14 October 2018

We do Each other’s Eyeshadow!!???

Elise and I are are opposites when it comes on to doing eyeshadow!! See how we Do Each other's eyeshadow!


is there something that ties this [Music] yeah what make sure you paper in the wall yes so today we'll be doing each other's eye shadow yes I like when I commuted I try to like dark colors I like a lot of different things to be honest but I like a lot of bright okay so today first scenes eyeshadow I decided I was going to do a pink and purple look I'm going to use the Geoffrey start Beauty killer palette and third with Decay electric palette so first I'm gonna start off with this color from the Urban Decay palette we're just gonna kind of smoke out the outside of her eyes [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you're always walking good morning [Music]

Oh so tell us the story receive I do this okay okay I see where this is going okay continue or is that the end of the story [Music] [Music] put some mascara on yourself because I don't want to poke your eyeballs out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh my gosh I'm going to show you and I want to see that why 60 guys come up to the camera show everyone Wow look at that okay then look at my nose look at my eyeshadow my gosh well like I think guys can come up to me now are they gonna be like who's that hot girl okay so now I'm gonna do Elise's makeup disclaimer I'm doing but I'm gonna try I'm gonna try I'm gonna maybe do like a simpler look it's something that I would wear on here so yeah let's do this [Music] if you tell me what it was right now we fight anything over here something like this I didn't know it is

that whether you think you can actually mess I feel like this is something that I would do what you're seeing some of their stuff and I don't yet know just have some mascara yes so we beat each other's makeup like I love mine in England soul it's just fun and I tried it at least but and get the dead decent nobody I think you do good too I give you a solid gate yes I love this whole work worth is from from this is which way yes yes so yes this is it guys we did each other's makeup like subscribe comment follow her on Instagram realizes at least grills yes at you know by us eat our OSE yes hallerin- it's racine be solid hope everyone has a blessed day [Music]