06 May 2019


WAKE UP AND GLOW UP! TRANSFORMATION MAKEUP TUTORIAL!!! Find me ♡ Instagram - https://instagram.com/amysmakeupbox/ Facebook ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

in today's video I'm gonna be doing this I would say natural vibe glowy but like makeup from within glow you know we're going quite natural it's gonna be like skincare based products to give you the glow rather than like a highlighter that makes sense so yeah I'm really excited to show you guys this video this is a collaboration tutorial so I am in partnership today with Allah Henrickson I have been using them for a couple of months now if you guys follow me on Instagram you would have seen but yeah I'm excited to show you guys the skin regime that I've been using and the products that I've been loving from the whole range and I'm excited because I love their products don't if I'm allowed to sweat but anyway I did so yeah anyway I'm getting this tutorial and I hope you do enjoy so I've already prepped my skin I was fortunate enough to be gifted some products by EULA Henrickson and ever since I've got them no joke I've been using them all the time I've been loving using the truth serum use one pump of this all over my face for my C crush brightening gel I literally just use a kind of little pea-sized amount of the gel toe before

we go on with makeup I'm just going to prep the rest of my face and I'm going to be using my Ulla Henriksen banana bright eye cream this is a little pot of a goodness let me tell you so there's so many benefits in this eye cream to give you that luminous glow and more like a wake feel so if you're like me and I struggle with sleep sleepers not like my best friend even though I do love it I just my body doesn't want to go to sleep then I definitely need like a pick-me-up before I do my makeup or if I'm having like a no makeup day and it's in my skincare regime just to give me that brightness and look like I've actually had 12 hours sleep so basically I'm calling the world into thinking that I've had a nice 12-hour sleep I'm actually probably about that I mean that's quite big I think for eye cream but I like packing on a bit and I take on the back of my fingers and I rub it in and then I dab it underneath my eyes like not only does it have ingredients like praised because it has aloe juice in which is going to like nourish and let me revive the under eyes so if you're very dry under there then I definitely recommend this I'm oily skin

so I really don't have a problem with dryness it's or preventing wrinkles I wear so much makeup that I end up taking off my makeup quite a few times during a day so I'm like obviously I said I don't get much sleep so this is like a perfect kind of skincare what's the word skincare if you find that your concealer creasing or looking dry then like your see such a difference when you put this on you kind of literally just like mix a bit with your concealer and then like be done with your makeup if you want to go for that kind of no makeup look I'm gonna go for a little bit more of something something because it's the time of month and we've got some stitch we shoes going on right now also the first thing you'll notice about this is the smell it's like honestly smelling like orange blossom it's so beautiful and it does contain vitamin C which is bloody brilliant so I'm very particular so I'm very particular when it comes to skincare and using products on my face I always look at the ingredients and this just makes me want to bathe in it when you use it you'll know you'll be like yes Amy and then something exciting

actually I got given this probably month before it actually launched which was super exciting because normally I get things like when it launches like everybody else I get my hands on it when everyone else can I went for a meeting and they gave me this and they were like keep it secret Amy to show anyone and it's basically the banana bright face primer it's a face version of the eye cream and because I'd already use the eye cream I was like dang huh and again it's got that yellow tone to it so it's got the banana pad like inspired pigments throughout it and I just kind of run it in my fingers and I'll press this in to all the areas that I just want to add a bit of smoothness because it's smooth or your pores out and fine lines but then it also adds a nice glow so then now that the face is prepped we can go on to the makeup side of things I'm just going to spray my face with some coconut water so I'm going to prep my eyelids for a bit of eye shadow I'm gonna take the Kat Von D lock it in concealer this is in the shade of warm just a little bit and then I'm gonna grab my sponge and blend it out I'm gonna show

you as well how to get my favor Eccles because so many people ask me whenever I do it for Instagram and then I'm just using Surma translucent powder from Kat Von D I've never used this powder I've always had the like colored ones and everyone used to rave about this so I'm late on the bandwagon I'm actually going to use bronzer I'm gonna use the new hoola caramel bronzer this came in PR actually and I'm just gonna take a little bit on my morphe M 504 brush and just pop it in the crease that was a bit too much wasn't it and then I'm just gonna take a little smudgy brush it's the precision precision shader from makeup addictions and I'm just going to take like a dark brown this is the Frank Asian palette and I'm just going to pop this on the outer corner of the eye you can like make a little wing if you want to I suppose I could so I'm gonna actually use the foundation today you don't have to but because I'm like a different color for my body because I have just tanned we need to correct that but I'm gonna use a little amount I'm not gonna use a lot and I'm gonna take the fit me foundation by Maybelline and I'm in the shade two to zero and I'm

literally gonna take probably won't even need that much but I'm just gonna take that much on the back of my hand and I'm going to take my dose of colors foundation brush and I'm just going to lightly apply that on [Music] and then now we're gonna go in with their cap 1d lockets concealer I'm just going to apply this on a couple of blemishes that need some extra attention and I'm gonna apply a little bit underneath the eyes as well and then I'm just gonna dab my sponge over the top and then I'm gonna take a tiniest amount of the translucent powder I get one loads and loads but I'm just going to dust there under my eyes and we still have you can see there's the glow still coming through my foundation so then now what am I gonna do I think this bronze up the skin I'm just gonna take it on the back of my hand a tiny bit on my tapered brush from dose of colours and I'm just going to apply a bit where you would like normally contour then I'm gonna pop on a some mascara I'm gonna be taking the benefit they're real mascara I need to find my my - colors also I'm so proud of my

lashes they've been getting so long and proud of the growth they've had a 2019 little glow up for my lip liner today I'm gonna be taking the berry em lip liner to go and then I'm gonna take the Kylie cosmetics and lipgloss in a yes girl and it's got a gold almost like flecks of glitter I guess really fine there it's just like that bronzy beachy summer vibe so for my freckles what I use is the Phil Smith root touch-up spray this is a light brunette hair you can also get L'Oreal root touch-up spray but what I always do is just get a lot a bit of kitchen roll and just make sure like your pressure it's fine so I know like okay that's the pressure I need to give me freckles without it going mad this is when it'll go wrong but then I just kind of like lightly spray it on my face so yeah I saw someone do this on youtube so I'll link her video down below if I can find it but this wasn't my original idea this is someone else's but I think it's great and yeah this is my light kind of summer trick in the world that I've slept 12 hours when I haven't just like bright lights natural makeup look so I hope you like this video if you did it

please leave me some comments down below and give me a big thumbs up thank you so much for joining in and it's the next time I love you guys and I'll see you very soon