense and we'll finally look I want it to look but that will have to wait until January but I will of course show you when it's all done and that brings us to the end of this vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it again and I also hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year I'm going to continue to vlog I really really loved it I think it's really fun and also lots of new content will be coming your way in the new year so I can't wait for that and yeah give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and of course hit subscribe for me it means the world and I will see you in 2019 bye