20 December 2018

Vlogmas Day 20 | ColourPop Liquid Lipstick Haul

For vlogmas day 20 I am doing a mini Coloupop lippie haul. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. Thanks for watching.


[Music] [Music] hey guys it's Bree and welcome to my channel so this video is going to be a mini colour-pop haul I just ordered some lippies and just want to show you guys what I got and I'll do like a little swatch test so you guys can see how the color looks so against my skin yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this little video don't forget to Like comment share and stay tuned for more so yeah and y'all I have to I have to do this kind of quick um I have a hair appointment I need to leave really soon and I still have to take my twist out but anyway yeah so the first thing that I got is a lip pencil and this one is in the color beeper it's like a wall color and it's really really soft I don't know if you guys can see it I feel like it's hard to show it on camera but it's very really pretty um the only thing that confuses me is I don't know how you resharpen it or twist up this pencil I haven't figured that out yet but yeah I'm really excited to be honest I wish I would have gotten a darker one for my pencil because I feel like the 3

3 out of 4 colors and I got a really similar and they're pretty light but I would have to ultra satin and tulle ultra matte so I have this one which is an ultra satin and this one is Barracuda and these are kind of in the same family this one is sort of a break eat color with more pink undertones so that one comes up a lot better so yeah that is Barracuda and it's an ultra satin like I said so shouldn't be quite as drawing okay so the second ultra setting that I have is the color dopey and again it's like a pink pinkish color so I'm just gonna swatch it for you this one is a lot more of a mauve color as opposed to Barracuda which is like a brick red color so this one right here that's dopey and like I said I wish I would have gotten a brown pants on me I could always get one at the store to go underneath this cuz it is kind of you know it can look a little crazy you know just saying and then I also got beeper and these are all liquid lipsticks by the way except for the pencil so beeper is an ultra matte so I have the pencil and the liquid lipstick and I'm gonna put this one by the pencil to actually get a comparison because they actually

look pretty different so the furthest - and you see the pencil you can barely see the pencil the pencil has a little bit more of a light purple undertone like a pink purple and to me the liquid lipstick looks kind of similar to the dopey one but dopey is definitely a lot more pink but I wanted it's a little dry like the pencil and this one is an ultra matte so yeah and the only reason I got more liquid lipsticks is because I wear a little bit more makeup in the winter so I figured I would just increase my lip collection but y'all let me know in a poll if y'all like colour-pop I like coming pop liquid lipsticks I've haven't ventured out into their other products yet but um maybe someday so the last of the lipstick that I have is an ultra matte and its color limbo and it's not in the box because I use it already in it is so freakin pretty like it's a really pretty deep like chocolate brown and I'll put it on my lips and it looks so so good so this is just how it looks it definitely looks a lot deeper on the skin than in the bottle but it is so pretty off I put it on my lips before and it's so pretty like I'm right in

fact I'll put it on for y'all now it's so pretty I'm still waiting for the beeper liquid lipstick to dry cuz I want to see how it looks in comparison to the pencil but y'all I'm not sure how precise this is cuz I'm not like all in a mirror the camera is not close but that's good enough but y'all tell me this isn't so cute like this is like a growing sexy color I love this one this is about to be my new favorite I kind of want to get this in the pencil I think it would be a good like under for some of the lighter shades anyways so the beeper liquid lipstick to me it's just way more pink than the pencil if y'all can't see this is the pencil right here and the pencil is like kind of purply to me like it's darker and this is the liquid lipstick and this a lot more pink and then this one was barracuda so it's really like a hot pink red fuchsia type of color this one was dopey and this one was limbo so yeah that's just the ones that I got and that's how they look against my skin tone so comment down below if you guys um use or if you like any of the colors I ordered and you know what you think

about color pop and all that stuff leave it in the comments below yeah thank you guys for watching make sure you like comment subscribe share and I'll see y'all in the next video you