12 December 2018

Vlogmas Day 11-Influenster Best In Beauty Box / Top Rated, Most Reviewed Products

Hello Sunshines! Today I am going to show you the Influenster Best of Beauty Box. Influenster is a website that send free products in exchange for reviews.

I said Chinese and happy vlogmas day 11

I hope you're doing well I am doing better still in the bed but um I haven't had any back spasms today and my back feels stronger so I'm hoping tomorrow we'll be able to get up just a little bit but I am taking it slow so today's video is all about a company called Influenster in a box that i got from them and it is the best in beauty so if you don't know about influence dirt it is a company that basically gives you free products to do reviews so you sign up and anybody can do it in the United States you don't have to be a youtuber but you sign up you fill out your profile you link your social media accounts and then they give you a score based on like your profile and all of that they will link you with what they call campaigns like I just did a campaign with the company dr. jart which is a very nice skin care brand and you go on you try the product you review the product they might want you to tweet about it if you have twitter you do a couple of things for them and that helps a raise your score the higher your score goes the higher or the more products that you can review and sometimes they'll send you big boxes of product to

review which is nice they're called Vox boxes so this was the first time that they actually had a box for sale and it's the 2018 most reviewed products on their Influenster site so you can go on Influenster like if I want to find out about a beauty product and what people are talking about it saying about it I can go on there and see all the reviews which is definitely helpful and you can go on and review products too so this book ended up being fifty dollars it is still available it just intrigues me it's so heavy I thought I would give it a try I thought I could do use some things in it forgive aways or maybe stocking stuffers I wasn't really sure but I definitely wanted to check it out so I'm gonna link by Influenster below you do have to sign up for influencer in order to get this box so I will link that below and then after you're signed up you can just search for Best and beauty it says most reviewed top rated best in beauty and that's the box I'm dying to see y'all if you can feel a heavy this was oh wow okay I don't think you're gonna be able to tell this box is packed with stuff all right the first thing I

see in here is a full-size oh this is my favorite hairspray it's the Tresemme extra firm hold hairspray all day humidity resistant I love Tresemme products I use all of them very cool that's a nice size too the next day is a batiste a full-size dry shampoo and the scent of vibrant and fruity neon that's nice too wow I love the sizes in here okay another thing I see is a little baggie full of what looks like makeup okay so there's the covergirl chocolate scented chocoholic palette by covergirl very cool that I know my ring lights playing tricks on it but that this color right here is not even doing justice in the camera it's so sparkly and it's chocolate scented so I think this is definitely gonna go in Emma stocking we got a wet and wild mega glow highlighting powder in precious petals and again this is the most reviewed product I've totally heard about this and heard great things about it so if you want to try some like hot products of 2018 this might be the way to go oh my gosh there's a backup product in here this is the Becca shimmering highlighter in vanilla quartz oh my gosh I have to open this and look

at it I love Becca highlighter right now I use Prosecco pop oh my gosh look how cute it is that's adorable wow I'm impressed and then we got something by color pop and this is the super shock shadow in the color [Music] lightning bug wow it looks like it's the color of a copper penny very interesting okay the next thing in here I'm sorry my nose is itchy feel like Samantha on bewitched good week okay the next thing is the love and beauty of beauty and planet coconut water and mimosa flower shower 'less cleansing water or shower lips cleansing mist that's pretty cool so if you're like me and been in the bed you couldn't get out of the bed yesterday I could hardly move this might be good or if it's cold and flu season and you just want to feel a little bit refreshed interesting what's the full size too right there is 8 moonstruck epic mascara in the color I think this is just black yeah it's in black and it's by unique so a full-size mascara I just so many mascaras I think I'm gonna put this in a future giveaway that's nice Wow a full sized Kat Von D

everlasting lipstick in the colour Oh Lolita this is a good color and it's precise I am so impressed with this box guys what are you thinking about it oh there's no paperwork I probably should have opened it and looked at it you think I get so excited so basically it just is telling you everything in here I want to see for myself looks like there's some coupons okay there is a ponds dry skin cream I do like ponds products I don't think they have the best scent yeah this one kind of smells like plastic an old lady I'm an old lady so I hope that's not what I smell like but anyway smells a little plasticky but I do love their products I think they're really work especially their cold cream if you got to get makeup off that's really tough to get off it's perfect we got a coolest sport classic sunscreen nice oh this is I keep saying oh y'all I'm impressed with this box I'm so sorry this is the Shay sugar scrub by tree hut I always have this in my shower you can get this brand at Ulta and they're always buy one get one half price and this is in the coat in the scent coconut

lime it's good I don't know if you can kind of see what it looks like but it's the best sugar scrub it's really scrubby if you like like really scrubby scrub some people don't but I really do the next thing is the Amika per cup dry shampoo so that's cool I got two new dry shampoos all right there is the orb a dry texturizing spray as I'm growing my hair longer I really need to go get it cut but when I wash it I don't really have a style for it yet or it's a little bit out of control so I've been using some dry hairspray to give it a little bit of texture so I'm actually interested in trying this texturizing spray to kind of give it something to work with I'm excited for that there's the not your mother's beach bathe texturizing salt spray again I think I'll be playing with this I usually give texturising spray --hz away but I want to try that with my hair being longer oh my gosh there's a Real Techniques Beauty sponge this box is definitely worth 50 bucks do you guys think so I mean there's still so much in here there's the eos shave cream and

moisturizer and pomegranate raspberry okay right there's another little packet Oh goodies there's the DP hue ACV it's an apple cider vinegar scalp scrub with pink Himalayan sea salt kind of clarifies your hair there's the Garnier Fructis color vibrancy treat 1-minute hair mask I just used one of these but I used the avocado one and it was really nice I liked it and then there are said Alba Hawaiian detox warming mud mask with a volcanic clay and I was a good natural brand I love their sunscreen there's the Jergens natural glow to medium this is like a good little light self-tanner it gives your legs that glow usually use it in the summer on my legs it's really really pretty it just gives you a nice healthy looking glow there is the philosophy purity face and eye cleanser a little bitty guy there the NYX matte finish spray setting spray oh this box keeps going there's the NYX butter gloss okay there's two of the origins ginseng products these are the refreshing eye creams and I think I was just looking at

eye cream at origins cuz I really like their skincare I think this is like 30 something dollars then there's a little baby le travel one okay what is oh my gosh Laura Mercier that's a great brand - it's a ready-set-go translucent loose setting powder and mini velour puffs okay I gotta look at this okay this tiny little poof I use a a brush wow that is nice Laura Mercier is an expensive brand Wow alright and then two last little things there was a little paper I think this must have been stuck to it yeah undefined Beauty this is a glow elixir I don't know anything about this have to read up on it and then there's the Sunday Riley good genes lactic acid treatment no I've been talking for 10 minutes probably a minute was the intro so I've been unboxing for nine minutes do you think this box was worth 50 bucks I totally think so I'm very excited again I will post my link for Influenster below if you want to sign up and then once you sign up I guess you could just search best in beauty box I know it's still available because I went on today and saw it and I hope you enjoy this video if you're new to my

channel my name is Kristy I'm so incredibly happy to have you please comment below where you're from so I can welcome you personally in the comments and I'll see you tomorrow for vlogmas day 12 but I have a for tomorrow's video do you want to see a love with food box or do you want to see a xxx random things you don't know about me just kind of gonna be like an extension of my get to know me video from last week let me know which video you want to see I'll see you tomorrow bye bye