14 January 2019


Owner Michael Aguilar shows how to use different types of brushes with Visionary Cosmetics. All products can be applied with the fingertips, but brushes can ...

hey everyone it's Michael Aguilar

medics and today I'm going to be showing you how to use some of our products using brushes so sit back relax and enjoy the show now a lot of you have been asking since this makeup is formulated for your fingertips can you use a brush well absolutely so we're going to start off with our BB cream which also acts as a primer I'm just going to put it on this Beauty Blender and we I'm gonna take my handy dandy mirror and we're just going to press it into the skin [Music] we are primed and ready to go so now that we are primed I'm looking a little thing I should be looking at you guys now that we are primed we're going to conceal so I am still a big fan of doing my concealer with my fingertips because that's what it was designed for so while you can use a brush I don't like to so I'm just gonna show you that it's so much easier to use our concealer with your fingertips so I'm just going under my right eye and I'm concealing I get that nice even skin tone you guys this concealer it's so light it's so Airy it's like you have nothing on your face so fantastic

[Applause] [Music] okay and now we are going to switch beauty blenders and we're going to use our oil-free foundation this is the shade light porcelain now I'm going to go to the other side of my face [Music] have our foundation on so what are we thinking I really love it I hope you guys do too so I'm just going to go in and I'm using this Bobbi Brown brush and I'm just gonna kind of just blend it in a little so this is just a final for the foundation and the concealer and the BB cream now we're going to set it I'm trying to prop up my mirror so I can like look at it not have to hold it all time but you know I'm going to take this Beauty Blender actual Beauty Blender not spawn and we're gonna do some baking now for those don't know if you don't know what baking is it's just sending your makeup and letting it sit for a while [Music] so while we let this set we are going to do our eye shadow now this part makes me nervous because I've gotten so

accustomed to doing a shadow with my fingertips which is so great and so easy you guys I really recommend it but basically so I want to do something pretty basic just do a really really natural look let's just go in with summer rain I'd you want to go in with Wonderland [Music] now let's take off the excess powder we're gonna take this little bamboo brush I don't know who it's by I got it at t.j.maxx now is one of my favorite favorite favorite things we're going to be going in with our highlighter this is not out yet it is our golden Dreams highlighter y'all I love so again it's this look at that look at the glow look at the glow so now we are going to set it using our vitamins setting mist for nine dollars I always have to throw in that it's nine dollars because it is an incredible setting spray and I mean nine dollars where else you gonna get one that good now holding it at an arm's length away and just drenching myself now so now that that is set you're going to go in with the lipsticks ice tea [Music]

it's a coppery lipstick and then to set it off we're going in with the nude shimmer gloss don't you love that sound can we hear it again okay no it is not as good a second time mmm love that so this was your tutorial on how to use a brush or brushes or a beauty blender with visionary cosmetics products remember you can find all of these products at visionary cosmetics calm and yeah check us out hit us up on Instagram on Facebook and on Twitter and be sure to subscribe to this channel for new videos every week so I'm signing off again this is Michael Aguilar for visionary cosmetics have a great day and week and a month and year bye guys