27 November 2018

Vlog: Come Makeup Shopping With Us / Watch Us Go Broke 🙄

Hey y'all come shop with us let me know if you want me to do more vlogs like this it was pretty fun vlogging again stay tuned for more muahhh. Don't forget to ...

hey guys do you not sobbing I can't see

you guys hi okay give it to this makeup no Roy eyes again and I'll pluck them away say I did hi this is Daniel guys you guys haven't met her before but this is Danielle this is your little way you'll see it better me is clear though okay guys so basically well no I wouldn't know I don't know I think she was taking a picture of something I don't know of the TV yeah in the back cuz Daniels cars real man fancy you know seeing that big girl you know big girls car but yeah we're going to also beauty we're gonna go have a shopping spree because you know we're so rich our puppy love being right tomorrow's Thanksgiving hopefully I don't know when our post is vlog but hopefully sooner rather than later we're gonna go to Alta and I was joking when I said we're we're we're rich but we will be in Jesus name is Nick into existence so yeah basically this is just our car ride I'm gonna keep recording a little if you do record but I did then she didn't say you got should say I did so you went to the Gucci sort of girls corner because we went up the elevator and the cosmetics and Bloomingdale's upstairs oh yeah and that's where they

have the big victoria secret huh you wanna get Gucci but no Gucci no she's just trying to repair the camera then I saw this young girl she was in so we went it's like Gucci and we for time you go outside Louis Vuitton and then you have a small small girl one day we'll go in just oh don't even try to fight like you like I mean I don't want to buy too you know because I've been buying so many coochy coochy coochy for one game one day but yeah guys I will get back to you guys on this vlog when we get to you guys to see all the stuff we're gonna buy and or try to buy work because I don't have also money even oh my god you can go I know like I hate what people do that but we I don't have awesome money then you have for our back but the way you know we're gonna be laughing yes you have coupons three three dollars off for what if you spend $15 okay on the bike yeah I do why is he on the street I don't know I don't know Daniel I don't if you give he stops at the red lab man he stopped at the red light he has no license you have no business I can't try let me try I can't put this screen yeah I can't flip the screen but let me Brett limit limit yeah when we passed him I'll

turn the Lummi light off and then turn the camera and then hopefully you see anything he's really in maybe he doesn't have space on the sidewalk this thing is wide I guess but like even though you stopped the whole red light what do you want to say actually had you gonna take me what do you consider it is you don't want that to hear it on camera but you are alright we look like we're big girls in this car you're probably finding the people behind you that you flash but yeah guys let me try this shoot me I said I don't have Ulta money but let me try and show you guys the guy okay we're about to go so hopefully these people go fast because I know he's not my guy is green but yeah I'm gonna show you guys let me show you guys the time let me see if you can see him you can't see him can you see him thinking oh they I don't know you guys saw it but like that was the guy I think you saw him match I think okay he turned you turned thank God because that's not even safe for him he just had the little tiny red light you know wait here guys just wait till we get to Alton and we continue this little ugly block block

see you guys let me get into all-time high what is the mascara do you see that do you think that's real I don't know well I'm sorry don't be doing that I never try that matte powder Norris coming up with that I wanted to see Miami so guys right here we have a problem we have a problem we keep buying look at where we are in lashes last lesson all right the bag is already tuned and we have it in there when you come to also just come by it knowing if you come by itself you can't even tell yourself about exactly sure someone has to stop telling each other this bag because I still need more stuff oh my god and I was gonna get morphe brushes they have more people yes they have morphe brushes down come on let's go let's go two more feet follow me two more feet yes her color yeah perfect branch yeah I didn't have to stop with Julia thank God it's a perfect match no she doesn't just blend it in they won't even see it you know you won't come in the I think this beautiful

perfect - really I can't even see what I don't know - the the loose weird right tell me look what she got the lighter color oh I don't know you're recording oh these are the brushes that you need for the college you wait why don't you give it on the side I'm gonna fall I'm gonna push me down you - so guys I became a Platinum Member and also beauty because you say silver bronze is Lord but I'm waiting to be part okay I see it but I'm platinum now top you don't have any yeah that's lower than bronze yeah no you can't you can't what is the penny made out of grande copper we're leaving Alta and we Spanish I'm smiley but we're not gonna talk about that it's a pretty beautiful stuff there and I know I'm gonna come back for my birthday give me the jacket Apollo you're dreaming and Dewey has highlighted the new be a highlighter can I get in the car please think Reggie everyone is saying you're the husband persuading me this is my hard-earned money let me just tell you Reggie works hard your your bag is like it's just a quarter of them about you guys good hope you guys enjoyed the set in the vlog

here chuckling I know unless I cut it out less than 30 seconds no I'm just asking like in general oh yeah no I always I have five birthday's coming up Tina Tammy oh ma goo Reggie okay four then Christmas presents for my friends and my family well family I don't know forget them anything this year so you deceived us to buy things now why are you gonna get snow set on Monday yeah I'm just gonna and everything is gonna be like 50% Express is already Express is already 50% off shall we do a haul they can't see my Lumia is on ok let's say bye to the world then bye so guys you know we had some fun with shouting and all time spent so much money that we're not supposed to be spending but you guys that's me my girl can do you guys let's to see my sister's again Tina Tammy me and now my arm is really is hurting like it's hurting but I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog I hope you guys give it a big thumbs up you guys tell them to give it a thumbs up comment subscribe yes subscriber will find you and what we do but yeah guys don't forget to come and subscribe like share and share with

a friend with a friend and a friend you know I'm saying so and if in your side nagesh even your talk so it's everybody anyways guys thank you guys so so much for watching I'm your girl I know my life like I was saying it's a girl or Mooka this is Daniel Tina and Tammy and oh my god my at my hand hurts that's why and this is my antenna and we are out stay blessed and not stress well no we don't say okay one two three stay blessed and I stress maybe to join guys the ball game over where's the trash bags yes don't forget right all you have to do hey guys so no wait Zoe [Laughter] all right so they are looking for trash bags I need lemon juice I'm talking to the people they're trying to decide which type of trash bags to get I'm they're deciding between I think hefty something else so yeah I'm just gonna keep you guys company while there yeah yokatta yes wherever you about what

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