21 December 2018

Wedding/Christmas Makeup Look | Lux Inspired Bold Red Lip & Cut Crease Eye Tutorial

Hey, Guys! I'm back with a wedding/party makeup look for you! It's a classic bold red lip with a golden cut crease. Red has always been one of my favorite colors ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel make

up Matt's tea I hope you guys missed me and my tutorials because today I am going to do this beautiful makeup book right here which is basically winter I mean a Christmas a new year and a wedding just kind of makeup look well you can do this makeup look any time you want or any occasion that you want this is preferably for the wedding guests I mean for the event when I was a contestant in love superstar this year we were gifted this really pretty gift basket containing the hypnotic rose I have seen the TVC before but that was the first time ever I saw the premium perfumed soap collection up front and it was so pretty and instantly it caught my eye was the basically the bold red color and I absolutely love it this entire makeup look was inspired by the love it's not reclose so without any further ado keep on watching first of all I'm going to moisturize my face because it's winter so I'm going to use the body shop vitamin E moisture cream this is basically for dry skin I have combination skin which means I have a oily t-zone and the rest of my face is kind of dry so I press apply my cheek

area and right over here not the t-zone now you definitely definitely definitely want to prime your skin so I'm gonna use the Maybelline New York moon baby skin instant pore eraser it's like a joke kind of helps the foundation light onto your skin so my lips are drying out I'm gonna use the body shop born lippy it's kind of like a gel flavored strawberry flavored he loved it so much so yummy and it's kind of like edible you can eat it and for the foundation I'm going to use the wet and wild photo focus foundation this is really the shade golden beige perfect for my skin and then I use the Real Techniques Beauty Blender sponge to blend it into my skin the best thing about this foundation that with a cap it has a little spatula attached to it so easy for the application you can simply spread it out onto your face [Music] this is actually a medium coverage eventually when you start applying it you can apply a first layer then you can go for a second layer for a heavier coverage but as you know if you're looking for a high coverage makeup

tutorial this is not the place for you because I'm a medium coverage girl [Music] before I can feel I'm going to go ahead and contour my face using a cream contour stick this is the absolute New York scott stick in the shade medium over my forehead down my cheekbones a little bit on the jawline because I have a double chin and you don't want enough I like my nose being really slender I mean I believe a very small gap for the highlight now that I could contour I'm going to blend it into a skin whatever you do just don't swipe it don't don't do this don't all right I'm ready for highlighting I'm going to use the fit me concealer and this is in the shade sand table number 20 sensing use it on a regular basis a little bit really really read thin sharp line little bit on my forehead like this I'm going to blend this baby on to my skin a lot of people put a triangle shape with the concealer so what I am using me doing is I'm dragging the concealer and blending it at the same time and putting it I mean applying it in a triangular shape so that my dark circles covers up easy

[Music] all right and now I blended all the concealer into my skin I'm going to set everything using the Maybelline New York clear smooth all-in-one and it is going to set the concealer I mean the areas where I blended the concealer in then I'm after that I'm going to make my face [Music] I am going to take the banana dreams loose powder from w7 and going to LA [Music] while my face weeks I'm going to do my eye makeup I'm going to use the four colors pink warm coppers and romantic mobs palette first I'm gonna go for this shade for the transition start [Music] beautiful transition I mean it's barely there but it's there now to drag in the shade I'm going to go and use this color this is a warm RL and define the transition shade even more [Music] this all in evenly and I'm going to create even more depth into my eyes I'm going to use a darker shade and I'm thinking of taking this one I'm going to apply very light pressure blending

Lena's ugly blow it off blending it out sport Lee see it's such a pretty color I barely used any of it it's already really pigmented we're going to apply on the outer corner the outer V of my eye like so that's done for the lips I'm going to take a flat sponge brush like a q-tip brush like this I think I'll go for the shade [Music] I prefer you guys use a brush that kind of like this almost kind of like a q-tip sponge a little sponge brush so the application is actually smoother and the product comes out even more pigmented and the real color of the shadow pops out and you can simply create a cut crease with this without even having to cut your crease with a concealer then applying the shadow on top of it I'm going to take this color again and blend the shimmer with it so it diffuse it beautifully now it's time for brushing away all of the translucent powder of my face and this is available to blend it into my skin like so [Music] swipe it then tap tap tap tap up swipe [Applause] [Music]

on swiping but with a light hand and very light on I'm going to line my eyes using the Pink Panther liner this is so cute I love this so much the cutest thing ever and on this side you have a cute little snap I mean step you have a cute little look there's a cute little pasta mean you love this manner so much so cute and I got this from me so I love Minnesota so much [Music] okay now I am going to line my waterline using the Rimmel scandaleyes this is a nude pencil liner I'm going to take this shade and smoke it in my lower lash line smoke it out using a very light hand not using any pressure at all now I'm going to the pastel Pro fashion dimensional volume and curl mascara now I just have to use mascara on my bottom lashes I don't use it on the top anymore [Music] I'm going to highlight my eyes using this shape in your corners and from the rubble I'm almost done I'm just gonna apply my blush but the blush I'm going to go for this palette from the revolution makeup this is the blush sugar and spice and I'm going to use

this one this is my most favorite this is the most warmest peachy pinky color it's not that really pigmented very warm and from the same blast palette I'm going to take this highlighting shade this is actually a baked shadow I would like to use it onto my cheekbones and onto the highest points of my face to highlight over the brow bone I'm going to highlight my nose a little bit on the tip down the bridge and you keep as well [Music] so I hope you guys like this entire tutorial be sure to subscribe like this video leave a comment what kind of tutorial or video or if you want me to do a new dance cover anything that you want or if you have any questions do comment it down and absolutely do share it to your friends and yeah subscribe subscribe to my channel make up majesty and I'll be back with another one I love you guys bye bye