08 April 2019

Wear test: Milani Rose Blush, Makeup Revolution Concealer + Maybelline Strobing Stick

I think first impressions can be kind of boring, so I decided to do an 8 hour wear test of the products as well:)) It's also kind of a review lmao idk I think I give you ...

I just purchased these three products

it's the makeup revolution concealer on define and consider one of the Milani rose powder brushes and the maybe in face to do strobing stick so I just wanted to see what the hike was all about because these three products are very loved by people on the internet so I'm gonna be trying out the products to see if I love them and if I would recommend them to you I know we were in the information society first things first I bought a new concealer it's the makeup revolution concealing defined you know the concealer that's like all over Instagram I bought it in the shade c3 because that was supposed to be like in light neutral shade and my old concealers this one if you look at them from the outside in the bottle they look very similar I think this one just looks like it has a little bit more of a yellow undertone and this one looks like it has a little bit more of a red undertone but when you put it on let me just do that for you real quick the left one is the makeup revolution concealer and the right one is my old concealer and as you can see the makeup revolution concealer looks very dark I was super worried how this would look

on my face now this is a first impression and I tried to do it yesterday meaning that I did already try all the products but I kind of felt sleep with my makeup on so I couldn't really use that footage but it's not like I've forgotten what my first impression was but let's just put it on shall we I already have my brows on and I have some under-eye concealer because this concealer is just not light enough for me to use it under my eyes but as you can see when I apply it on my face it actually appears to be very much the same shape as my face so I'm just gonna use this for all the spots that I have which is a lot because I'm dumb enough to pick my skin don't do that paying your pimples always makes it worse yet I still always do it so that's thumb pitch right there I'm just gonna blend that with my finger first and then I'm just gonna put a little bit out with my little techniques makeup sponge and as you can see it's like a perfect match for my skin which I'm very surprised by but I'm not saying it I'm gonna try to put it on my nose as well

just to see how it performs here because I have a lot of blackheads there and I would love to cover them so I'm just gonna give this a try I kind of don't want to curb my freckles here because spring is here and that means I already have a ton of freckles and I don't mind it so I'm not gonna prolong now my skin is super dry so it kind of sticks to like dry flakes and as if it wasn't enough with dry skin on my nose it also gets super oily very quickly so I'm just gonna put a little bit on my cheeks just to try to cover up the black hits the head there that looks good it doesn't like stick in the pores as some concealers do so the only issue is that it kind of sticks to the dry flaky skin of my nose but I'll make up this episode can't really blame it for that so if you've been following me for a while you would know that I am on the hunt for a good blush because I haven't had any luck with that this is just way too cakey and this is way too shimmery like glittery like it leaves huge terms of terror on your face so I finally bought one of the Milani rose powder blushes this is in the shades t Rose I'm just gonna dip a

little bit into it I'm gonna try to not apply bronzer today just so that I can really see what the blush looks like I was a bit worried that this blush would be too dark for me or that you know when you apply it it would just be like super pigmented which I don't like but that's not the case it might also be because of the brush I'm using because even though it looks kind of dense it is kind of fluffy so that obviously helps with it not applying to pigmented but I think it puts out very nicely it's not like Pesci or anything so that's good definitely a good first impression I'm also gonna apply it here I guess that's where I usually apply my point truth and I'm gonna play a little bit on my eyelids again because I usually apply bronzer there so I thought it would be funny to try it with less instead you know just so there's like a little bit of color on my eyelids to bring me down to a park maybe I'm gonna try to blend it out a little bit I'm just quickly gonna do the other side off-camera so so if you have been following me for a while you would know I use this highlighter and shade

200 which is way too dark me as like a shimmery bronzer / the middle thing between higher in the bronzer and I finally purchased the one in my shade which is the shade 100 there are only two shades also this is quite dark I'm not sure how it is darker one performs if you have a deeper skin tone but I should look into that and I see that since I purchased the last one they changed the name is now called the face studio strobing stick um and there's quite a lot of product in here as you can see and I've had this one for like about two years and I still have this bit left so you get a lot of bang for your buck let's try this I mean I'm not quite sure if it's a first impression when I've used it the other shade but it's the first time that I have this so I really like the highlight that it gives because even though there are quite a few glittery parts in there they're so small that it just looks very natural and I don't feel like I have glitter chunks on my face so I like this because I feel like it just gives like a more natural shine but completely natural but just the way I like it now I have killed

her all over my hands but I am gonna sit I put on just a little bit too much my face is completely wet on this side it's almost 11:00 a.m. right now and I am going to be wearing this for eight hours so I'm gonna take it off around like 7:00 p.m. that's like the normal workday like you know so I think that's like a realistic amount of time to be wearing makeup I'm gonna go for a walk and edit this video and eat and such so I'm just gonna see how it lasts through all that and the way I'm gonna do it is I'm gonna take some pictures throughout the day in the natural sunlight so that you can see how it looks there because I think that's the most fair way to judge it so in a few seconds I'm gonna show you the pictures I took throughout the day and then I'm gonna like do a check up at 7 p.m. to see what it looks like there and yeah I'll see you at 7 p.m. so so the first few pictures you see here are from right after I applied the makeup and just after I took these pictures I went for a walk which took around 1 hour so it's not quite exercise but it was very windy outside but it was also sunny so I think my face did get a little bit sweaty and as you can see my cheeks

naturally got a little bit flushed and red you know after being outside in the wind um and some of the concealer did rub off on my nose like right where my sunglasses had been sitting but I feel like that happens with all makeup so yeah then around 1 p.m. I decided to eat I had Sochi yes I don't know if that's how you promise it um I just want to show you because sometimes I can like remove some of the makeup around the mouth but I it didn't really change my makeup to be honest but you never know I mean I and here you can see me editing I started around 2:25 p.m. and then you see a little bit of an update 416 not looking dead at all so I wanted to take some pictures after editing for a while just to like see if there's been any changes yet and honestly it still looks fine at this point and yeah it hasn't really gotten any worse since I went for that walk so and then there are some pictures seven and a half hours into wearing the makeup again not really too much interesting to see there it pretty much looks the same as the last pictures and here we have a side-by-side

and the darker pictures are from the nighttime and the lighter ones are from noon and then there's another side-by-side picture from 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. then we have some close-ups of the makeup just so that you really can see what the difference is and then we have picture from before I applied the makeup products and one from 8 p.m. and lastly we have another picture from before I applied any of the makeup products to after wearing them for 9 hours it's almost 8 p.m. now actually so I've been wearing it for about nine hours and obviously you've seen a lot of progress pictures what like chickens throughout the day long but yeah this is what my face and like the makeup looks like after nine hours in general my face is just very early today as you can see I'm super shiny all over I have not touched my face at all obviously sometimes I've like rested my face on my hand by accident but I have not what-do-you-call like cutting paper I usually just use like toilet paper and like gently blot it in the t-zone but I have not done that today and I just need to touch my face a lot but I've tried not to so obviously it's not as pigmented or like

as opaque as it was nine hours ago but I'm actually quite surprised about how well it held up especially with the blush because you can still see it quite a bit and it's like faded nicely it's not like it fades super patchy or anything the high level is still there but it's kind of like outshined by all day like oral agrees on my face and also somehow I always manage to get my highlighter all over my face throughout today which I can see is also happening a little bit today like it's down here and up here I don't know how but that happens the concealer still starts like the dry skin on my nose but it's not gotten like a lot worse obviously it has like connected a little bit your mic you call that a crease and you know the concealer has faded a little bit like all around but it's also not completely rubbed off like there's still quite a bit there I mean I still think it looks quite nice um and as I said my face is just like extra early today don't know why it's probably because I slept with my makeup on and didn't wash my face last night so that's on me yeah I would definitely recommend the concealer I know it stuck

a little bit to the dry skin on my nose but honestly everything I put on my nose does that so I don't know it's just my news that's up yeah really like this it held up nicely especially it didn't get like stuck in my pores like here on my cheeks so yeah it's great I highly recommend this container and long yeah oh it's cruelty free as well there we go and the blush held up very nicely as you can see it is still on my cheeks and like up here and my eyelids as I said does look a little bit cakey here I don't know if it's just because I applied a little bit too much or what that's about and I have to be this close to my face to actually see that it's looking a little bit cakey so I don't think that's an issue at all so how do you recommend this as well I love it I'm gonna try to find the u.s. price because it is a little bit more expensive into mark not a lot but obviously it's not as cheap as the what and wild one I have but yeah I highly recommend this because it's lasted very well throughout the day and last but not least the face to do stroking steak I mean I had already tried it in a different shade but I think they've

reformulated it if you just like try to ignore all the oil and grease that's like giving me a highlight all over my face you can still see it it didn't rip off my blush or anything or slide down my face throughout today that's nice I love it so yeah I of ribbon two or three products basically so yeah thank you so much for watching this video I hope you found it helpful if you're considering buying one of these few products yeah I hope to see you at hoop what and I hope to see you in the next video so bye that's a difficult question because I didn't know we were in the information society [Music]