31 May 2019

Watch Me Do My Makeup In Nigerian Pidgin English | Makeup Tutorial | Dee Ubani

makeuptutorial #nigerianpidgin #nigeria So I gave this a try, and I hope I nailed it. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel ...

hey guys welcome back to my youtube

channel so today's video is a makeup tutorial but it's a different kind of makeup tutorial I'm going to be speaking pidgin English while I do my makeup now for those who don't know what pidgin English is it's actually broken English that we speak in Nigeria so even if you'd understand what I'm saying just follow the makeup tutorial ok so I've seen this type of videos a lot on YouTube and I've been last not a couple of people the weirdest sound in pidgin I thought that you know what I'm just give this a try so you guys want to hear me speak pidgin English while I do my makeup then please keep on watching [Music] okay so I'd already go ahead do my brows of caminar Makai no take time for this video so next away I won't do not to prime my eyes and the primal where they used to be not the true fist i shadow insurance primer this now easily look like so I could just apply smaller dots on my eyelid so that's the eye shadow where I wanna use guste where were you last so just apply and then I will just take a small brush blend them out so after don't primer I the next thing where I

want to my eyes shadow and today I will use this is our own cosmetics nude eyeshadow palette in the shade it's this now easily look like and these are the colors this muddy colors we get inside the palette so now very soft neutral warm colors so I will use this one with him call Jun my brown soft matte eyeshadow calm applying for my crease and he goes save as my transition color so I would just use this fluffy blending brush applying for my crease area I'll go do the same thing to the second eye [Music] the second eye shadow ergo use not from the same palette and at this one here he denim na Sahara and it duck past these Jews a Goethe come apply I'm just on that way I applied the first brown and it would just help to deepen my crease now go come switch eyeshadow brush I know go use this fluffy brush again I could take a small pencil brush we can find on something like this contact this duck the duck has brown for this palette with them called mocha this one I would say come applying for the outer corner of my eyes kudos canto my eye and then give my eyes some kind of smokey look like that when

I grow up lion for the second eye as well so before I apply my eyeshadow who cuts my crease I'm waiting that's in the doobie see if they make deep eye shadow give very sharp so I will use concealer the concealer where they used to dinner from Zirin cosmetics and not their liquid concealer in the shade medium so I could just apply them on my lid everywhere I want apply the the main eyeshadow so just apply um then I go take a small concealer brush come blend out the concealer Bravo caught my crease Festool so I've got my crease like this like that so that when I apply the eyeshadow Ford editing will shapwear way so the concealer where I put did two months ago just remove the excess put on for the back of my hand and then continue to just blend in one way or apply before so after don't cut my crease I go back in with this eyeshadow palettes I never know which eyeshadow I want you to go make I just stick my eyeshadow brush very busy okay I don't find them I go use I'll go use this color called babe be like champagne good this one for here hopefully not this young this one so I

could just stick him apply them everywhere where I applied that concealer okay so I don't apply that eyeshadow all over my lead everywhere where I put the concealer the next thing I want to naba see I won't go back in with a small pencil brush where I used before take this mock eye in the dark brown car reapplying for the outer corner of my eye and then just blend everything out make them make then this smooth chamois then transition will rob you just blend out everything then the last blending for the I will go back in with the first fluffy brush where I use take that doom color again then just blend out everything that was not be ginger all right so I don't complete my eye shadow now the next thing I want to decide one line my eyes and today I will use the Royal makeup Alicia's eyeliner my black eyeliner like this I would love to come line my eyes so after I apply my liquid liner the next thing I won't do DC I won't apply mascara for my own lashes and today I do use the L'Oreal telescopic mascara this now it's a look like black mascara so I

gotta stay calm pull out my own natural lashes which write 60 false lashes okay so I don't fix my false lashes off coming on the next time I want to now be I will use baby wipes take out all the fall outs from the eyeshadow before I begin apply foundation for my face but if I apply my foundation I want prime my face and the department where I go use naughty bare minerals primetime foundation primer this one so I would just apply some for the back of my hand not silicon based primer sábados is very small like this then take in small buffing brush I apply I'm all over my face for foundation today I will use these our own cosmetics healthy glow foundation I will mix these two and that it should FZ 20 and F said 25 so I've adjusted my foundation outlets mixing palette so this one disperse like one pump from each of these shades okay one point no budget I would take like one and a half pumps it's not the FZ 20 then FZ 25 FZ 25 dark past the LZ 20 circulars applies warmth of that one then I will use my concealer brush mix them together before I apply them for my face [Music]

[Music] now for my waterline i could take my maboob extremely soft eyeliner pencil for black i go applying for my waterline so the pada where will you set my face thin and my mac studio fix powder saga dos take a powder brush apply the powder all over my face I've ever put them on top the highlights and the kanto me everything goes blank so I add some colors to my cheek and I go use blush and the blush where they used to be enough from sleek cosmetic now they are brushed by three and pumpkin get three colors and I will use this first color here now orange kind of saga does apply and for my cheeks so after to apply the finishing spray the next day I want to be I won't add some glue to my face so I will use the mac cosmetics mineralized skinfinish in the shade is on a good deposit so I could just apply it to the highest points of my cheek like this will just give my face small kind fine glue like that and then I've also applying for eye Cupid's bow there for the bridge of my nose make my nose be pointed I've also applied some for my temple here or forehead as Lima and I : I apply some to

my chin as well yeah think this or don't rule it cannot be like crystal ball okay [Music] [Music] okay so this Noddy finished look and I look wavy we're good anyway so I hope saying I like this video if you like my bag give this video a big thumbs up also if you never subscribe to my channel our bed now a big a big click the red button you see subscribe thanking us so much for watching and I will see you for my next one bye guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]