21 December 2018


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hey guys Mordy says happy vlogmas c21 so

Marty and I were talking and we decided yesterday's video to split it up into two and not do all the base products in one video but to split it up oh yeah baby behind the scenes viewing the scenes oh no baby so today we are going to do oh my god she's gone wild Marty's on wild oh gosh go lay down Morty today we're gonna do powders and concealers and these are pretty small categories for nee so let's start with powders alright so like I said these uh parts of my collection are super small I like to be reasonable with my face products so I have two of the fit me powders um lose setting the colors have become like my favourite thing so I really enjoy the fit me and fair so I'm definitely gonna keep that and I've used a good bit of it as well but I'm not really in a hurry to use it up because even though it is only like six dollars it's so good I just I want to keep enjoying it so we're gonna keep that this is one that's gonna go in my chopping block which if you're new to my makeup inventory welcome check out the vlogmas playlist down below to get caught up guys I've gone through bronzers highlighters face

pallets blushes foundations primers so I'm going through everything to tally up how much makeup I have in my collection also to pick out project pan items and to also pick up pick out chopping block items items that I want to use one more time before I finally make my decision about it so my coworker I recommended her the fit me powder and she got it and I and as you can sell tile there is like a big color difference between the fair and the light and I haven't even used this yet so this light is gonna go in my chopping block I'm gonna use it for like at least a weekly makeup basket or two to see how I feel about it but for sure gonna keep the fair and then this is the it CC plus air brush perfecting powder and illumination and this particular color is in light and this isn't one that I like for setting makeup but it does see it's a finishing powder so I actually just want to move this to my purse and use this to touch up my makeup throughout the day and I think it yeah it still has the applicator in there so this is a actually gonna move to my desk at work or my bag for work then we have the hourglass this is their veil powder

and I have been enjoying this what I like about it is it looks like skin which is pretty rare for a powder you don't really see it sitting on your skin but it still sets your makeup and looks really nice and this is really new to my collection so we're gonna keep that and then also super new brand new only had like a week is the laura mercier translucent powder focus focus focus this particular one is in glow and I love it so much since I have such dry skin and I use very illuminating products I really like that this helps keep that glow in my skin as I set everything and it does lock everything in place I got the small size because I wasn't sure plus the full size is a big price commitment and I really like it so as far as powders go um three are what are for sure seeing in my collection and then this is going to my desk and that's pretty short and sweet and then concealers guys I keep this like real low-key because um oh add one more I have this brightener - I just think about germs building and um and it just like so gross it's so gross so um I try to keep it like small and I definitely like use them so

starting off speaking of using is the Maybelline fit me this one is a repurchase and as you can see I've almost done with it I'm gonna take the stopper out and just get some more use out of it love this I get it an ivory 10 favorite almost done with it so I'm gonna keep that this is also a repurchase look at me I am so loyal this is the Urban Decay Naked skin and my particular color is in light neutral this one is new it was kind of an impulse repurchase because Sephora had it as one of their weekly Wow so it was half off and I'm like I have to I have to do it so I haven't used it very much but I want to keep it and love it and use it a lot this is one that came with that foundation if you watched yesterday's makeup inventory but this is Laura Mercier flawless fusion ultra long wear concealer and this one is in one in I really like this and it's full coverage but it's light in color so it kind of adds a little bit of a highlighted and lifted look on my skin it's just so good but this is one that I want to pan along with my the foundation so we're gonna add it to my um 2019 use up so okay we're making some progress

here this is actually pretty new to me it was gifted to me this is the wet and wild um what is it the photo focus concealer and this particular one I believe is oh yeah it's light ivory and this color is absolutely perfect for me and I haven't even had it that long so I definitely need to get more use out of it so that is gonna be one that we keep so we're keeping all three this is the Becca under-eye brightening cream and this is gonna be a 20-19 use up just because potted products like just too much like I just think about things growing like bacteria so I want to make sure I use it it's not that old I want to use it up before it comes becomes old and as you can see I have a nice dip in it this is a complicated product to use because if you use too much it's thick and it's gonna crease up under your eyes so what I end up doing is blending my concealer under my eyes and then just tapping this on my eyes and then blending it out and that is a nice way that I have found to use it I've seen people like really go in with it and it looks beautiful so I just need to play with it more and see how I feel about it

but it is also going to go in my 2019 use up so we're getting the basket gone we're gonna get going so these three are ones that are just gonna stay in my collection and actually this better skin is just living in my makeup basket until I use it up so ok I see you now let me put this all together let's see you together so I will show you on the screen before and after so it's not a huge difference but it is really nice just seeing like for foundation sitting there this is looking pretty empty I'm gonna have to think about a different way to organize it once we finish with the lip products and then we also need to do eyeshadow still these products are mostly just laying here because they're too tall to sit up in this drawer and then we have the powder products here so this is like okay actually I got beautiful beautiful yes we definitely have a lot of items in the chopping block and in project pan but it feels good to see like these are the things I love and I'm like excited to use so thank you all so much for watching I hope you enjoyed hit subscribe if you're new turn on that little bell you can ring

[Music] ring man mmm all right anyways thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you my next video bye [Music]