04 July 2017

WATCH Before You Buy More Makeup!!⎮How To Shop For Makeup "Tips"

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ready okay and I'm kidding you guys hey

everybody what's up good people hey how you doing I had to hit you with all of them because I miss y'all and it's not that I haven't been kicking out videos but you guys you change the scenery again because I kind of wanted to push it up so I got this idea to do this video I was actually about to film a favorites video which that may or may not happen in this sitting okay but I got this idea and I wanted to talk to you guys about it now I know I know the title say wait stop whole look wait a minute but listen exhale inhale exhale breathe in breathe out I'm not about to tell you not to buy makeup again nor am I about to tell you that I wouldn't ever buy makeup again hello cleetus I mean y'all see others make a run on up in here right so we're not stopping I believe that this video will be awesome for the beauty community and when I say beauty community I mean the viewers you guys the consumers well I'm a consumer too but I'm speaking of you guys right now and beauty influences which I myself fall into that category as well as companies that make these makeup brands so that's gonna do it I'm speaking to you guys not only as a beauty influencer

not only as a consumer not only is a makeup lover you know what I mean but I'm not sure if you guys know but if you don't know I'm gonna give you a little bit of background before we dig into what I'm about to tell you okay so back in February I actually became a makeup instructor I mean I've been an instructor for a while because I teach y'all on here you know on YouTube and everything but what I mean by makeup instructor is actually teaching classes at an agency or at an institution and then I became a certified makeup artist but I've been doing freelance for years but I'm coming to you guys with this video because I've experienced a lot in these last few months and also with the comments that I've been getting on my videos like sometimes people are like I tried this and not that you said to get and got out of that and that's it so on the flip side when I teach makeup classes and when we're going to do a photoshoot or something people come in with makeup products that they purchase and they are not a fit for their skin at all and what happened was someone at a counter or someone that they know said you've

got to try this product this foundation of the bomb calm and they went and grabbed the foundation but the foundation didn't work for them what I'm going to tell you guys is definitely two tips to do or to know or two things that will help you before you even try to buy any makeup whether it be online whether it be inside the store Sephora Ulta drugstores whatever this will help you with all of your makeup purchases from here on out okay number one you have to know your skin type because when I do these classes you will be surprised at how many people do not know their skin type and what that means is knowing if your skin is dry knowing if your skin is combination or knowing if your skin is oily and what I will do to kind of save time in this video I will put the meaning of those things or the definition of those things in the description box because you know that's really not what this video is about it's mainly about you knowing what your skin type is so if you don't know if you're dry normal oily combination if you don't know that read the description box pause the video think about it and figure out what your skin type is because if you do

not know your skin type it is going to be very hard for you to find a product that works for you so back to the story about being in classes and teaching classes so one of the young ladies actually came with a foundation it was a mattifying foundation right so she needed assistance for a photo shoot and I do that sometimes like I help them you know apply their makeup like after I teach them the basics I'll help them like do the application for a photo shoot or whatnot so one of the young ladies came in with an extremely mattifying foundation I don't remember the name of it but she came in with that right and so I was like okay well we're gonna get her done with what you brought you not I mean and so we began to apply the foundation and the more I apply the foundation the more her skin begin to flake and flake and plate I was like you have dry skin who told you to get this mattifying foundation and she was like oh if someone just told me it was good but when I teach my classes and some will be coming for Yahoo stay tuned but when I teach my classes I actually teach them about skincare first because if you don't master skincare I'm man

your makeup is not going to be as flawless as it can be yeah a-all right but you can get much more out of your makeup when you take care of your skin and when you know your skin tight with that being said if you have dry skin you don't want to buy something that is extremely mattifying unless it actually works for your skin because I do know people that have dry skin and they do like mattifying foundation and also this will help you in picking your makeup primers for your face your face primers alright because there's so many primers out there you have hydrating primers which is usually for people that have dry skin or people that like that dewy look you have moisturizing primers which is kind of the same thing as hydrating you feel me and then they also have mattifying primers which is for combination and oily skin but that's not to say that other skin types can't use it but it's kind of it's kind of as a guide to lead you in the right direction to what you need so before you buy any makeup girl how many'd you to get your life together in that area alright just in case that's you I'm here to help no judging no judging we're here to help

okay other things that I recommend to my students is to know your preference knowing if you do have dry skin maybe you do like the matte look that's totally okay and it sure perogative and you can do what you want to do I love y'all singing that so I have combination skin I mean I could totally go for the do we look if I wanted to which I think I'm starting to like it just a little bit but my favorite of all times is mattifying foundations or our mattifying foundation but I know people that have oily skin and I know that they like that do we look but they do have to keep control of that do we look to a certain extent they may need to use a mattifying primer and then use a foundation that says that it hydrates and all that good stuff okay knowing your skin type and knowing your skin preference is a must before you buy any makeup so this way we won't be bashing company saying this was supposed to work and that hasn't worked for me well it may not work for you because that may not be what matches your skin type or it may not even be something you wanted or the look that you were going for but because you saw patty or Sally

or me talk about a certain product you're like I need that in my life because they said it was vom calm well do your research and make sure that that's in alignment with what you want and what your skin needs and this video should help us stop bashing youtubers and saying you said that that works you said that that part of was good a yatta yatta yatta it all depends on preference okay that and skin type and the chemicals in your skin and all that says that product maybe the bomb.com for me but when you try it does not work for you at all and not only that but what are you pairing it with you may be trying this foundation that we recommend it or that I recommend it with a primer that doesn't go with it you get what I'm saying and the only way you'll know that is if you try it so a lot of times I know people take like our word as law like Aussie kisi yada yada I'm going to get it girls don't work I mean that's all good I appreciate that I'm flattered up thank you you know I mean but listen you have to try stuff a lot of times you have to try it to see if it's going to work for you a lot of times I'll do like product

reviews I love to give you guys the pros and the cons on a product because my cons may be your pros and my pros maybe your cons so you guys you know listen to the video and and watch other videos as well see if it's going to be a good product for you before you spend your coins you can always go to the counters and you can get samples you can always return it if it doesn't work out for you and another thing I wanted to bring light to as well is when you guys go to the Sephora counters and when you guys go to these Ulta counters and all of these different counters just know that these people at the counters are salespeople as well okay so they do have to make sales I'm not saying that they're not makeup artists because some of them are makeup artists and some of them can definitely push you in the right direction but ultimately you're going there to buy something okay and it may be something that's hot and something that's trending so naturally they're going to push in towards the items that are trending in that are hot all right so just make sure I mean those trending and hot items may be all dandy and like all good and

rate but is that what you need is that what's going to work for your skin and what you're going for you not I mean so I just wanted to bring this information to you guys because I've noticed that there are so many people that fall into this category that don't really know how to shop for makeup so I told y'all hashtag sharing is caring and that's what I'm here to do so if you guys enjoyed this video or if this video helps you guys in any way don't forget to thumbs up you guys have an awesome blessed day and I will see you soon as than you think bye Nikki DC cop in the city I know what I mean a woman feels blue which is looking pretty I don't need no panic or Range Rover just give your girl a bomb Sikhi Beauty makeover - isn't clean ladies you know what I mean or maybe her eyeshadow and mascara will help you see check out her foundation in the blush on her cheek yeah we are playing a game this is pinky Beauty yes thank you [Music]