27 January 2017


YOU ARE BEING LIED TOO and its happening more and more on videos. Its fundamentally wrong on so many levels. Please share this video on Facebook and ...

everyone architecture is first thing in

the morning here as you can tell there is absolutely nothing on my skin I am filming it in natural daylight now this is probably one of the most fundamental fundamentally important videos I've ever done so all under the arc you don't you stake them because halfway through this video I think something really shocking is going to happen now we all I'm very honest about how fill in that myself with this really big strip of life and these like to internal make you look infinitely better some people say all your sins feel good when you're aging backwards I'm really not that much thing is recovering from that patient and I'm going to turn these like let me show you how to different it looks okay so here you go the lights are on that I film with these like now there's nothing on my skin so you can imagine I person supplement again if you look really really flawless and that's why I tend to expect to in videos and I do realize well we're sigma/w teased me in real life they're like but that's just the nature of it and I've always been honest about it now recently let's turn these lights up so we can get a wheel in I recently I

saw a video on the make policy issues cover line up for 20-plus years also he went an actual love and when I clicked on this video is just with so odd to me because she literally looked her face and her hands look like they were 20 years younger and she probably in her you need to late fifties I was just thinking what is something is not right here and I went into YouTube and click the time frame unlink to you with her for that month and she looked totally different from she did from this production-based video then I came across another video and this is like a woman and she's applying it to a model the makeup the model game was normal it had a lot of pigment to it was correcting and then he started to apply the foundation and studies like her skin was like porcelain and I mean it was an ting on my god she's amazing and then she pushed the product the camera to show what she was using like that and as she puts the camera the filter in the background at this place over the model skin stopped working and you can see all the pigmentation and the layers of foundation

she moved this product away to filter click back in and she looks poreless and flawless again and it is so fundamentally wrong and I started to google it and it's basically living Photoshop and I bought one I'm going to show what it looks like now there you go there is nothing on risk in all of this happened is I had a little tip and it is bleached out my skin to such an extent smooth it in the funny images I can manipulate it I can make it more or less or do anything I want and it cost like a hundred pounds something like that and it is so fundamentally wrong and as I was researching it I was coming across more and more videos of this kind of trickery and it is tricky because giving the illusion you can achieve this look and this is extreme but this look with these products when you can't when it's not possible foundation makes committee look more beautiful more rated more wonderful but they can't do this let's turn it off and that's all it's a little bit come in compliance but that's just it see this is what they look like now you see the difference so let's turn it back on it's just wrong on every single level

now I want you to think when you're watching make of you that you can do this you Machida's bacana see if I can do it trust me you can do it very no power here it all just in practice so we what you can't do is achieve this look because it's not possible now then as I mentioned by turn the compensations off on this video because I don't want people expect at your leading unpleasant comments on people's channels on this Paige when are they not even be speaking about them or I may not even have seen any of their videos I don't like that kind of negativity because I find it quite bullying and unpleasant when you're just sliding somebody off I'm not translating from the option child trying to bring to your attention that you're never going to look like let's get rid of this that you are never going to look like this ever you just can't because it's not physically possible and this is going to be sort of fucking ugly about ourselves because we've seen these pictures on Instagram with the filters and the lights now hitting them in living moving motion and it is fundamentally wrong thank you for watching I really hope

that you took to hardline saying here and how wrong it is and how we need to just we're never going to look like that but we can look the best we can look with makeup absolutely please share this video because I feel it is an important topic thank you for watching and I see or between bye bye