06 May 2019

Weekly Makeup Basket | Shop My Stash | May 6

Hey guys, here is my weekly makeup basket for the week of may 6th.

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today's video is going to be my weekly makeup basket this is my second one so if you missed last week you can go watch it to see the makeup that I used this week and what's on my face right now um but let's just jump right into it and pick makeup before this week okay we're gonna try a little bit of a different angle this week um last week I used the Urban Decay Born to Run palette if you're not familiar with it it looks like this and obviously I didn't use every single shade this week because I am still working on my pan that palette but I had fun using like these ones I used these a lot puts these golds are a little less intense than the one in my pan that palette I used this one day with my pan that palette shadows and I used still shot a lot as a transition shade oh I really like this palette and a little sad to be putting it back because I feel like I didn't use it a ton but I have so many eyeshadows it's time to switch it out for the next one so the next hi shadow palette is my Urban Decay Modern Renaissance this is what this one looks like I have a pretty big dip in red ochre because that was in a project pan maybe a year and a half

ago two years ago but I also have no pain in this palette but I have used this palette quite a bit so this palette should be good for this week because I graduate on Friday so this is going to be my graduation palette I did not end up taking pictures this week or last week like I thought I was going to sew pictures are going to be taken this week so this is the palette that I'll probably be using for my graduation pictures and also for my graduation I'm also going on a family trip right after graduation so this is the palette that I'm going to be taking with me on the trip we are going up to Orlando and going to Universal so that should be fun okay moving on to the lip drawer I skipped the other palate drawer because I think I'm just gonna pick singles again this week just to make it easier to travel with this weekend this past week I had four lip products the first one was this the bomb bombs or creamy lip stain and namaste I really liked this it was the first time trying it this week and I throw it across the room next I had the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Berlin um I also liked this one it's a little dry for me but it was

still pretty nice next I had the petite bunny gloss bar from Tony moly and juicy cherry I really liked this one and then I also had the bite Beauty multi stick in papaya and I used this one a lot so let's just put these back okay so now I have to pick lipsticks for this week let's see what do I want to wear to graduation I have two dresses that I'm not sure which one I'm going to wear yet one is like a burgundy and one it's like yellow with flowers on it I think if I wear the burgundy one I'll use this this is the Tarte color splash lipstick in yachting and then if I wear the yellow one I think I'm gonna pick beach waves it's more of like a brownie nude so these are gonna be my graduation lipsticks and then I need oh I just kicked the camera sorry these are gonna be my graduation lipsticks and then I need something for universal possibly um I think I'll pick this estate lip gloss in goodie just to have something easy and then I'll pick one more something fun and I'm gonna pick this two-faced lipstick in hey girl this is the matte formula I'm not sure if they make this anymore but it's just a bright pink so these are going to be my four lip

options this week okay moving on to blushes and single eyeshadows last week I had this butter blush in plum rose and this makeup forever sample in s21 for I really liked both of these this was more natural lighter blush I could really like build this up and then this even though it was a little hard to get my brush in there because the pan is so small but I think I'm gonna keep it just because it was a really nice color so putting these back I'm just gonna do the same thing and just grab the next one in each container so this next one is bomb Springs which is another sample I got this one from an Ipsy bag this one was in a project pan once so there's some wear on it but this is going to be one blush and then this is the flower Beauty flowerpots powder powder blush in sweet pea it's just a nice nude blush when this one's a little bit more peachy I know it's hard to see in the camera but this one comes off a little bit more PG and this one's a very nice nude blush and do I want any single shadows to go with my Modern Renaissance palette I [Music] might just go at this one this one is

the Naked cosmetics pigment in mother nature and it's basically like a blue brown I also have Bluebell blue Brown from Mac they're basically really similar but this one's a little bit easier to use because it's the packaging Knutson even though it still makes kind of a mess I got this in an Ipsy bag so I'll pick this to go with my Modern Renaissance palette for the week okay moving on to highlighter and bronzer last week I had the city glow city color glow duo this one I don't think there's a color but this one came in an Ipsy bag and I had the Wet n Wild highlighting gold bar in Holly Holly gold head those were nice I don't really use them that often so it was nice to use them but they're not like I'm not gonna get rid of them because they're still nice and then for bronzer I had this mini hoola and I really liked this this was a really good color for me so I'm just gonna put these back and pick and I'm gonna pick again one from each this is the Daisy and pearl highlighter from Seraphine botanicals I got this in an Ipsy bag I know it looks really dark but when you if you lose use

a light hand and you blend it out it's really pretty so I'm gonna go with that one and then we'll go with that goes champagne pop just to have two different colors for highlight and if you can see I got a couple of new ones I got the Ursula one when they were having their 20% off the Disney collection and then I got Julia's place the tribe vol 3 I haven't used those yet just washed them I'm so sad when I put took this out of the package I like dug my finger into it but it's okay what am I ever gonna use up a highlighter but again if you guys know me you know I love Arielle and everything to do with Arielle so I had to have that um and then for bronzer I think that I'm just gonna keep this in my drawer and use it because I'm almost done with it like I think I could really use this up within the next couple months at least like this one and this one I go really heavy handed on bronzer so I think I can actually use that one up pretty quickly but to travel this weekend I think I am going to take my Too Faced chocolate Soleil just because it's really slim and tiny and I know it works well for me

so those are my highlighters and bronzers for the week and then I'll put everything back in my drawer and I'll show you what it looks like okay so here is my drawer for this week obviously I have my pan that palette which I just did an update last week so go check it out if you haven't seen it my two highlighters the bronzer that I'm gonna take traveling two blushes the single shadow that I picked to go with my modern Renaissance the bronzer palette that I'm just going to keep it here to try and use up and then the four lip products in this little container over here with all of my things that live in here like the chopstick and the my primers and like my eyebrows stuff so that all lives in there and yeah that's my drawer if you enjoyed watching this video please give it a thumbs up please subscribe down below and hit the little bell to get notifications of when I upload videos and please leave comments down below of future videos that you like to see thanks for watching bye